The Affordable Care Act

devastationby Glenn Fairman   11/15/16
This legislation, more than any other, betrays both the Left’s hubris and its trademark cynical condescension towards Americans, so typical of elites. Indeed, progressive’s assume that since their ideology on the surface seems sympathetic to the plight of the poor, then they have moral carte blanche to disregard the enduring assumptions of capitalism. Moreover, their brazen misunderstanding and usurping of constitutional authority gives them license to short-circuit the motifs embedded within human nature – human axioms that inform the complex calculations we use when purchasing goods and services.

Not only was the legislation rammed down our throats under cover of darkness without the benefit of the entire counsel of government, but the legislation contained carefully crafted time bombs whose ripples were to be latent for years to come. The fact that Obamacare operated through economic coercion and that secreted in its aims were not merely the provision of health care, but the dynamiting of for-profit medicine for the lumbering behemoth of singer-payer, tells you all you need to know about those who love the collectivization of man far more than the man himself.

That it has blown up in the face of those who needed a helping hand, and are now in a worse position than when they started, is indicative that the needy were merely pawns providing cover for a system that was doomed to fail. And when it did, the calculated hope that a wave of sheep-like American sentiment would insidiously allow the Left to double down on a nightmare as it went “whole hog socialism.”

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4 Responses to The Affordable Care Act

  1. Tom Riehl Tom Riehl says:

    Good synopsis of their callous motivations, Glenn. I’d add one thing beyond your mention of the assumptions of capitalism. There are laws of economics that are nearly as bulletproof as physics, and one example is that of insurance. By definition, it is a method to share and ameliorate risk over a statistically coherent body of insureds. If you render that body incoherent by weighting it with high risk members, then the risk is not spread and shared fairly, and the construct fails, miserably, as we’ve seen. If you demand that insurance act as a mere functionary to pay bills for members, then it’s not insurance at all, and again, fails miserably.

    We don’t have a crisis in health insurance but rather in health care. If the segue from Obamacare puts physicians back in control of care decisions, if it dials back government involvement on all levels, and if it restores the meaning of insurance, then we have a chance of progress. Insurance companies know how to provide insurance, and if Uncle Sam gets out of the way, they’ll snap back into a healthy market almost immediately.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The danger of filling up with high-risk customers is known as “adverse selection” and explains why we have the individual mandate. The high-risk protection is a popular provision, the individual mandate is hated. What will happen when people realize the first requires the second? Of course, that presupposes that they ever do find out. The liberals won’t tell them, which means the synoptic media won’t tell them. Will the GOP?

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The real point of Obamacare, as I understand it, was for “the rich” (aka, just about everyone) to pay for the health insurance for “the poor.” Swelling the roles of Medicaid was the point. After all, what your average Joe ended up with was less coverage for a higher price.

    Obamacare is predicated on the idea that it’s just not fair that some people have better access to health care than others. Equalization of all things is their end goal, even if the end result is equally mediocre care. This, of course, does not apply to The Golden Children at the top who will be exempt from what the rank-and-file must swallow down.

    Even beyond that, what I said isn’t completely true or accurate. If all that you wanted to do was, say, provide complete and total health insurance coverage for the bottom 10%, you could do that without touching the rest of the system (which would still be badly in need of reform). What needs to be understood about Obama, Obamacare, and the Left is that these policies are vindictive. They are meant to punish us.

    That many average people are too foolish to wake up to these facts shows just how successful the marketing has been for what Progressives call “nice.”

  3. Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman says:

    Economics is largely about choice. And the incentives involved. If thy neighbor is thy keeper, then what incentive do I have to live a healthy lifestyle? The fact that Mr. Obama is a smoker is particularly rich.

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