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AdCouncilby Steve Lancaster6/18/15
You are watching television, or listening to the radio, and a commercial — or more correctly, a PSA (public service announcement) — comes on suggesting that if you do not have flood insurance you should. You and your home are in danger. This is followed by another PSA suggesting that if you are a gun owner you must protect your children by using a trigger lock and locking your weapon up at all times.

The next PSA is supporting Goodwill, asking you to contribute, another tells you the evils of not using seatbelts, or driving under the influence while texting.

No doubt you have listened and watched hundreds of these and similar commercials over the years. Like most ads you most likely tune them out or only pay attention on a subliminal level. The ads range from domestic violence prevention, Nepal disaster relief, emergency preparedness, bullying prevention and many others. Most are in English and Spanish. Although the themes are worthy and indeed something you should pay some attention to, there is a common element that you might find disturbing.[pullquote]You should, I believe, be concerned about the political implications of this concentration of propaganda in the media that is mostly leftist, some socialist and others outright communist…[/pullquote]

The ads are placed by the largest propaganda operation the world has ever known, the Ad Council. The history of the organization is interesting; from their web page, “The idea for the Ad Council was born in November 1941. Days later, with the entry of the U.S. into World War II, we were christened The War Advertising Council and soon created a campaign to sell War Bonds. More than seventy years and hundreds of campaigns later, the Ad Council remains America’s leading producer of public service communications.”

An open claim that the Ad Council began as a propaganda service to the US government, today government agencies are contributors; USDA, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, DHS, DoJ, Treasury, Veterans affairs, EPA, FDA, Forest Service and USAID. This is a short list, there are many more NGOs you can find here.

You should, I believe, be concerned about the political implications of this concentration of propaganda in the media that is mostly leftist, some socialist and others outright communist, even organizations that purport to support the Constitution such as the ACLU are sponsors. Millions of dollars flow into this propaganda machine, much of it government (our money). The only accountability is to the contributors; public scrutiny is discouraged. I have written several letters asking about their operations; silence is the only reply. This is an organization that spends over 45 million dollars in advertising a year in the name of public service. In the real world it is another arm of the social democrat progressives. • (1964 views)

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Oh, the day when one of these “public service” ads come on that says something like:

    “Do you live with a Progressive? Do you know how much money they are costing you? Do you know how their nanny state threatens to sap your freedoms? Do you know how their environmental wacko-ism is threatening human progress and advancement? If not, call now today for our free pamphlet, How Karl Marx and other Scoundrels became Heroes of the Useful-Idiot Progressives. The mind you save could be your own.”

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    There used to be a commercial about diversity that aired during Rush Limbaugh back in the 1990s. The examples of bigotry were all either examples that liberals would associate with conservatives (such as a black) or politically neutral. So Paul Shanklin did a lovely parody of it, with examples of the sort of diversity a liberal would reject. For some reason, the original PSA stopped airing after that, at least on Rush.

  3. Rosalys says:

    Thank you for the info on the Ad Council, Mr. Lancaster. Other than being annoyed by these obvious bits of propaganda interrupting my TV watching (which happens rarely now-a-days as we pre-record most everything) I never gave this gubmint agency any thought. Clearly the Ad Council needs to be abolished – and Hell needs to do a little freezing!

  4. Rosalys says:

    “Millions of dollars flow into this propaganda machine, much of it government (our money).”

    Very good. We do have to remember to be clear, and we need to remember and remind everyone who uses that phrase, government money, that government has no money that it didn’t first get from us. We are paying for the cords with which they are strangling us.

  5. Lucy says:

    I Am Actually Listening to a Stupid Ad Council At This Moment on KYW Radio Phila News Radio . Ad is telling us to eat a Banana Every Day ! Am I Having a Bad Dream ? Who Writes this CRAP ???

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Can we be sure this wasn’t some secret coded message from the LGBT community? 😀

      Such as it is, I’ve been told that bananas are very high in sugar. But I love bananas. I often have one sliced up on my LGBT cereal (Lucky Charms/Grape Nuts/Bran Flakes/Trix). Okay…actually it’s usually Rice Chex with a bit of granola-like serials mixed in. But that wouldn’t fulfill the acronym.

      Glenn the Greater sent me a link to a very good Selwyn Duke article which touches on this banana subject: Infantile Nation: How Breeding Overgrown Children Begets the Nanny Stage

      In an addendum to The Screwtape Letters, if you wanted to destroy families and make them dependent upon government, you would do what you could to undermine marriage and to otherwise create dependency upon government as the surrogate spouse and parent. And then it wouldn’t be long until they told us what to eat, when to eat it, how to use a banana to demonstrate condom use, and even when to eat them (bananas, not condoms).

      And that’s where we are. Expect a public service announcement in your future on when to use the letter “Z.”

      By the way, Merry Christmas, Lucy!

  6. Kathy White says:

    Honestly, have been waiting for someone to tell it like it is. Ad Council is probably not our friend.

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