Thanksgiving Poem

by Fashqn11/26/14

Thank you Lord for all our blessings; for our family and friends
Thank you, too, for Your amazing Grace that never ever ends
Thank you for the wisdom that to all of us you impart
Thank you Lord for seeing inside every corner of our heart

Thank you Lord for causing us to want above all things
The joy and peace and tranquillity, that knowing and loving you brings
Thank you Lord for this Holiday that comes around each year
And reminding us , with every hour, that You are ever near

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One Response to Thanksgiving Poem

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very good. And despite all the problems we face, we should be thankful that we are Americans, and still far freer and far richer (no matter our circumstances) than the overwhelming majority of people throughout history. Lee Greenwood had it right in “God Bless the USA”, even if we need to work to keep it accurate.

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