The Ten Commandments Inside Out

TenCommandmentsby Deana Chadwell    5/24/14
Perversity is the name of the game today – not just sexual perversity, although that does seem to be the favorite, but anything that is traditionally right and good and true is mocked, ignored, degraded. Liberalism has relegated marriage to nothing more than a convenient arrangement between or amongst any number of persons or animals – witness the three women from Massachusetts who recently celebrated their nuptials. We discount the wisdom of the past as being nothing but the ravings of old white men – so much so that our president expresses annoyance with the Constitution and teachers tell children not to read the Bible in school. We shun sobriety. We have legalized theft as the government’s chief source of revenue. Instead of celebrating accomplishment, often measured in wealth, we praise and subsidize laziness and treat the wealth with suspicion.

But liberalism isn’t a free-for-all. There are rules – as stringent and unforgiving as Puritan morals. And every rule is the direct antithesis of the holy commandments that God scribed on stone for Moses. Moses’ rules, atheists and organizations like the ACLU attack the Ten Commandments removing them from public places.  We can’t leave them out in public where impressionable people might learn something about God and our history.

This thought that there are liberal commandments has been written about before, but I am struck by the direct antithesis to the original rules for national behavior. The Mosaic Law was given to a nation; it was the road map for Israel to be able to create and maintain a free and prosperous society. Since the progressive notion is to dissolve American supremacy and capitalistic success, this opposition is logical and is having the desired result. Allow me here to have a little fun with this idea —

Picture Obama, chin held imperially high, coming, not down off the smoking mountain, but up out of the abyss, bearing a teleprompter on which is scribed his law. He pauses, and begins to read the new rules we are to follow:

I.  I am the government (Obama’s voice goes up a note here) who brought you out of the work force (another lilt) – you may have no other gods before me. Except perhaps Allah.

II.  Thou shalt worship no one else, nor make any documents that will limit my power. I will visit the IRS, the EPA, or the BLM on anyone who worships such a document, or on anyone who objects to paying taxes or following federal regulations. Thou shalt vote for no one but me, for I will visit on your children and your children’s children Common Core curriculum that will teach them that you are uncool and not to be trusted. I shall shower gifts upon all those who vote for me, especially those who contribute to my endless campaigns.

III.  You will not swear against me, nor testify against me, nor question me for I am the source of all that matters to you. I, the government, provide your food, your clothing, your shelter, and your health care. I am smarter than you are, more moral than you, cooler than you, and never question that or you will be called names and mocked by my true followers. Jobs have been lost for less, and I have drones.

IV.  Remember April 15th for that is the day when you offer up your sacrifices to me, your government.  Hold nothing back or you will be called selfish and will have your property confiscated.

V.  Honor no one but me. Not your father nor your mother, not your grandparents, not the forefathers of this country. These are just old, usually white people, who have no reverence for government or for the equality it promises. These people are not enlightened like we are and are likely to be racists, bigots, and homophobes. Listen not to their teachings, call them names; sue whenever possible.

VI.  Thou shalt not worry about killing unwanted fetuses or newborns – you are helping the earth rid its self of unnecessary persons. Do not be concerned about the elderly and sickly – they can be given pills. Human life is bad for Gaia anyway and the fewer people, the better. Thou shalt not be too concerned about people who die mysteriously, for they may have been a danger to me, and therefore to you.

VII.  Thou shalt commit adultery, or sodomy, or pederasty, or bestiality or whatever sexual adventure appeals to you. Thou shalt also indulge in those drugs that keep you mellow and confused. I, your government, will support you in your efforts to stay distracted and fuzzy, for I find the institution of the family and clear thinking generally get in the way of my utopian efforts, so enjoy yourselves and I will pay for your contraceptives and abortions.

VIII.  Thou shalt not steal. I will do that for you.

IX.  Thou shalt prevaricate in any way necessary to make me look good — I do. Remember that there is no such thing as absolute truth, and, after all, what difference does it make?

X.  Thou shalt covet. The more you covet, the more I can steal, and the more I can steal, the more powerful I become, and the more powerful I become, the more like God I am, and if I become God then I won’t have to answer to Him. (See Commandment #I)

We won’t ever hear Obama give this speech; he doesn’t want us to know up front how he thinks, but a quick look at Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and we can see that Alinsky – whose work Obama has thoroughly internalized – advocates very similar ideas. Rules for Radicals is all about how to destroy a nation. The Ten Commandments are all about how to build one.

You see, close to 3,500 years ago God gave (through Moses) the people of Israel the Ten Commandments. He also gave them another 603 laws. Through the centuries the rabbis added thousands of additional regulations, passed down from generation to generation by rote and eventually, when so many had accumulated that memory no longer served, they were written down in a document known as the Mishnah. It was the laws of the Mishnah that Christ objected to and refused to follow – the original laws He followed to a T, and eventually condensed them into only two: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Luke 10:27) How does the constant Obama drip of racially dividing rhetoric compare to these two holy commands? How does his snide remark about those who “cling to their guns and their religion stack up to Christ’s mandates?  How do Obama’s constant lies line up? Not well. Not well at all. Obama is the perverse antithesis of the national rules laid out for Israel.

Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago our forefathers gave us a simple 20-page document, based in part on the Law of Moses and declaring the American rules that would promote and protect freedom. That simple floor plan that laid out clearly the thou-shalt-nots for the government, has been egregiously altered and ignored until we find ourselves living under millions of rules and regulations that, like the Mishnah, strangle the freedom of the people. The original Ten Commandments gave the Jews freedom. These new, 21st century commands will end ours.

It interests and alarms me that the more our culture diverges from those original ten rules, the more distance we create between us and the freedoms the Constitution was meant to ensure. The latter is obviously dependent on the former. Our forefathers wrote it for people who would judge themselves according to God’s law and would therefore need no other. Our failure to be those people has brought us, up out of the pit of hell, this new Law.
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9 Responses to The Ten Commandments Inside Out

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I did a version of Obama’s Ten Commandments in FOSFAX, which I think is around here somewhere. There are some similarities, but one key difference is that for the 9th Commandment, I had, “You shall bear false witness against any conservative neighbor.” I’ve commented frequently that the 9th and 10th are the main reasons liberals hate the Commandments.

  2. Anniel says:

    What a true understanding of Obama this is. We need truth about everyone and everything now – our survival depends on it.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      As the hymn “Once in Every Man and Nation” points out, the struggle between good and evil is also the struggle between truth and falsehood. Obama is an enthusiastic supporter of falsehood, so it’s no surprise that he also represents evil.

  3. Rosalys says:

    Brilliant! Also terribly and horrifyingly true! The “Life,Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness” of the Declaration of Independence has been turned upside down into Death (abortion and euthanasia), Slavery (the IRS), and the Imposition of Misery (the crumbling [by design] economy)!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Liberals have a habit of inverting the truth. It’s no surprise that they invert other good things. Some would call it satanic.

  4. zipporah says:

    yes, we are ‘inside out’ when you start to consider tattooing and piercing to be NORMALIZED as culture!
    iN places or cultures who has done this (cultures who were NOT judeo christian), when they changed, they STOPPED this.
    Now, many who should know better ARE DOING THIS..
    eventually, people who are babies or kids now, may just start to tattoo their small children and/or pierce them like pagans–just give it a little time; if we don’t reverse the disintegration of the family by divorce, shacking up, or same sex.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      yes, we are ‘inside out’ when you start to consider tattooing and piercing to be NORMALIZED as culture!

      I’m of the opinion that tattooing may be fine for some primitive tribe in New Guinea, but not for people who are part of the legacy of the hard, bloody, upward lift of Western Civilization.

      Some people might think I’m reading too much into a mere fad. But to me tattoos are primitive, especially as they are being worn today – in bulk. Supersized. I see them as the equivalent of wearing a bone in your nose, not the worthy derivative of the culture that has given us Beethoven and Mozart.

      I’m equally repulsed by those who are “nudists” or “naturists.” I had a brief discussion with someone over at an NRO thread last year and the person creeped me out with his attitudes that were not so much primitive as they were childish.

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