The “Tell”

TheTellby Anniel   5/29/14
In poker the really good players know how to keep a poker face, they never give their opponents a clue as to what cards they hold, whether they have a strong or weak hand. A really good player is one who can bluff everyone, but they are also the ones who recognize the “tell”, the signs by the other players that give their game away or hide their strategy. Sometimes a player cultivates his personal tells, and may use them to further confuse opponents. It’s a high stakes game of deception and novices are easy pickings.

Citizens are beginning to recognize we are involved in a gigantic game of strip poker, and we’re the novices. So maybe it’s time to learn the tell of our opponents before we are stripped of all our rights.

The great majority of liberals believe what is not true because they heard something someplace, from a friend, the newspaper or on TV, and therefore it must be true. They are totally passive in what they believe. They may be intelligent in some ways but are without enough imagination to question their assumptions. They are perfect Obama followers because they will believe anything he says. We all meet such people every day. Most of them are loyal Democrats and a lot of them are members of this ruinous regime. The “Dude” guy is a perfect example of such a mindset and his tell is his disrespect for anyone not on the Obama team. Most members of the media also fit this template.

The tell from such poor souls can be absolutely painful. Listen carefully and you realize that they have no powers of introspection. As you listen, the people who fit this profile always let you know what they are doing, but also insist they are innocent of any wrong doing. Lois Lerner says she did nothing wrong, but then pleads the 5th. People like this probably sleep the sleep of the just and never wake in the middle of the night to take stock of their actions.

Once in awhile you see some of the water carriers who are just a little more awake, or aware. Watch the tell of Obama’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney, as he lies. He tries to keep a poker face, but gets creases between his eyebrows as he squints around the room, and he always looks as though his hemorrhoids are acting up. I don’t think he enjoys lying, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. He gets paid to lie and is loyal to those who feed him the lies. One can almost feel sorry for him as he winds his way through the web of deceit he is charged with. It must be a terrible burden, but he will not change.

The Carneys, Lerners, Rices and Sibeliuses in this group are so certain in their beliefs that there is no getting through to them. They are the ones who know the truth, period. If you disagree then you are not just wrong, but evil. These are the useful idiots, mostly women in this regime, who follow orders and have no compunction at all about harming or destroying their enemies. They are agenda driven and frightening in their single-minded determination to prove that they are right about everything. They have a confessional tell in their demeanor that is hard to miss. The head raised at a certain angle so they can look snobbishly down their noses at the filthy serfs confronting them. I mean, has anyone counted Lois Lerner’s nose hairs? Or Obama’s for that matter. The Constitution never applies to these people, unless they decide it does.

Obama is an interesting case study in the tell. From the snob look to all of his vocal tics, everyone should have been tipped off at once that he was incapable of following through on his promises. His soaring oratory (which only existed because we were told it was there) and empty words could only sound good if given by teleprompter. The almost Tourette’s stuttering and stammering he falls into when speaking extemporaneously, his absolute disdain for other human beings, the mental murk he lives in have always been visible, unless you chose not to look.

There are others like him who are not passive in their evil at all. They knowingly turn from truth itself, deny that truth even exists. Besides both Obamas, these are the people currently at the top of the political heap, the Reids, Pelosis, Kagens, both Clintons, within politics the list is long. There are also the puppet masters in the shadows, those with money and power either directly or indirectly pulling the strings. These are the terrifying ones who are almost inhuman in their actions. Both groups share some of the tells listed above, but because their lies change from day to day, almost from minute to minute, their main tell is that THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE LYING. THEY KNOW YOU KNOW, AND THEY LIE ANYWAY.

These are the malignant narcissists who look only into their own mirrors and see the idol they believe is a god shining back. They do believe they are to be worshipped and submitted to. It’s for your own good, whether you believe it or not.

If I were taking up gambling, my preference would be for a good clean horse race, but maybe we should all take up poker for our own survival. • (1116 views)

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4 Responses to The “Tell”

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    There are also verbal tells to indicate that they’re lying. Obama is full of them (he’s also full of something else); for example, “some people” is an indicator that he’s about to beat up on a straw man. Liberals can be thought of as ideal members of IngSoc from 1984. (The Outer Party actually believe the party line and mean well in their ovine — or sometimes psittacine — fashion. The Inner Party know what they’re doing and why — to acquire unlimited power as a group.)

    An important point about liberalism, and the reason they can sleep peacefully at night, is that the unthinking, fanatical certainty of their rectitude enables them to do anything in the name of the Cause, and be morally justified. Thus, liberal sanctimony enables the liberal to act like a sociopath (and provides a convenient excuse for a sociopath to justify his or her behavior).

  2. Nice piece, Anniel. For these past 6 years I have been baffled by the fact that so few seemed to know Obama was lying and yet he was exhibiting all of the usual “tells” for prevarication. He’s always reminded me of a sophomore boy with that fake, “I’m too cool” bounce in his step and that defiant tilt of his chin. I thought I could chalk my take on him to my decades in a high school classroom, but then most of my colleagues bought the charade, so who knows? “Strong delusion” to be sure.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Watching liberals (such as on Fox News), and in particular how they smile so falsely as they parrot the party line, reminds me of Shakespeare’s observation, “A man may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”


    Interesting take on the Obama gang, Anniel. I will suggest that our “game” not be poker, because we can’t afford to have the Left think we’re only bluffing. We need first a political party dedicated to human freedom, and second (because the hour is so late) a militia to make sure the Left knows we’re not going down without a fight – a real one. No bluff.

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