by Brad Nelson9/2/15

“Do liberals just write about it or do they do it? Conservatism is useless if we just write about it and don’t do anything.” — a paraphrase of what Rush Limbaugh just said on his radio program this morning. He can talk faster than I can type.

This has been a theme of mine at StubbornThings. Are we just venting or are we hoping to change hearts and minds? We can forever analyze the junk in our culture. But one can get “paralysis by analysis” which is an old saying.

Perhaps I’ve been too hard on the Republican Party. Can it be said that they are simply reflecting their constituents? Everyone talks but nobody is actually willing to do anything. And the GOP has seemingly morphed itself to fit that reality. They talk. They might even say they are “severely conservative” even while helping to implement socialized medicine.

They’re all against abortion, but when it comes time to at least vote to defund Planned Parenthood, it seems simply talking about it is enough and all that is expected. And as my older brother reminded me sometime back (and this refers both to politicians and to so-called conservatives): There is a marked difference between being “pro-life” and “pro-abolition.”

Obviously some are willing to support those who will not just talk, thus the rise of Donald Trump who we have a right to expect will not just talk, even though many of his beliefs remain unresolved or sometimes downright unconservative. But at least he’s not all talk, or so we have a reasonable right to expect.

And I’ll not pretend that starting this web site is the equivalent of throwing tea into Boston Harbor. Nor, really, has Rush’s own show (while he entertains and enriches himself) anything much more ultimately than talk. He’s not an activist, per se.

Our side is short of activists. Nothing would please me more than to receive nothing but articles on what all of you are doing out there in the real world to change that world from being a Leftist one…no matter how humble your efforts. Instead, all we’re left to do is talk. And I’ve gotten tired of that myself and realize the limitations.

Still, I do believe there is a difference between gossip (or mental masturbation) and laying an ideological foundation. No movement can succeed without at least a bare notion of who where are, what we want, and where we hope to go. No one need apologize for that. But still, I think Rush has hit a major point.

This is why I tried to emphasize the idea in this upcoming symposium about The Seven Deadly Sins, for example, that we use it as a way to change hearts and minds for the better rather just do endless analysis whereby we establish how many angels can indeed dance on the head of a pin. We’ll see how that all works out.

Brad is editor and chief disorganizer of StubbornThings.
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Brad Nelson

About Brad Nelson

I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    At the risk of being redundant, I urge everyone to get involved in politics at your local level. Join political pressure groups which are much more powerful than individuals in influencing policy and decisions.

    Write and call your representatives, mayors, city councilmen, etc.

    Vet all those who run for office and recommend your choices to others. Make lists of preferred candidates.

    Most importantly, pay attention to what is actually happening in city and county government. This is time consuming and can be boring, but necessary if you want to keep government under some semblance of control.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Come here to understand how the Left and “Progressives” think…what their unstated assumptions are. And because these assumptions are often unconsciously absorbed by osmosis from the culture, those on the Left usually aren’t aware of them themselves; they simply know how to emote, they know the pre-canned ideas, and most of all they know they are right and you are wrong so what you think doesn’t really matter.

      Come here to understand how the Left thinks, and why they think what they think, and what their goals are, and then (assuming you don’t actually share those goals, which is not a done-deal), then stage two is having the brass balls to stand up to them.

      That’s the hard part because you’ll be beaten down as a racist, sexist, homophobe, despoiler of the planet, hater of the elderly, hater of immigrants, hater of this and hater of that if you don’t hold to their party line, to their groupthink. Can you stand up and refute it? Can you laugh their beliefs off and, more importantly, give them a dose of needed ridicule?

      No. Most of you can’t. Let’s admit it. Talk is cheap. Actually confronting the environ-nazis, for example, is not so easy. It’s not easy facing down the people who may hold enormous power over your life, your business, and your finances. I understand that there are moments one must simply smile and navigate the baloney that is in place now in order to get where you are going.

      But I also know that this kind of collaboration can’t be all-inclusive. One does have to pick some battles and stand up to the friendly fascists at some time on some points. And I know that’s not easy. We’re dealing with zealous, true-believing kooks who think they are the nicest people on the planet and that anyone who doesn’t think as they do has some kind of illicit vested interest.

      I dismiss these people as kooks because I know that they are. They are the ideological grandchildren of Joseph Stalin. You see that in the way the universities are run by them. They’re playing for keep while we just…well…talk.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    One reason most people just talk is that there’s little more they can do. I have been active at times on political campaigns, but in Louisville there aren’t very many really good candidates. Nor would trying to influence our Representative (John Yarmuth, a left-wing Democrat, if you’ll pardon the redundancy) accomplish anything.

    The people who have to act are those who can. For various reasons, they fail to do so. One can complain about them, but only in a primary can we hope to choose someone who will do what he promises. (A very occasional general election defeat might be a salutary lesson, but electing a Democrat never makes things better.)

    One thing that can be useful is supporting efforts to assist the victims of liberalism, such as Kim Davis. Another might be seeking to create genuine liberal victims by doing unto them as they routinely do unto us. But this usually requires a larger megaphone than most of us have.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      One reason most people just talk is that there’s little more they can do.

      Well, I do have to agree.

      One of the problems facing anyone on the right is that even if we take a problem or an issue to the Republican Party (which intersects on some things in life, but not all things), they’ll likely not to back you. They have, for all intents and purposes, adopted the social groundwork as laid down by the Left. For instance, whether you agree or don’t, it used to be perfectly normal to view homosexual acts as icky-yuck, something that, at best, was a mental health issue. Now the cultural groundwork, the default position, is that it must be “celebrated.” I’ve had first-hand experience from top-name Establishment GOP operatives on this account. They call for “reaching out.” That sounds nice, but what it means, in practice, is accepting, not refuting, the social/cultural ground already laid by the Left.

      Can one spit into the cultural wind? It’s not easy. Perhaps what best defines an Establishment Republican is this acceptance of the social and cultural norms as changed and laid down by the Left. This is why they are hostile to conservatives. We actually embarrass them. I was listening to one of the stalwarts on the radio just now (Michael Medved) and you’ll be pleased to know that if you support Trump you’re likely to be an Obama truther and believe he is a Muslim. This is an unfair characterization, for anyone with half a brain can see that Obama is so pro-Muslim and anti-West (including anti-Christianity) that it is a mere detail if he is a Muslim or not. He certainly prefers them over us. And as for “truthers,” a fair analyst (which yours truly is) would point out that, whatever the details are of his birth certificate, Obama is a foreigner to American in everything he believes.

      So if one is a true conservative, one is indeed between a rock and a hard place. If you think people should be judged on their abilities rather than their skin color or sex, you are now out of the mainstream. If you think that if people should work rather than sponge off of the government, you are now out of the mainstream. If you think that laws ought to be binding upon all, and enforced regardless of race, class, etc., you are most definitely out of the mainstream.

      Hell, if you think that “Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me,” your are now so far out of the mainstream as to have one leg hanging over a cliff.

      I could name more (such as a belief in God, that there really is such a thing as a man and a woman), but you get my drift. We’re turning into a third-world country with naive Utopian beliefs and its all being paid for by using the existing capital and resources of this country that have been built up since its founding (and by borrowing from future generations). And if you think running a deficit and borrowing money from China to pay for people to retire at 55, then you are again most definitely out of the mainstream.

      Either we find a political party that backs our ideas or we just talk, talk, talk. And, of course, I’m one of the big talkers here. I don’t deny that sometimes you just have to scream so that you don’t go crazy. But at the end of the day, it’s a very difficult task for one person to make even small changes against the tide of this current culture. The honest thing (as we do here) is to admit it and not make baloney rationalizations for why Romney or any of the Bushes are really a conservative or stuff like that.

  3. Anniel says:

    Well, talk is cheap. Our glorious leader has been here in Alaska – talking. And people who should know better are – swooning. Did you know Obama saw that glaciers are melting in the summer, gasp? Let’s see, if they DON’T melt in the summer, then the next winter piles on more snow and the world winds up with “galloping glaciers” growing into ice sheets and a new Ice Age. But hey, right now the words show little old Alaskans at the edge of destructive global warming, blah, blah, blah. Just words, but who cares about facts and truth?

    I am so tired of the flapping gums.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Given today’s level of education, too many clearly don’t know that ice melts when the ambient temperature rises above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

      • Anniel says:

        KFZ: He also said that the Arctic Ocean ice is shrinking (it’s not), but we need more Icebreakers, and we need to downsize the Coast Guard. And everyone cheers. Did you know that the further north one goes the colder it gets? Scientific theories like this abound as the dear leader learns everything there is to know about Alaska in 3 days. I know I’ll have to write about this soon, but my heart’s not in it. Sorry.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Did you know that the further north one goes the colder it gets?

          You’re flippin’ kidding me. That’s horrible! The government ought to do something about that. Besdies that, it’s not fair. It’s not equal.

          We laugh about this stuff and just assume (with good reason) that the Snidely Whiplashes out there will say and do whatever it takes to expand government. And yet you do have to wonder if people are so ill-educated now that they might now know that it is perfectly normal for ice to melt in the summer.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I also understand that the weather gets warmer in the middle of the year (in the northern hemisphere), then gets cold at the beginning and end of the year. Obviously all the fault of man.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          Did you know that the further north one goes the colder it gets?

          Damn, so that’s why it was so hot in Singapore sitting about 90 miles north of the equator.

          Scientific theories like this abound as the dear leader learns everything there is to know about Alaska in 3 days

          I had a gullet full of these types when I lived in Asia. Arrogant, bureaucratic, corporate types would come to Asia for the first time and in a matter of days would tell those of us who had lived in Asia for years, how to do business.

          I called them instant experts. And I have done my best to avoid such blow-hards ever since.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I hear the next big scare is “global stasis.” I’m just making that up. But could I actually make up something so absurd that, given time, there wouldn’t be alarmists and other ne’er-do-wells who would think it up as an idea? I shouldn’t really give them any ideas, but I figure it’s such an obvious one there is no harm in mentioning it.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I’m doubtful. Some students reportedly once did a science fair project getting up a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, pointing out its many dangers (an overdose can be lethal). Apparently a lot of people signed.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          As I recall some kid did this in New Mexico. If I am correct, even the school principal signed the petition.

          Some years before this happened I would tell people people that if one takes enough of anything, including water, it is lethal. I called it drowning. But some time later I heard of someone actually dying from drinking too much water too quickly. I wonder what the LD50 was on that.

  4. David Norris says:

    Brad – You are correct; we write , we complain, we blather what end? At the same time I can see that this blog, which you ‘captain’ so admirably, touches a lot of people (it does me) and gives us some new ways in which to think about our situation here in the good old U.S.A..

    What does it mean to be ‘politically involved’?

    It seems that the progressive left has a monopoly on ‘political activism’, should we take a lesson from them? I really don’t want to get into that slimy pit.

    It is clear that government has become a career choice for many, and is no longer about service to its fellow citizens or to the nation as a whole. What do we do, start from scratch, American revolution part two?

    I don’t know about you, but I have been to a number of political ‘events’ in the past, and have visited our local city hall monthly meetings and it’s a mixture of absurdity, foolishness, horror and entertainment. What’s the point?

    Besides prayer and meditation, there is only one thing I do know that would possibly make a difference, and that is relying on each other. Get off of our computers, pads and phones, and go and sit with our friends and neighbors, and talk about our concerns and wishes, face to face, mouth-to- ear. This type of activity would fall under the category of “two heads are better than one”, and “there is safety in numbers.”

    That’s my two cents.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      At the same time I can see that this blog, which you ‘captain’ so admirably, touches a lot of people (it does me) and gives us some new ways in which to think about our situation here in the good old U.S.A..

      Thanks, David. One think I don’t get a lot of is feedback, whether negative or positive. And I don’t mean praise, per se. I mean I look forward to someone saying, “Why the heck do you have things this way? I find it complicated. How about trying this.” That’s in regards to the mechanics of the site. But I value feedback as to the content as well.

      My aim is to have a frank, but mostly respectful, exchange of ideas. Orthodoxy is not too strictly enforced. If someone wants to write an intelligent article on why we should snuff unborn children, and does so in a straightforward way (taking in mind Dennis Prager’s dictum of “Clarity before Agreement”), I’m fine with that.

      But that’s not likely every going to happen. As much as the PR has gone out that we on the right are the knuckle-dragging, anti-science zealots, I think it’s nearly impossible to have a rational debate with someone on the Left regarding most topics because they are the ones who treat their ideas like a religion. They gain a strong sense of personal identity from their politics. And it’s not that we conservatives don’t care about politics or don’t identify with things. But the hope is that we identify with real and objective things and don’t put our eggs in the basic of provisional things. (Darwinism may or may not be true regarding certain things, for example, but we can hopefully talk about this subject in a dispassionate, objective way and eke out the implications one way or another.)

      Eking out implications one way or another in a dispassionate way is not the way of the Left. We conservatives need to find ways of balancing our beliefs with a does of humility so that we do indeed believe in things but don’t go cuckoo in the process, but the Left observes no value in humility. They are right, you are wrong (and not just wrong, but stupid), end of story.

      It seems that the progressive left has a monopoly on ‘political activism’, should we take a lesson from them? I really don’t want to get into that slimy pit.

      This site itself is a kinda-sorta small bit of political activism. My hope is that we are all of mind here to take this seriously while having ample amounts of fun (never too stuffy). We should always be looking over our shoulders with the eye that we hope what we say here is not just adding volume to an echo chamber but is so good, so right, so clear, so concise that we are the go-to place to get the gist of an issue.

      Obviously we can’t keep up with the daily soap opera of issues. And I don’t try to. That can be nut-driving. But we all pick and choose and take issues and show the timeless aspects of them, rather than getting caught up in the daily drama itself, or at least that is the ideal.

      What do we do, start from scratch, American revolution part two?

      I think there are two aspects. One is how to deal with the increasingly unlawful and tyrannical government. This should be everyone’s issue. We should never cave on that. Ever. Never stop talking. Never stop stating the principles and ideals that this country was founded upon. They are good ones and need to be kept alive even as darkness descends on our country.

      Second, we can certainly talk about how to live in an increasingly bizarro culture. Hopefully people will come to this site as a source of sanity and to get a bit of humor as well. We take things seriously but hopefully can talk about these things without our butt cheeks being clenched too tightly. You’ve got to believe that in the PC world out there that people are thirsting to be able to inhale reality once in a while.

      I don’t know about you, but I have been to a number of political ‘events’ in the past, and have visited our local city hall monthly meetings and it’s a mixture of absurdity, foolishness, horror and entertainment. What’s the point?

      That’s my experience (mostly second-hand) as well. My operatives report the exact same thing. It’s almost beyond belief how common sense has gone out the window and foolishness now rules.

      Besides prayer and meditation, there is only one thing I do know that would possibly make a difference, and that is relying on each other. Get off of our computers, pads and phones, and go and sit with our friends and neighbors, and talk about our concerns and wishes, face to face, mouth-to- ear.

      I think this is one of the functions of the site, David. We need the sanity of other minds that have not been ruined and taken over by the Left. We may not agree on all things, and I suspect we don’t. But I draw a dividing line between a thinking human being and a drone. One of my favorite analogies is from Dune where the Reverend Mother tests Paul Atreides by sticking his hand into a box. If he should remove it (not being able to resist the pain), he will have shown himself to be a mere animal. If he can overcome his instinct and keep his hand in the box, he can prove he is a human.

      Of course, conservatives (unlike the class-conscious Left and Establishment Republicans) do not view certain segments of people as disposable or of lesser value. Some may be ignorant, foolish, misguided, and perhaps even given to evil. But all are assumed to be redeemable and worthy of a basic respect. That said, the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is a very good paradigm for what it’s like to live in a culture where a large segment of the population are half off their rocker believing truly faddishly stupid things. It’s as if they were a different type of person. Indeed, the Left has long had as its goal to create The New Man.

      One thing we don’t ever have to do here is to deny what is going on. On the other side of the fence, their world is little but denial of one sort or another. We are free to a large extent, even in our chains. They are just blinkered, foolish, misguided, and about as un-free as you can imagine.

  5. John Neese says:

    You are hard at and to conservatives, but for the wrong reasons. There are very few true conservatives in Washington, certainly no more than true Christians. The two party system in America is a myth and has been for decades. The two parties have moth into parties with the same ending. Fifty to sixty years ago the elites of both parties got together and came up with the plan to bring the two together too the point that no mater which is in power, especially when Republicans are power nothing much will change; both would be for more progressive actions and at a pace most will not take note of it over time. The purpose of this was in pursuit of One World Government.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      The way I see it, John, is that the Democrat Party (having since become a Leftist party) has a vision for America. It’s a horrible vision, but at least they have one.

      The best you can say about the Republican Party vision is something Rush Limbaugh has mentioned: Their purpose is to as skillfully as possible manage America’s decline.

      What we don’t have is an effective opposition party.

  6. Pst4usa says:

    Brad I am not sure if you really want a list of the things some of us are doing or not, but as one who thinks he is out there doing something instead of just typing about it. I am not sure that being an activist on the conservative side has much more impact than just talking or typing about it. I have told you many times, people just will not change until the pain threshold is reached, and as long as the politicians, (of either party), can just print money and kick the planet sized can down the road for some other poor slob to deal with. we just cannot seem to change a thing.
    So preach away brother, (or type as the case may be), and I will continue to fight the battle the best way I know how, and in the end, we can sit on our front porch with our grand kids and tell them that we fought for their future. It will turn someday, because our founders let a Gennie out of a bottle, that man can govern himself, and freedom works, but it may not come in our life time or it may not come without blood shed, but come it will.
    Every post that confirms the values of our founders, is one more brick for the fortress of an old and forgotten, (by most yutes and all leftist), America. So take heart and we’ll keep making bricks.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I hear ya, Pat. I just seems that people are so emotionally fragile these days. Good god, you’d thought Donald Trump was talking about setting kittens on fire when he criticized Jeb “Establishment Republican” Bush for campaigning in Spanish. These “nice” girlified men will be the death of us.

      I know that you’re not just a talker. You’re sort of a conservative activist, along with some of your family. We can all do are small parts. But we’ve got to man-up. Wherever you are, if you can’t laugh at the idea of alternative gender bathrooms, then you’re part of the problem.

      And I think when push comes to shove, most people go along to get along because deep-down they don’t have a good argument at hand against this stuff. I guess that’s one thing we do here. We present honest (and often irreverent) arguments against this stuff. But at the end of the day, you have to be a leader, not a follower. And leaders will always take a few arrows (sometimes in both the front and the back).

      And I’m still waiting for that juicy firsthand account of you having dinner with Ted Cruz.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        This may be true, but the relative few who stand up (one way or another) to the cultural foulness still add up to a fair number, as one can see in the National Review article (latest issue, at least that I’ve received) on campus Christians.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Christians are surely fighting a two-front battle (three if you include Satan). The Left. Republicans. And Beelzebub. And I’m not sure who’s winning.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            You differentiate between the Left and Beelzebub? Consider that his name means “Lord of the flies”. I would think that in many ways, that truly sounds like a modern liberal to me.

  7. Timothy Lane says:

    Just now, on Fox News, Tucker Carlson (of Daily Caller, subbing for Sean Hannity) was discussing Trump’s press conference today with a couple of guests. They noted that Trump was the only candidate who turned the “loyalty oath” into publicity. One thing that occurred to me is that this reflects the long-term failure of the GOP — they simply have no concept of trying to create favorable PR. The government shutdown could have worked if they’d actually had someone like Trump to inform the public what they were doing (and what the Obamacrats were doing as well). Hardly anyone in the party can communicate adequately with voters.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yes, it was a terrific press conference. Rush gipped most of it on the air today and had some salient comments. He noted, sort of in your vein, how here was a Republican who was having a good time at a press conference, confidently handling questions, and there was a certain amount of energy there. No one wanted to leave.

      The way he regularly bitch-slaps Jeb Bush almost makes me feel sorry for him.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I find the elites’ bewilderment at Trump’s success quite indicative of their overall blinkered view of the world. They only talk to each other and appear to have little contact with anything happening outside the Wall St.-K. St. axis.

      These types truly believe they are the smartest people around and clearly think those outside their sacred circle are unable to understand how things work. Because of this attitude, they have constantly underestimated Trump.

      But to think that a man who had built businesses such as Trump has is stupid. It shows the blinding arrogance of these types. All one has to do to understand that Trump is not simply a lucky fool is to ask a few questions.

      1. Does a stupid man build a multi-billion dollar business?
      2. Does a billionaire have the resources to hire very smart people to help in his campaign?
      3. Does a successful businessman know others who are also successful and experts in many fields who he can ask for advice?
      4. Does Trump have the money to hire pollsters to survey people and find out the truth as to what most concerns them about the country?
      5. Can the RINO’s expect to out PR the man who has made a living out of PR?
      6. Does anyone think that the RINO’s can dig up some major dirt on a man who has been in the spotlight for something like 30 years?
      7. Can the RINO’s buy someone worth billions?

      Clearly Trump is a smart cookie under all that bravado. He knows how to run things, which means he knows how to hire good subordinates and how to motivate them to perform. He is not going anywhere soon. And who knows, maybe he even believes what he is saying.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Hopefully he’ll send some operatives here and bone-up on strategy. 😀

        Trump is completely crashing the RINO/Establishment Republican worldview, particularly the vision of themselves as the specially anointed. You will note that I have adopted a suitably skeptical attitude toward Trump (as I would nearly anyone). But I don’t dismiss him merely because he is not a product of one Establishment or another.

        Kevin Williamson, for example, has creamed his reputation because of his ravings. Now all they can do is hope that Trump stumbles so as to prove himself right all along. I’d hardly cast Trump as the next Reagan, but he has more chance of being that than any of the other candidates except possibly for Cruz. And I’d rather take a chance on Trump than reenact the Ford Establishment vs. Reagan shtick of 35 years ago and truly be “on the wrong side of history.”

        Trump is boldly taking on issues that the Establishment types (who think they are all smarter than us) assume are poison, if not actually vulgar or low-brow. Jeb Bush is a pathetic ninny, but oh so “nice.” If he could have hot-sauce substituted for blood, he’d probably do so. The man has certainly “gone native” and not in a good way.

        Trump gave a bold, confident news conference the other day. He still needs to work on not being bated by the Megyn Kelly journalistic tramp types, and he made a major step in that direction a few days ago when he ejected that one reporter (who was an activist, really). I certainly wish him luck and hope he takes on a few more issues such as the fraud of global warming.

        But I wouldn’t expect too much. It’s enough for now that he’s outing Jeb Bush as the ninny he is. And he’s taking shots at Hillary. Goodness gracious, look at the “conservative” establishment line up to take shots at Trump but they can barely be bothered to take shots at Hillary. Whether Trump shares our views on the fraud of global warming, on the horrors of abortion, on the bloated Federal government and her run-away regulatory agencies, we at least know we have an opposition candidate on our hand. Only Ted Cruz (and perhaps Bobby Jindal, although he’s not catching on fire at the moment) could said to be that.

        And we also see Rubio being outed for the one-issue person that he is: “See, I’m Cuban. I’m a ‘person of color’ and have worked my way up. Blah blah blah. Born in a log cabin. Blah blah blah.” He’s little more than a poster boy for political correctness and smarmy biographies. Can you imagine the treacly one he’d have it he was the nominee? But when it comes to policy, we see the disastrous things he signed onto in regards to immigration policy. Whatever Trump does, consider Rubio and Jeb Bush to be losers because of him, and thankfully so.

  8. Rosalys says:

    “Perhaps I’ve been too hard on the Republican Party.”

    You have not been too hard on the Republican Party. The majority of them are little better than the Democrats.

    Short of the second amendment solution, speaking out is just about all we can do in the hopes that someone will listen. Voting isn’t much of a solution any more, when the ballot boxes are being stuffed with illegals’ votes and the majority of the legal voters have become a thoughtless mob, content to remain willfully ignorant of the danger surrounding us.

    America has reached her zenith and is now sliding down Suicide Hill at breakneck speed.

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