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What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans

HarryReidby Patricia L. Dickson   5/24/14
On any given day of the week, one can turn on the liberal media and hear how the Democratic Party is the one party that cares for black Americans. Liberal pundits such as Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and of course Al Sharpton are forever fighting the purportedly racist Republicans on behalf of black Americans. More » • (1339 views)

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Human Nature on Campus

Veritasby Bill Kassel   3/2/14
Is there an essential conflict between freedom and justice?  •  It’s always gratifying to see someone on the left openly acknowledge how Progressives really feel about freedom. More » • (1784 views)

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The War for the Old Republic

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   1/20/14
The War Between the States was fought over the issue of slavery but the implicit purpose of the war was to define what style of government would dominate in North America. More » • (1985 views)

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A Job to Do

WorkEthhicby Steve Lancaster   1/8/14
Not long ago I was visiting with my grandson and his family. We had left post housing for the NCO club and were enjoying a few beers. My grandson had recently returned from the sandbox, for the third time, and with a few of his friends we were telling stories of Army and Marines from Vietnam to Iraq. More » • (1630 views)

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The Progressive Bike

BigWheelby Steve Lancaster   1/4/14
Have you ever been stopped at a light or stop sign and a person on a bike, generally but not exclusively male, whizzes through the stop without even slowing down? You observe that the rider is dressed in spandex that is altogether too tight and leaves little to be imagined, a helmet shaped like a teardrop; More » • (1247 views)

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Of Babes and Bio-Ethics

InfanticideThumbby Glenn Fairman  10/30/13
“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” — Luke 12:7  •  As we embark upon the Brave New World of government mandated health care, there is no denying that we will wrestle with the necessary debate on how to ration a finite commodity of resources in service to a near insatiable demand for care. More » • (1158 views)

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Socialism Makes a House Call

SocialismThumbby Brad Nelson  10/29/13
A guy called my office a couple days ago. His tone was a bit odd and condescending. But in this economy, you can’t be too picky. The fellow said he had a logo and business card design that he needed help with. In an odd way, he was subtly confrontational when there was no need to be. I just put it down to his nerves. More » • (1655 views)

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Marxist Vampires at the Window

WindowVampireThumbby T  10/28/13
I never cease to be amused when Marxists are mystified by the idea that people choose to act in their own self interest. They become indignant, as if everyone is pissing in the punch bowl at their party. This effect is happening as we speak with the fallout of the Obamacare debacle. More » • (1167 views)

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Deconstructing America

DeconstructingThumbby Glenn Fairman
Certainly it can no longer be denied: The Progressive infiltration of our Fourth Estate and our intellectual academies are effectively complete. Although both were once highly regarded institutions, they have been thoroughly compromised as willing organs dedicated towards ushering in the Gospel of the Benevolent State. More » • (1353 views)

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America’s Bad Seed

BadSeedThumbby Glenn Fairman
Any parent who has ever raised a child with serious character and moral issues, perhaps as a consequence of what turns out to have been a persistent and reckless infusion of adulation and unconditional love, must soon come to the realization that as a by-product of their permissiveness, blindness, or fantastical “Hope for Change,” something terribly wrong has grown up at their heels More » • (7643 views)

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The Liberal Aristocracy

LiberalEliteThumbby Timothy Lane
I have long seen modern liberal elites as forming an aristocracy with a number of medieval characteristics. For example, the anti-consumerism that forms the heart of modern enviro-zealotry can be compared to medieval sumptuary laws, which enabled the aristocracy to differentiate themselves from even the richest merchants. More » • (1324 views)

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Father Brown Stories: “The Hammer of God” More Modern Propaganda from the Left

Kunk Fu ZoKung Fu Zu
What is it about the Left Wing Artistsphere that impels the inhabitants to insert their Leftist life view into every corner of the entertainment business? Why is it they must take classic period pieces which by definition are about time and place, and deform them with the latest modern fetish whether it be the hatred of religion or promotion of homosexuality? More » • (2920 views)

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