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Movie Review: Elysium (2013)

ElysiumThumbby Brad Nelson   1/3/14
Unless a truly egregious bit of cultural pollution comes along (such as James Cameron’s Avatar), I’ve gotten out of the habit of reviewing bad movies. Life is just too short. If one had to comment on all the noise in this degraded Leftist culture, there wouldn’t be much time to do anything else. More » • (1844 views)

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The Politics of Utopia

RachelTyrellThumb2by Glenn Fairman
For a wide-eye boy growing up on the cusp of the Space Age, rockets and time travel were the stuff that filled daydreams and stoked romanticized possibilities of daunting discovery. More » • (1328 views)

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Book Review: A Planet for Texans

PlanetForTexansThumbby Timothy Lane
This 1958 masterpiece by the late H. Beam Piper (a writer of strongly conservative-to-libertarian bent, who committed suicide in 1964 when faced with problems he didn’t think he could solve on his own) presents an interesting government notion that has sounded increasingly desirable in recent months. More » • (899 views)

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Celebrating a Movie the Critics Hated

SomewhereInTimeThumbby David Paulin
Message to high-brow movie critics and cultural elites: Stay away from the Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island this weekend. No cynicism allowed! More » • (3786 views)

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Movie Review: Gravity

GravityThumbby Faba Calculo
Some years ago, I had the personal misfortune to decide to walk into a film that people had been raving about with no real information concerning it of my own, under the theory that “I just wanted to be surprised.” Well, I was, because the movie was Synecdoche, New York, and if nothing else in the universe can convince you that existence is meaningless, that movie just might do the trick. More » • (1487 views)

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Book Review: Dune

DuneThumbby Faba Calculo
There are two major awards in Science Fiction literature: the Hugo and the Nebula awards. Sixty-two novels have won the former (plus three who have retroactively given the award), and 49 have won the latter. More » • (2732 views)

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TV Series Review: The Twilight Zone

TwilightZoneThumbby Timothy Lane
In 1959, the occasionally distinguished TV writer Rod Serling came up with an anthologyTV series (such shows were popular in that era) that combined elements of science fiction and fantasy More » • (2228 views)

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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

IntoDarknessThumbby Kung Fu Zu
I was recently on a lengthy flight with time to kill. After running through the songs on my MP3, and still unable to sleep, I decided to check what movies were on demand and decided to view the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise. More » • (1919 views)

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Movie Review: Brainstorm

BrainstormThumbby Brad Nelson
This is my favorite Christopher Walken movie as well as my favorite Natalie Wood movie. And it’s my second favorite Louise Fletcher movie, and you can no doubt guess the first. More » • (796 views)

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Movie Review: Conquest of Space (1955)

ConquestofSpaceThumbby Brad Nelson
How far is too far? That is the tagline of this movie. The answer: “Oh, just a few hundred thousand miles beyond earth’s orbit…just far enough until General Merritt goes looney and starts spouting biblical doom-and-gloom prophesy.” More » • (2267 views)

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Movie Review: Surrogates

SurrogatesWillisby Brad Nelson
Bruce Willis stars in a sci-fi film where 98% of the human population is using a robotic surrogate through which they experience day-to-day life. In this movie you’ll see a mix of Brainstorm, Blade Runner, and The Matrix (in the form of a black prophet-like character). More » • (1072 views)

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Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

BooneThumbby Brad Nelson
Who would have figured that a grueling journey to the center of the earth would involve Pat Boone crooning while playing a concertina? More » • (1747 views)

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