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Song Parodies

RevolverThumbby Timothy Lane
I like to do all sorts of parodies (mostly political; Obama has been a great inspiration in that respect). Many of these are song parodies, and here are a few from issue 216 of FOSFAX. More » • (1884 views)

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Movie Review: Teen Beach Movie

TeenBeachMovieThumbby Geoph2
With the long holiday weekend approaching, it was obvious more than a fair amount of television would be viewed at our house. So I began to search the satellite guide for movies we could watch that would save me the embarrassment of trying to play the “X-Station” games with my boys. More » • (1019 views)

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Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

CabinInTheWoodsby Brad Nelson
Speaking of whatever happened to Joss Whedon, I ran across this movie while browsing through Netflix looking for something to watch: More » • (920 views)

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