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Resentment Knows No Social Bounds

EmmaWatsonby John Moloney   9/30/14
I’m a feminist! Emma Watson’s UN speech has opened my eyes. In the dark ages before I watched the Hollywood starlet’s very affecting attempt to win men over to the cause, I’d assumed that “feminism” was just about hustling for special treatment for women at the expense of men. More » • (1585 views)

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Feminism 2.0

by Brad Nelson   2/13/14

Dennis Prager has been revamping his entire Prager University curriculum. The second video in this updated series is Feminism 2.0, by former NOW board member, Tammy Bruce. More » • (1606 views)

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Williamson Stands Athwart

by Brad Nelson   2/6/14

Kevin Williamson at National Review Online has written a very good article titled The Feminist Mystique. In it, he notes the tired, haranguing nature of feminism which he sums up simply as “I want.” More » • (2099 views)

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