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Book Review: Dune

DuneThumbby Faba Calculo
There are two major awards in Science Fiction literature: the Hugo and the Nebula awards. Sixty-two novels have won the former (plus three who have retroactively given the award), and 49 have won the latter. More » • (2732 views)

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TV Series Review: The Twilight Zone

TwilightZoneThumbby Timothy Lane
In 1959, the occasionally distinguished TV writer Rod Serling came up with an anthologyTV series (such shows were popular in that era) that combined elements of science fiction and fantasy More » • (2228 views)

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender

LastAirbenderThumbby Brad Nelson
I watched The Last Airbender fairly recently. It went against all my Spider-senses to do so. But a friend thought that I might like it. And, granted, it is a visual feast. More » • (824 views)

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Movie Review: Life of Pi

LifeOfMultiCultiby Brad Nelson
Come, join me in my little universe of people who don’t like movies that suck. I’m generally a fan of these multi-culti arthouse foreign films. You want esoteric and mysterious? I can do esoteric and mysterious. More » • (1116 views)

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Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

BooneThumbby Brad Nelson
Who would have figured that a grueling journey to the center of the earth would involve Pat Boone crooning while playing a concertina? More » • (1747 views)

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Excalibur (Blu Ray) – Retrospective Review

ExcaliburLadyLakeby Brad Nelson
Perhaps the best movie that delves into the Arthurian legend continues to be John Boorman’s 1981 “Excalibur,” a full two hours and twenty that seems to slip by in but a minute. It is, to my mind, the gold standard for the myth. More » • (1002 views)

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