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Book Review: “Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times”

AndrewJacksonThumbby Brad Nelson
I’m just about done with this book…near enough so to do a proper review. And a very good book it is. More » • (1375 views)

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Movie Review: Nowhere in Africa

NowhereInAfricaThumbby Brad Nelson
You can keep your Passage to India and Out of Africa. I don’t need them. I happened upon a nice little African adventure that is a real sleeper of a film. More » • (975 views)

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Movie Review: Au Revoir Les Enfants

LesEnfantsThumbby Brad Nelson
Anti-Semitism is a cheerful, almost patriotic thing these days. We look back at the days of Hitler and chuckle that anyone could have been so stupid or beastly as to get involved in something like that. More » • (1082 views)

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Book Review: Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life

Francisby Brad Nelson
This is the second of four extensive biographies that I’ve read on the life of Francis of Assisi. And this one is a gem. Adrian House weaves in interesting aspects of medieval history, and its customs and practices, into this biography of this quite extraordinary man. More » • (8064 views)

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Book Review: Up from Slavery

Booker T (thumbnail)by Brad Nelson
After having put this book aside for a while, I finally finished Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery.” You realize just how destructive and pathetic the “civil rights” movement has become (filled with race-mongers such as Jesse Jackson) when you see the approach of a good and decent man. More » • (4943 views)

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Book Review: Team of Rivals

TeamOfRivalsby Brad Nelson
I fairly recently finished Doris Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals. I was initially inspired to read this book because of the many bizarre comments by the Paultards (aka “Libertarians”) and others regarding Lincoln which tended to be unhinged and exaggerated. More » • (1088 views)

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