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The Defense of Ft. McHenry

by Pat Tarzwell   11/22/17
In this season, it is a good time to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for.  I am so thankful for God’s grace and love that I cannot express it in words alone.  But there is so much more More » • (358 views)

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Revolutionary Success

OldFlagby Timothy Lane   1/20/14
Successful revolutions have a long history of resulting in worse conditions. Both in France (especially with the Jacobins) and in Russia (with the Bolsheviks) revolution took an amazingly bloody course. More » • (1530 views)

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The Space Between

MosesThumbDeana Chadwell
Here we are, thoroughly into the 21st century and America finds herself up against the greatest dilemma of her 237 years – what do we believe? All of the problems we now face swirl around that question and the corollary storms that spin off from it. More » • (1011 views)

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We are the Exception

WeThePeopleThumbby Deana Chadwell
[T]his last month Vladimir Putin wrote in the New York Times an op-ed that, in part, chastised America for her insistence that she is exceptional. Well, Vlad, America is absolutely unique, whether you, or Obama, think so or not. More » • (1269 views)

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Book Review: History Buff’s Guide to Gettysburg, History Buff’s Guide to the Civil War

HistoryBuffThumbby Timothy Lane
These two books are by Thomas R. Flagel (the first is co-written by Ken Allers, Jr.). These reviews appeared in slightly different forms in issues 213 and 217 of my science fiction fanzine, FOSFAX. More » • (1790 views)

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Book Review: “Albion’s Seed” by David Hackett Fischer

AlbionsSeedThumb2by Brad Nelson
As one review at Amazon.com put it, “Albion’s Seed is seminal in understanding the USA.” Well…kinda-sorta. More » • (8363 views)

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Book Review: “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror” by Jamie Glazov

CheThumbby Brad Nelson
I’ve struggled with understanding the Leftist mindset, everything from their love of Stalin to their hatred of free speech. America’s college campuses, for example, are a hive of restrictions on free speech, which is far from the stated goal of “academic freedom” that the Left pretends to love. More » • (1703 views)

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Book Review: “1776” by David McCullough

1776Thumbby Brad Nelson
After having read — and been so throughly impressed by — McCullough’s book, John Adams, I thought that a little more American history was in order. More » • (4033 views)

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No Paine no Gain. That’s ‘Common Sense.’

CommonSenseThumbby Brad Nelson
It is at least an implied American Duty to read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense which I fairly recently did, minus the Appendix and the “Address to the People Called Quakers” which were added in later editions. More » • (2176 views)

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Book Review: George Washington’s Sacred Fire

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/17/13
By Peter A. Lillback with Jerry Newcombe. For most of the first one hundred and fifty years after his death, George Washington’s biographers portrayed him as a Christian gentleman. Then during the early to mid-twentieth century this began to change. More » • (1646 views)

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Book Review: Up from Slavery

Booker T (thumbnail)by Brad Nelson
After having put this book aside for a while, I finally finished Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery.” You realize just how destructive and pathetic the “civil rights” movement has become (filled with race-mongers such as Jesse Jackson) when you see the approach of a good and decent man. More » • (4915 views)

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Book Review: Team of Rivals

TeamOfRivalsby Brad Nelson
I fairly recently finished Doris Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals. I was initially inspired to read this book because of the many bizarre comments by the Paultards (aka “Libertarians”) and others regarding Lincoln which tended to be unhinged and exaggerated. More » • (1084 views)

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