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The Uncanny Union of Kermit and Miss Maggie

Abortion3by Glenn Fairman10/11/18
“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” — Margaret Sanger  •  As I write, inside Room 304 of a Philadelphia courthouse there sits a 72 year old bespectacled grandfatherly type who by all accounts sits smiling with an air of cool reserve as an avalanche of testimony from former patients and employees brings his unspeakable deeds to the sterile light of day. More » • (1122 views)

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The Lie of Pro-Choice

Conceptionby FJ Rocca8/28/15
The euphemism chosen by promoters of abortion is “Pro Choice” implies the rational decision of one action over another. It does not consider the quality of the thing about which the choice is being made. The act of choice is essentially neutral. More » • (1161 views)

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Murdering Life

malachi-aborted-babyby Glenn Fairman   6/10/14
Before the time of the Great Disenchantment, when the Sun of the Risen Lord still hung heavily in the hearts of the Western Kingdoms. Where the thundering miracle of life still held its solemn gravity in the Houses of God More » • (883 views)

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Where is the Media?

by Steve Lancaster    2/23/14

Several weeks ago I wrote that the modern progressive movement’s endorsement of abortion was based in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century, and that Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and Woodrow Wilson provided the intellectual basis for the racist ideology of the Nazi Party. I said, More » • (774 views)

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Democracy—Islamic Style

by Glenn Fairman   2/8/14

Democracy, in the Islamic arc, is a double edged sword- and we should not forget that even a cabal of thieves can be fundamentally democratic. The abstraction of democracy is, of its own, a content empty methodology for determining political direction that is girded by the ideation of popular sovereignty. More » • (715 views)

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by Steve Lancaster   2/3/14

This was not a waste of money. In fact I found it to be one of the best comedies in the last 10 years. I doubt that it was intended to be so, but anyone who has done real intelligence work will laugh till their sides hurt. More » • (741 views)

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Conservatism and the Moral Calculus of Abortion

by Glenn Fairman   1/1/14

Murdering nascent life is one thing, and perhaps we as a Conservative force cannot fully cauterize this abomination. But we can make it rare. Moreover, we can also make it so that taxpayers will not have to fund this horror from public redistributed funds. More » • (1572 views)

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Hangmen and Abortionists

HangmenThumbGlenn Fairman
“Those who are kind to the cruel in the end will be cruel to the kind.” — The Talmud  •  I don’t suppose I will ever understand the logic that Progressives utilize in striking moral equivalence between the death penalty and selective abortion. More » • (1500 views)

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The “Blessing” of an Aborted Child

UnbornChildThumbby Glenn Fairman
It requires a certain quality of moral opacity for our Dear Mr. Obama, who stands in the breach as tribune for all things weak and powerless, to pronounce God’s Blessing on a room filled to the brim with those mighty champions of nascent selective infanticide. More » • (1163 views)

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