Summer is Here!

MooseNuggetsby Anniel   6/20/14
It’s summer and a cuddly black bear sow and her cubs showed up at a pre-school day camp on an Anchorage college campus. They broke open the children’s lunch boxes and had their own picnic. Fish and Feathers people say the bears are peaceful so not to worry. Right, and people say they are certain their kids are “safe.” Right again. Scary is what.

The moose have been trying to eat our garden and are tearing up the hedge, raspberries and lilacs. We have been teasing Bear again about his dream of using dried moose nuggets (poop, if you’re not in the know) to create a work of “art”. I think Sarah Palin has a web site picture someone took of her wearing dangly moose nugget earrings. They’re all the rage among tourists looking for Alaskana, and are available in both clip-on and pierced ear styles if you’re interested. By the way, they are shellacked.

Some years back Anchorage International Airport installed a very controversial painting of a fox by a native artist. It looked like an elementary school child made it. Bear had a dream one night that he collected round moose nuggets, sorted them by their shade of brown, dried them, and then glued them to a sheet of plywood to “paint” a moose. He even thought about putting real antlers sticking out from the moose’s head. Alas, our children were too young to relish the job of gathering the nuggets, or a set of antlers, and were horrified to think that their father might be identified as THEIR father if he sold his artwork to the airport.

A few summer’s ago, now that they’re grown and not so easily embarrassed, a couple of our sons actually began gathering nuggets and drying them on screens to begin the project. They have moved on to other things now, but might come back and get to work again. I’m not sure who’d take it seriously, but if you hear that such a thing has won a big art competition you’ll know who to blame. Maybe we could enlist our grandkids to further the cause and pay them for nuggets by the bucketful. Just think of the training in fine arts they’d get. And economics training as a bonus.

Some say the glaciers are melting, but they’ve been doing that since the last Ice Age, so don’t be unduly concerned. Our juvenile junior senator became convinced of global warming when he found a childhood photo of himself and his siblings in front of Portage Glacier, about 45 miles south of Anchorage. There was Portage Lake, complete with icebergs, right behind the kids and the glacier was up close and personal. Now it has either melted or retreated, depending on your politics.

The senator’s politics include man made global warming, so he fails to tell you that the MUCH smaller glaciers, less than three or four miles from Portage, are right where they have always been, not melted even a drop. Byron Glacier is the nearest to Portage and there are five other very small ones in the mountain tops that are just fine. Elementary science would say that, if it’s global warming, the smaller glaciers should have melted first. Ice cubes do melt faster than a twenty pound block of ice. But what is my word against Algorleone’s?

This week our son went combat fishing for red salmon at the Russian River down on the Kenai Peninsula. He paid a $125.00 fine to bring home only one salmon because he failed to see a small sign designating a “Sanctuary Area” for the fish. Even fishing has become a politically correct activity today.

By the way, if you were wondering about the Forty Mile government invasion last year at Chicken, the EPA has given a wide-eyed innocent look to the State of Alaska and says that it was only checking the mining sites to make sure no dirty water was getting into the river. They weren’t armed and Kevlar encrusted, and they never said anything at all about drug running and human trafficking. They can’t imagine where such a story came from. And of course we need to believe them because members of this government always tell the truth.

In Barrow this is the middle of their 84 day day. Then it’s downhill until equinox in September, and on to November 14 and the beginning of their 84 day night. Selawik on the Arctic Circle is having its one day a year when the sun does not set, and in Nome the sun is barely skimming below the horizon in the north.

Here further south in Anchorage the sun will dip below the horizon just west of due north and a few hours later will rise just a little east of north. Then it circles all around the east above the Chugach mountains, getting higher as it travels south, then down again to the west and dipping to the north. The coming of darkness will be only seconds at first as we begin our slide to equinox and then winter solstice in December.

On our dance through the cosmos I remind myself how beautiful this creation is and that beauty, peace and happiness can outwit the purveyors of lies, anger, political correctness and grief in our society.

Be of good cheer this summer because God is still in charge, and we Americans will outlast the fools – because we must. • (926 views)

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2 Responses to Summer is Here!

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Be of good cheer this summer because God is still in charge, and we Americans will outlast the fools – because we must. 

    Indeed. And speaking of Alaska, I had a dream last night with Sarah Palin in it. We were at some luncheon or political function and I was sitting next to her. I was trying to strike up a conversation but she was more or less ignoring me.

    Later, at some other stage of this same event, we did indeed have a nice and congenial chat. And, yes, both of us were fully clothed. This is the type of dream that political wonks have. I can’t help it.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Moose nuggets, eh? We jokingly came up with a restaurant specializing in such “foods” as cow pies, horse applies, and buffalo chips with sheep dip. Now we can add moose nuggets.

    So, Anchorage technically isn’t in the “land of the midnight Sun”. I am SO disappointed in Johnny Horton.

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