Suicide Countdown

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

The Left, in its slow-motion suicide to unravel the fabric from which the West’s patrimony is spun, will make common cause with any enemy, imbibe any poison, fabricate and believe every falsehood so as not to face the fiery blast of its own ideological exhaustion. And as a humanist movement, it is impermeable to the stone hard reality that other than inoculating the world with its egalitarian sickness that leads unto moral and spiritual death, it can offer nothing. Thus, it must be politically silent as the Islamicist contagion: murders and immolates, tosses acid in the faces of little girls for daring an education, or turns Pizzerias into charnel houses – using broken and hardened shells of nihilistic hatred as living time bombs of war.

One day, when the history of this ideological masquerade, posing as an altruistic secularized religion, has undergone its rigorous post mortem, its crimes will be laid open in their full bloom for all awakened minds to survey. A resounding verdict of guilty will be ascribed to its mute cowardice in dropping its eyes to the visage of evil; or its hypocrisy in championing its expedient definition of the helpless while murdering the nascent unborn. Its rudderless ideology has failed to call out and pronounce judgment upon those who openly slaughter Christians, women, and homosexuals by virtue of a limp apologetic to a demonic god’s fecal command. But moreover, the Left is condemned by virtue of the treacherous rejection of its own mother’s milk and a seething vitriol it deemed ideologically prudent to direct towards its own homeland for having the temerity of offering the blessings of life within the greatest civilization in human history.
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One Response to Suicide Countdown

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    When this verdict can be passed (if ever) will depend on how successful the Left is in taking over complete control of society. It probably won’t be “a boot stamping on a human face forever”, but it can still make it impossible to recover.

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