Stubborn Year

NewYearby Brad Nelson   12/28/13
“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” ― Alfred Tennyson  •  I was struggling a bit with whether or not to do some type of “Year End Review.” I struggle because it sounds pretentious and pompous. Plus, we haven’t been around quite a year yet.

The web is a great cacophony of interests, opinions, information, and just plain junk. The last thing it seems the world needs is more noise in the blogosphere. Reading the opinions of other people — even good people — can often be insufferable. Everybody has The Answer.

But the fact is, never has Western Culture been as ignorant, uninformed, and just plain stupid as it is now. Everyone most assuredly does not have the answer. And that is the problem of a culture with a memory that extends no further than AJB (after Justin Bieber). We are a culture out of touch with its past. And that means we are a culture out of touch with experience, for experience is the greatest teacher of all.

Even so, the web is chock full of fancy doctrines and clever rationales. But, to my mind, it is bereft (except in a few places) of much wisdom. And like a leaky boat, it does little good to just row faster or to put more oars into the water. We must first plug the leak in the boat.

That is the central dogma here at Let’s find our past in the midst of this politically correct fog of revisionism and untruths. Let’s compare George Washington with the various derivatives of Karl Marx (including Obama) and see what is best. Let’s wonder if there isn’t possibly a better grounding for a life than various feel-good conceits.

And the reason I feel pretentious and pompous for writing this Year End Message is because I have no desire to be the next Bill Buckley, Jr. Although I have my hand at the tiller, this site is yours. We are a republic, not an oligarchy of intellectuals (something many other conservative sites easily forget). Your average man or woman has more wisdom in his or her little finger than 99% of professional politicians and bureaucrats. So if one’s goal is to change the country for the better, it will not be a purely top-down solution. There will have to be a lot of sideways motion in and amongst those who are tired of all the crap at the top. And much of this crap at the top is the product of an “intellectual” class that doesn’t know its ass from its elbow but sure knows how to sweeten excrement with a dash of pomposity.

And that brings us to the million dollar question. Who will speak up? The Left’s power comes almost exclusively from its ability to intimidate good people. And I’ll admit that it is very difficult to argue with people who use deceitful, feel-good language to hide their true motives. It is generally the American ideal to live and let live and think well of others unless given a good reason not to.

This is made doubly-difficult by a populace now long exposed to, and penetrated with, Leftist propaganda. The immune system of our common sense has been corrupted by such propaganda. We now commonly think ourselves reasonable, compassionate, tolerant, and damn near the second coming of Albert Schweitzer by nodding our heads in quiet approval of complete nonsense.

So what I’ve always recognized is that the heart of our problem isn’t an economic problem or even a political problem. It’s a moral problem. And a good morality cannot be had without wisdom. And wisdom cannot be had without the benefits of knowledge and experience.

So a sincere thank you to those who have been forthright enough to share their knowledge and experience, as well as a bushel full of their wisdom. This is a collaborative effort. This site doesn’t happen without you. And it has happened. As much as I might pine for having Andy McCarthy and Mark Steyn as contributors, I don’t miss them all that much because we have our Andy McCarthy (Nahalkides) and Steyn (Kung Fu Zu) here, as well as our Buckley (Glenn), Palin (Deana), and VDH (Timothy). We even have our own Koch Brother (Pat) who has funded us through next year. (By the way, I style myself as sort of a Rush Limbaugh meets Ann Coulter).

And a thanks to Selwyn Duke, Bruce Price, Linda Harvey, Mark Tooley, and many other established columnists for allowing us to share some of their wisdom, to spread it just a bit further. The goal of this site is nothing less than the overturning of Leftism, to replace Karl Marx with Adam Smith, to replace the awful religion of “Progressivism” with something more nourishing and true.

America is too great, and Western Civilization too highly paid for, to simply let them whither from neglect as we chase our foolish narcissistic dreams of Utopia. • (1024 views)

Brad Nelson

About Brad Nelson

I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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7 Responses to Stubborn Year

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, I certainly can’t object to being compared to Victor Davis Hanson, though I actually see my writing style much as you see yours — sort of a cross between Coulter and Limbaugh. And I will note that Coulter has made a career out of showing WHY liberal ideologues don’t want people to remember any history (a problem that most likely tends to afflict ideologues in general). For we do indeed learn from history, and especially from past mistakes, a great many of them by ideologues who would prefer that no one remember the bad consequences. This is why, many years ago, I decided that there are absolute ideologues (such as liberalism/leftism in its many forms, and at least some forms of libertarianism) and pragmatic ideologies (such as contemporary conservatism, and some older forms of liberalism). My housemate likes to refer to the former as ideolators, which seems an apt term.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Okay…I’ll be Coulter, you can be Limbaugh. 😀 But you do enter into the conversation a lot of historical facts. That’s why I thought of VDH. And thanks for your continued thoughtful contributions, Timothy.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    “Oh, that I could write as well as Mark Steyn”, he said with a sigh.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Ditto. Steyn is a unique blend of conservatism and humor. He’s kinda-sorta Ann Coulter, but a bit smoother style.

      But, really, we’re not here for style points. We’re here for truth points. I get a kick out of all those conservative writers (not including Steyn) who prefaced their article about Phil Robertson with, “I agree, despite the fact he said things a little crudely.”

      I’m for calling a spade a spade. Phil noted that homosexual men put their penises up other guys’ anuses, and that this seemed a quite unnatural thing to do considering what the female has to offer. And he’s right, of course.

      That doesn’t mean I want to outlaw homosexuality. But we really have to get away from this ludicrous belief that it is just another “lifestyle choice.” It’s a perversion. This may not be the fault of some of those who suffer from it (assuming this isn’t a 100% behavior issue and not a genetic one), but it’s still a perversion.

      But our society has become so dog-blessed namby-pamby about facing facts. Someone told me recently that Americans lead the world in euphemisms. Well, it’s time we got around those euphemisms and said what things are. The same with abortion. Reality doesn’t comport well with the Left. That’s why they freak out when you show pictures of those “lumps of flesh” they are aborting which are clearly not just lumps of flesh.

      Part of what makes Steyn Steyn is his general ability to call a spade a spade — something that RINOs do not do, and may supposed conservative writers do not do either. Andy McCarthy had words of wisdom in his article today:

      We are in an us-versus-them time when the radicals are out to annihilate traditional culture and constitutional principles.
      There are no Marquess of Queensbury Rules for confronting such a threat, since a fair fight is not what the mob has in mind. The threat and the aggressors making it need to be exposed, debated, mocked, and otherwise discredited whenever the opportunities present themselves.

      It’s time we went on the offensive. We ought to quit acting like prisoners of the Left who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. And if anyone out there knows John Derbyshire, tell him we’d like to publish some of his articles. He, in particular, is on the leading edge of calling a spade a spade.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Very well said. I even use slurs when I find them appropriate (such as “the fag-boys of GLAAD” recently). Robertson spoke a bit crudely, or at least earthily, but he was telling the truth: homosexual behavior is indeed abnormal or even unnatural (but so are many things, such as my congenitally malformed feet and my lack of a sense of smell from chronic sinusitis) as well as sinful (as are many things, which Robertson also pointed out). The point of the Zenger trial nearly 300 years ago is that the truth is always a valid defense — and politically correct liberals want to get rid of that principle, for the obvious reason that truth doesn’t serve their purpose.

  3. Glenn Fairman says:

    I’m sure Bill Buckley is rotating at 78 rpm in his grave after that comparison. I’m not worthy of unlatching his sandal, let alone spinning verse of his caliber. But he charmed my mentors and gave them a forum and co-authored a few books with those Straussian bastards, so I’ll take your charity while listening to the voice behind me saying: “Thou art mortal….seriously bro.”

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I admire Buckley. We was one of the few who was willing to take the fight to the Left. There aren’t many of those left today. You’re just going to have to be stuck with his namesake. After all, you use big word too! 🙂

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