Springtime for the Leftist in Olympia

by Pat Tarzwell2/7/17

No, it’s not what you think; the groundhog did see his shadow after all.  I went down to Olympia yesterday, (02-06-17), to testify on forced union membership here in Washington, well as it turns out, I signed into the wrong bill number but it did not matter.  I was the second to last one to testify on a bill about changing the Consumer protection Act and the fact that unions are exempt.  The hearing was filled with leftist union members and their highly paid lobbyist and for the seven bills that were heard, you could have played a broken record.  That is not fair, you’re picking on the unions, we are wonderful democratically elected people just being practically perfect in every way, (I know I always think of Julie Andrews when I think of union thugs).

Although I tried to tie my testimony into the bill I signed into, not very well I admit, I did get out, though, the only thing I think that matters in this case at least as far as forced union membership.  Here is what I said;

Thank you Mr. Chair and Committee members.  My name is Pat Tarzwell from Shelton Washington, just here as just a citizen. I think I actually signed in on the wrong bill, but it doesn’t much matter.  I could have testified on any of them.  Uh, as far as consumer protection, unions have the…there almost like a monopoly.  They provide a service to their members to represent them in bargaining.  But there are no options.  It’s completely a monopoly.  They force…the members are forced to join, they are forced to pay the dues.  Now I know there…Oh you can get out of it every two years if you, you know, stand on your head and spit nickels, you’re OK, [most all of the union people said you don’t have to be a member and you don’t have to pay dues if you go through a process every two years, you can get out, but the members I know say it is almost impossible to know the tiny window of opportunity to opt out, and if you pull it off, you are only out for two years, so they give up because of the work involved and the grief poured on them by fellow workers].  But I know a number of people that are involved in this and it is not easy to get out of paying your dues; It is…it is up to somebody else to decide if you want to donate you dues to a charity, (left this out, and just what charity is acceptable).  Well why should that be? If its your money, it should be your choice. So all of the way the unions act, is as a monopoly. And you all know, That the last line in Article One Section One, (left out, of the Washington State Constitution), referring to government, says they “are established to protect and maintain individual rights”.  How is protecting the unions, protecting the individual members?  Your job as state legislators is to protect the members, not the union.  So if somebody wants to associate with the union, great!  If they wan.. if they choose not to, they should be free to choose not to associate.  Thank you.”

As you might expect a leftist Senator, Sen. Steve Conway (D) 29th Tacoma, could not let that go unchallenged so his comment to me was;

I must say… you realize that uh… The history of labor laws in this country was to initiate what they considered unfair practices on behalf of both employers and the unions. And the way you actually defend yourself against unfair labor practices by the union, is before the National Labor Relations Board or before the Public Employee Relations Commission.  That is the model here of protecting individual rights, which we are all concerned about, from undue pressure from the unions.” 

I think he may have had a Freudian slip there about initiating unfair labor practices by employers and the unions, but I can let that go, we all make mistakes.  Well color me shocked! A leftist that thinks that a right to work is not a right at all; that the freedom to associate does not include the freedom to not associate, and that somehow it is covered by the right to go to court or the NLRB or PERC here in Washington and take on a giant legal team of the unions and the government, spend lots of time and money just to defend a right that he supposedly had sworn to protect.  Wow, union workers, don’t you feel special; and don’t you feel that your individual rights are just totally protected and maintained?

And yet, through all of this, he still thinks he is somehow following his oath of office to uphold the Constitution?  Maybe his oath was to follow the Constitution as long as it does not cut into his flow of re-election money? After all, the individual that does not want to associate with the union probably wasn’t going to give this clown money; certainly not without it being taken from him by the forced, (see, government), union dues. So I see it now, he is protecting his right to union money!  Silly me, you just have to have priorities.

Oh yea, the title, why was it spring time for the lefties?  Well on this particular day, we had a lot of snow, the passes were closed and the roads were slick, so the few dozen people that wanted to stand up for freedom, (that we knew of), did not make it.  We had a total of three of us not paid to be there, and the leftist had a room full of green tee shirt wearing union angels.  So when the Republicans try to fix some of the flaws in our laws, Mother Nature threw up some road blocks, literally. So the left’s version of springtime might just come with a bunch of snow.

Pat Tarzwell was born conservative, runs a successful hi-tech business, and lives a red-state life in a deep blue one.

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12 Responses to Springtime for the Leftist in Olympia

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Green shirts, eh? The Iron Guard in Romania wore green shirts, as I recall. If they’re going to call us Nazis on no basis whatsoever, it seems fair to point that out.

    • pst4usa says:

      It is the uni-on-form for the predominate union here in Washington. They put slogans on the back with sayings like “we are the safety net” and a few others I cannot remember. One other union has a purple tee shirt, but they always seem to be out numbered by the greenies.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The left has the advantage of organizing into mobs and unions. Constitutional conservatives do not usually do such things. Perhaps it is time to return to the old custom of starting clubs organized around certain ideas. Maybe then, we could get a bus load of people to visit such hearings.

  3. pst4usa says:

    I have been able to get a good number of folks, (15 to 20), to show up week after week; when I spend 40 hours a week organizing, but I just have not found a way to pay the bills and continue to do that.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      You show the normal weight that evil has going for it….and how it is so true that for evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to get stuck in the snow.

      I believe you that it takes a serious effort to get even a minimal number of people to do something. Thus Trump. For whatever reason, no one (or few) want to pay the social costs for bucking the mob. But they’ll elect someone to do their work for them. And let’s hope, at least, that Trump does do this work.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    By the way, Pat, I see that the art of good headline writing is not quite dead yet.

  5. pst4usa says:

    I will be heading down to Olympia again to take a crack at my favorite commie Senator today as they hold a hearing on making Washington a right to work state. SB5692 at 1:30 today if anyone else wants to jump in. Hearing room 4 in the Cherburg building. Should be fun, I am sure the unions have already sent a paid full contingent to fill the hearing room, so we citizens cannot even get in, but I have to try.

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