Spring Cleaning, Clearing the Cobwebs

Broomby Anniel3/3/16
INSIDE THE HOUSE * When I was a child spring cleaning was a necessity that only the biggest slobs who can no longer avoid cleaning can understand today. Inside and outside there were serious issues that required absolute attention.

All winter long spiders had been busy in cracks and crevices, spinning webs. Swinging on strands of silk across ceilings, they left cobwebs behind. The chimneys and stoves had to be cleaned lest a fire start there. Chimney sweeps with long brushes could still be hired, but the cleaning of ovens and brass and iron fittings was done by the women.

One night my brother woke our father because he could hear noises in one of the small wood stoves. An owl had gotten down the chimney into the the firebox. When Dad opened the stove door the soot-covered owl flew out into the boys bedroom. What an exciting night that was until the owl was finally chased to a room with an opened outer door and and shooed away.

Because we heated and cooked with coal and wood, the walls and ceilings were actually dirty. Brooms were covered with rags to sweep ceilings. Cobwebs fell (cough, cough). In the days before vinyl wallpaper, a special cleaner for walls was necessary. Does anyone else remember the pink wallpaper cleaner in use then? I can still smell and feel it. Did you know that Play-Doh was the original wallpaper cleaner?

To start cleaning you pulled off a hunk of the pristine pink stuff, softened it in your hands, then shaped it into a ball which you carefully (so as not to tear the wallpaper) rolled over the dirty paper. You had to be certain not to take the dirty cleaner back over an already cleaned place, leaving a streak. When the ball surface was used, you pushed the dirty parts into the center and formed a clean ball to work with. When it was ALL dirty you repeated the process. It was fun at first, then boring, then work and finally a real chore we whined about.

The next job, as I recall, was to take down curtains to wash and stretch them and wash the inside of the windows. Water had to be hauled from the well, heated, curtains washed by hand, rinsed and starched. Then the stretchers were brought out, set to size, and we began stretching the curtains over pins set about 1/4 inch apart. We started by setting the corners, then the midpoints, half-way, quarter-way, etc. until the stretch was even. Curtains were very stiff when rehung. They smelled so beautiful.

Then sweeping and scrubbing floors commenced.

Bed never felt so good.

OUTSIDE THE HOUSE * While the inside was pretty much the province of the women, the men and boys had plenty to do outside. All windows on the outside were washed. Torches of rolled newspapers to roust out black widows under eaves and door overhangs were used. Crawl spaces were sprayed with bug killers, and checked for termites and carpenter ants.

Outhouses had to be moved if necessary, which meant digging a new hole and liming and safely covering the old one. The black widows and hairy wolf spiders there were also gotten rid of. The chicken coop was tended to, fences repaired, a new sty was prepared for the hogs.

The irrigation ditches had to be cleared. Weeding, hoeing, plowing and getting ready for planting were all on the agenda.

There were countless chores for even the smallest children

How would the hothouse flowers of today fare in such a work environment? And that occurred every spring. The other seasons had their own chores.

HOW ABOUT CLEANING THE COBWEBS OF OUR MINDS? * In the election four years ago, I liked and voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I listened to what Mitt said then and what he said today about Trump. I ask myself if Romney/Ryan had won the election then, would they have been any better than what we have now? Would most, if not all, of us have breathed a sigh of relief and been lulled back to sleep by the politicians and the media?

Now that much more of the Washington mindset has been revealed, the MSM called out, political correctness challenged and the budget and border problems put out in the open where they should be, are we finally awake enough to take our country and culture back? Maybe we should join the Convention of the States group?

Trump may have been created by Washington’s ineptitude, but his approach shows who our enemies are.

I consider the following:

• When I can freely vote in Mexico I might THINK about amnesty and letting Mexican’s vote here. I told a liberal friend that and she was astounded, “Why ever should I have the right to vote there?” she asked. She simply did not get it. Ironical really, because she thinks she is so wise. Rubio and the Gang of 8 can go to Cuba.
• Trump is the only one calling for the wall who I think really means it and CAN GET IT DONE.
• Paul Ryan needs both his traitorous positions called out and his beard trimmed.
• Congress must be subject to the same laws they pass for us, and that means reestablishing equality before the law and cleaning out the rat’s nest at the so-called Justice Department.
• Term limits are a necessity.

Those are only some of the cobwebs in my mind. Time for all of us to honestly assess our spring cleaning needs, especially those within our own brains. Remember, politics IS interested in you. You ignore it at your peril.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Your point about voting in Mexico (assuming one actually wished to go there and do so, of course) is a good one. Your liberal acquaintance, like most such, simply cannot take a principle and generalize it by extrapolating it to others. (Sunny Lohman made a similar point about health insurance in her “zombie apocalypse” houseofsunny.tv video.)

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