Spit it Out

by Brad Nelson   12/9/13

Aaron Goldstein asks an interesting question (and urges others to share their own stories, as I do) over at the Spectator.org blog: What Was Your First Experience with Socialism?.

I think mine was literally via the old standby, “If you want to chew gum in class, then you must bring enough for everyone.” I don’t know whether I first heard this old standard in Kindergarten or the first or second grade. But surely it was around about that time.

The idea that we are to have no differences or privileges (if even due to just sheer dumb luck) is anti-human. Yes, it can be a little troubling for a child (or especially an adult) to face the fact that some people have more. But that is a small price to pay considering the consequences of all forms of Communism that try to do away with this (even if they call it “social justice” and even if they can get a naive and ill-informed Pope to forward the notion and thus give it a sense of legitimacy).

A little psychological angst is a small price to pay for freedom. And such angst might just be the thing to invest children with the desire to achieve for themselves. The alternative is to take from others under trumped-up charges and feigned “compassion,” as is the real and caustic tactic of all “social justice” and Communism. Such behavior only ever dredges up envy, facilitates sloth, and rewards dishonesty.

All attempts to equalize people result inevitably in demonizing “the rich,” which also inherently means demonizing honest, hard work, risk taking, and creativity. It also destructively glorifies “the poor” and sees “the poor” as only ever the victims of “the rich,” and not the victims of their own bad choices, habits, and morals.

And if one exists inside a system (such as Communism, socialism, or some other thugocracy) in which one can’t prosper by the application of one’s talents, then the thing to do is to change the system into a freedom-based, individual-rights-based, law-and-order system such as America has been up until the various types of Communists (even if they do call themselves “Progressives”) have changed that for the worse.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    A related story: We’re All the Same by Matthew Naham.

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