Something Seems Wrong

by Fashqn6/3/17

We’ll eagerly sit and watch a good movie- for 2 hrs or perhaps even 3

But church for more than an hour? – really?? um…are you kidding me?

We’ll spend time at another ballgame-even in the hottest part of day

But think even 5 to 10 minutes- is quite an awfully long time to pray

We’ll yell and cheer at a racing event; hoop & holler without blinking an eye

But become extremely uncomfortable if someone in church starts to cry

We’ll stay seated at a table in a restaurant– long after the food is all gone

But complain if the new choir director –adds on yet another praise song

We’ll gladly pick a friend up –to go with us and shop at the mall

But if a person with no car needs a ride, is there someone else they could call?

Our religious belief is personal don’t even ASK us to share

But if I call you to gossip will you listen like you really do care

We’ll go to the ocean for hours; to enjoy sun and to work on our tan

but listen to an extra sermon midweek?? No thanks , I’m bored by that man

Go out on the boat before sunrise? oohhh yes ! that sounds like great fun !

Get up early on Sunday for church? After the week of work that I’ve done?

We’ll read the latest bestseller ; then recommend it to all that we see

But mention our favorite bible verse? not my style ; it’s just really not ‘me’

I’m too shy to speak of the Bible; rejection or shame I might face

But let a store clerk be less than cheerful; and I’ll put them right in their place !

So many examples to use; to show what our priorities have become

Focusing on gifts of God daily; but barely spending time with His Son

ALL of us are guilty and it’s easy; to spend time on the things that won’t last

Would we do the same, I wonder, if we remembered how quick life can pass?

Would we take our eyes off our phones? Spend more quality time with a friend

If we truly understood in each moment– how soon all our pleasures could end?

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4 Responses to Something Seems Wrong

  1. Janet says:

    So True. Too bad we don’t get it until we’re older or maybe never, The beautiful sermons today, Bibe Studing, so many ministries in the Church today, our young people have n excuse, And some older people.. But we can’t give up on God;God’s people.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Elizabeth was very active in her church, but is no physically able to participate. She does remain a member and (I believe) still tithes, as well as a good bit of prayer.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Mankind is not generally known for its emotional, intellectual or spiritual depth. The path of least resistance is our road map.

  4. Tammy says:


    I believe the Lord has a tender spot and special blessings for those who WANT to participate but can’t. God bless Elizabeth , and you too….

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