Some Truth About Amnesty

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In my previous piece, I laid out why amnesty would be suicide for the Republican Party. With this and future pieces, I will rebut the claims that “immigration reform,” aka “amnesty,” would be good for the country as well as the lie that Americans demand to have the problem solved now.

For years, various groups have told Americans that the immediate legalization of the millions of unlawful aliens in our country would be not only good, but vital for the future of the nation. These proponents of “immigration reform,” aka “amnesty,” have tried to justify their radical proposals by mouthing pious platitudes such as “we need to take illegal immigrants out of the shadows” or  “we cannot have second class citizens” or “America is also responsible as we haven’t enforced the immigration laws properly” etc, etc. ad nauseum.

If you disagree with the amnesty crowd you are subjected to a number of slurs including that of being a racist. This tactic is commonly used by those who do not wish an honest and open discussion of the policies they support. Such ploys do not bother me and I intend to inject some facts into the discussion.

Consider the above-mentioned excuses/accusations leveled by the pro-amnesty crowd:

“In the shadows” — Have the people who mouthed that never driven by a home improvement center, equipment rental yard, or many other work places at seven or eight in the morning? On any given day, there are plenty of illegal aliens who are openly looking for work. Not only do they not hide, they have become pickier about the work they will and won’t do, thus extending their time in the light. Their children go to public schools paid for by citizens and legal residents.  They don’t seem to be hiding very well.

“Second class citizens” — They are not U.S. citizens in any sense, legal or otherwise.

“The American people are to blame because successive governments have refused to enforce the law of the land”— Try that argument the next time you are stopped by a cop for speeding. “Officer, you didn’t stop the others who were speeding, therefore you are to blame that I am speeding”. See how far that gets you.

We are told we need amnesty to stimulate the economy. But is there really a shortage of Americans for the jobs out there? According to the Economic Policy Institute, “the number of unemployed far outstrips the available job openings in the USA for averages of the months from December 2011 to November 2012.”

This only confirms what Americans already know. The country is going through a tough spell and millions of American citizens are looking for work. What about employing more Americans? Might that stimulate the economy while helping to cut the budget deficit, while at the same time giving millions of unemployed Americans the satisfaction of supporting themselves and their families?

Given the present situation, what do Americans think about the effects of illegal immigration on jobs?

  • 66% vs. 22% believe that more immigrant workers would make it harder for unemployed Americans to find a job. (National Survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, June 17, 2013)
  • 56% vs. 25% believe less educated workers compete with less educated American for construction, hospitality and other service jobs. (National Survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research June 17, 2013)
  • 73% vs. 14% believe there are plenty of unemployed less-educated Americans to fill jobs here. (National Survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, June 17 2013)
  • 83% vs. 11% agree that businesses should try harder to recruit Black and Hispanic Americans, younger Americans and Americans with disabilities before seeking new foreign workers. (National Survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, June 17, 2013.)

When the question of policy arises, what do Americans want to be done first?

  • 84% of voters favor stricter border security to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and fewer than 13% oppose stricter border security.  (Fox News Poll March 4, 2013)
  • 92% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats favor stricter border security. (Fox News Poll March 4, 2013)
  • 69% vs. 25% voters favor requiring completion of new border security measures before making other changes to immigration policy. 81% of Republican, 62% of Democrats, 60% of Independents. (Fox News Poll March 4, 2013)
  • 58% vs. 32% of respondents favor full enforcement of border and workplace controls before considering issuing work permits to 11 million illegal aliens. (National Survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, June 17, 2013)

Americans’ priority seems to be pretty clear. Secure the border!! Perhaps that is something our representatives should do. • (1102 views)

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9 Responses to Some Truth About Amnesty

  1. Kurt NY says:

    Yeah, that argument that legalizing will result in increased economic activity befuddles me as well. The illegals have the jobs they do for the most part because their employers don’t want to pay for FICA, etc, so sure, once legalized their employers are going to give ’em all raises and pay all taxes, etc (7.65% FICA, maybe 9.9% SUTA, .8% FUTA, .0034 MTA Tax, Workers Comp premiums on their real compensation, etc). So the odds are either they stay off the books (what increase in GDP?) or enter the overt job market and compete for what jobs already exist there with the 10%+ already unemployed in that demographic, which would leave the jobs they left to be filled by even more illegal immigrants who we will have to legalize in another couple decades.

    Heck, even the official estimates say the measure will lower average hourly wages. This all just seems a case of “I want to do this, so let’s just make some stuff up to make me look good”.

  2. LibertyMark says:

    Facts are indeed stubborn things. Unfortunately, arguing with Progressives is not about facts; it is about agenda and therefore propaganda. Hence the buzz phrases like “in the shadows”.

    We Conservatives tend to engage at the truth and fact level, when those we are arguing with do not have ears to hear what we are saying. For example, I recall arguing with a Lib during the debates leading up to the passage of O-Care. He threw out that wonderful propaganda he had learned so well: “We are the only first-world country that has not implemented universal healthcare.” What does that even mean?

    Is it possible for us to win the argument on facts? That is the question.

    In the meantime, to engage in a bumper-sticker-ism, here is an aphorism that resonates for me: “Progressives – plundering the worth of your citizenship one amnesty at a time.”

    • Kung Fu Zu says:

      Unfortunately Mark, I don’t see any other option. The country has been dumbed-down to such a degree that any time a conservative speaks to a liberal, he is educating the liberal.

  3. NC citizen says:

    After reading your article, it makes me wonder how the liberal minded can actually believe all their lies and how our politicians on both sides can see the results of polls such as the ones you quote and continue to fight each other. Neither party is serving their constituents.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The key reason for the legalization of illegal aliens (especially combined with no more than a pretense of securing the border) is to “grow the economy” — or at least those portions representing the illegal immigrants and their would-be employers. For the rest of us, the results are unfortunate — but the Beltway Bandits only listen to the immigrant lobbyists and the cheap labor lobbyists.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I think the key to understanding this it that both parties are serving certain special constituents within the both parties, to wit, the politicians themselves. The actual well being of the largest number of Americans is of little moment to these scoundrels.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The politicians, the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, and those interests (crony capitalists and government employee unions, for example) that these groups represent. These are the ruling class who use the increased power of government to exploit the rest of us.

  4. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    No matter what happens to Trump. He took the muzzle off the American psyche and started a vital conversation about immigration.

    This is why that is so important:

    Latest Survey Finds 25% of French Teenagers Are Muslims

    This is from a PJ Media article.

    And just for fun, I will include a link to another story which highlights the brilliance of our secular open-border leaders.

    All one has to do is look at California to see an even worse result.

    As I have mentioned in the past, I served as a substitute teacher for some years in a very good school district.

    Some people who had nothing to do with teaching wanted to know how students of various ethnic backgrounds did. There was no question that those of “Hispanic” extraction were the worst students. Interestingly,the best were those from the Sub-continent, i.e. Indians.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      And people fail to realize the long-term implications of this Islamization. If a quarter of the teenagers are Muslim now, in a few decades (when they continue to have children, unlike the native French) it will be a majority — and eventually the reversal of the legacy of Charles Martel. The Camp of the Saints should be required reading.

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