Some Came Running

SomeCameRunningSuggested by Brad Nelson • Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin star in this powerful drama about the challenges facing a veteran when he returns home to deal with family secrets and town scandals.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This is 137 minutes of drama. I should have been bored. I wasn’t. Frank Sinatra has been in his share of mediocre movies where, I guess, it’s the novelty of a famous singer playing as an actor that is much of the draw.

    The story wanders a bit here and there. And wandering along with Frank as he returns to his home town and begins scandalizing wherever he goes is Shirley MacLaine as the approachable and cute somewhat lower-class woman and Dean Martin who plays the gambler who has no central role in this movie other than being Dean Martin.

    Arthur Kennedy (you may know him as the report in Lawrence of Arabia) is terrific as Frank’s more settled and respectable brother. His wife, Agnes, despises Frank and this creates all sorts of problems.

    Sinatra is generally good in this role. He’s obviously a rough man but looking for something better. And the way he sometimes talks to Shirley MacLaine’s character — well, that’s what you could do back in 1958. Sinatra’s Dave Hirsh has an exceptionally acid tongue at times. But MacLaine just keeps coming back for more.

    And I’m surprised I did. MacLaine is a liberal nut off-stage. But in this movie she’s young, pretty, vivacious, and charming. She’s downright cute as a button in a sort of loose-woman way. This is one of her best roles.

    And that’s what makes this movie worth watching. There’s nothing particularly new or exciting about the plot. But the charactera, and much of the dialogue, are interesting. Nancy Gates as the lonely secretary who temps her boss (well, vice versa, I suppose) is a small part but a good one. Martha Hyer as the intellectual Gwen French falls for Frank and then doesn’t fall…and then kinda-sorta really is in love but tells herself she’s the wrong kind of man for him. He’s hot. She’s cool…even seems frigid. But it’s a nice character, well-acted.

    The most amazing thing about this movie is that I didn’t turn it off when I first saw Shirley MacLaine.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Shirley MacLaine is a ditz, but that doesn’t make her a bad actress, or her movies unwatchable. It’s hardly a rare condition in Hollywood (though I will note that the Daily Caller has a slideshow of Republican celebrities, and it wasn’t exactly all inclusive).

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