Socialism Makes a House Call

SocialismThumbby Brad Nelson  10/29/13
A guy called my office a couple days ago. His tone was a bit odd and condescending. But in this economy, you can’t be too picky. The fellow said he had a logo and business card design that he needed help with. In an odd way, he was subtly confrontational when there was no need to be. I just put it down to his nerves.

The brief telephone conversation with him seemed odd, but then the world is full of odd people which is not odd at all if you consider. So I told him to come to my office at his convenience and we’d talk about his project.

He did and we did. He seemed a nice enough fellow. He had an accent and he told me he was from Austria. Nice. I told him that I was basically a German so we had that in common. I was just making small talk.

But somehow the conversation turned to politics. I don’t remember how it started or who started it, although I doubt it was me. I usually will finish gladly, but not lead into it, especially when it comes to clients or potential clients.

Anyway, long story short, we talked for about twenty minutes or so and the talk slowly escalated. And I admit to escalating it because of all the anti-capitalist, pro-socialist nonsense coming out of his mouth. At first I patiently was refuting his socialist shtick point-by-point by giving the positive rationale for America’s system of government and for freedom itself. Hey, if you like socialism (and it can’t ever last), then fine. But America is based upon a higher premise than having a nanny take care of you into adulthood.

The guy kept spouting more and more socialist nonsense while also saying that he wasn’t a socialist. This kind of inherent dishonesty is typical of the Left. They don’t want to be pinned down. This fellow (I’m guessing he was in his 30’s) told me how wonderful it was in Austria because everything was free, including health care, retirement, etc.

Well, I told him that nothing was free and that what he saw as “free” was simply an artificial bubble being created in Europe, supported by debt and the importation of non-Europeans to (in the words of Mark Steyn) be the children that Europeans themselves weren’t having because of the evisceration of the people caused by all this socialism. It is the only way the pyramid scheme of socialism has any chance of not collapsing. I told him that Europe is, in fact, dying and that what is “unsustainable” is not freedom and the free market but socialism.

I informed this fellow that I was very upset about Obamacare and other socialist intrusions into our lives. (He seemed to think it the worst thing in the world to show anger.) I said that it was not good or just to take over an entire segment of the economy under the guise that some people didn’t have health care, especially when that system was being replaced by something worse.  I told him that America was founded upon the idea of freedom, not having the government take care of you. And this is when the conversation started to heat up, and I’ll admit that I added most of the flame because one thing I won’t do is sit quietly while someone spouts complete nonsense.

I was told to prove how I was any more free than in Europe. Well, I told him that as the state grew, that means they made more of the decisions and kept more of my money. I’d rather make my own choices. That is what freedom is all about. The guy was trying hard to justify his sponge status but it wasn’t working.

And then, as any good socialist/Leftist, he then went into a diatribe about the American Indians and how they weren’t free. It really seemed to bug him when I said that America was based upon freedom. And the next five minutes or so were spent in refuting his stream of vapid Leftist talking points. And at some point I had had enough. I tried to shake his hand (he refused) but told him I wouldn’t do any work for him and to leave my office.

But what really struck me, and I didn’t say it at the time, was the thought that if things were so damn good in Austria, why did he move to America? He impressed me as the typical drifter. In fact, after leaving my office I had to air it out a for while. It stunk a bit. He was a bit Bohemian in more ways than one.

What I gleaned from this conversation is not just that I don’t suffer fools gladly. I already knew that. But I was impressed again by the fact the socialism is the creed of the leach and the sponge. It is the dogma of secular redemption for those who want others to pay for their “free stuff.” It’s the religion for those who never want to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. And they spout a bunch of well-rehearsed cliches (care for the environment, care for the poor, etc.) to cover their own deceit and their own bad motives.

This really is what animates me to do this site. Let’s just say the God has given me the gift to understand the true evil of socialism and to see through the con of “good intentions” and professed “care for the disadvantaged.” Much of our own youth have been poisoned by this socialist outlook and there are many “useful idiots” out there who have bought into the “we care” con. No, they don’t care.

We as a country have failed miserably in our obligations to liberty by voting in a Marxist president — twice — and his many accomplices in various offices and of both parties. Too many of our supposed adults have turned a blind eye to socialism, some even denying that it exits. Well, it does exist and it is a poison to the human soul.

And, good god, you see just how souless these socialist types are. Not only are they walking, talking sponges but their one and only measure of life is a completely narcissitic concern for their own bodies. Austria wasn’t great because it was free. It was great, in his opinion, because it was “free” and because, in his exact words, the food tasted good. There was no sense of any nobler purpose for his life or life itself. It was all about creature comforts. Yet think about the true heroes and great souls through the ages who have suffered enormously in order to do good things. There is surely more to our lives than “this crude matter,” as Master Yoda would say.

But for the secular-socialist, they have no thought more noble in their heads than would a billy goat, although they try to convince themselves and others that they are more than baskets of shallow, unthinking narcissism by spouting their self-serving, self-righteous, cliches about “saving the planet” or professing care for the downtrodden. But it’s all an act. It’s all a deception.

Socialism isn’t just misguided, although it can do that too. It’s evil. I’ve seen what it does to people. History has recorded well what it has done to people. Will we learn this lesson? Who will stand up and look socialism in the eye and call it what it is? Well, I damn sure will, and have. • (1655 views)

Brad Nelson

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I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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  1. Glenn Fairman Glenn Fairman says:

    What a brute you were to attempt restoring the sight of a man who had willfully gouged out his own eyes……

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I admit, Glenn, that a better man than myself would have handled it better. But I don’t do good with deceit. And this leftist-secular-progressive viewpoint is a dishonest one.

      “We are all sinners” is a line that “Progressives” should repeat over and over and over to themselves. And I don’t mean environment crimes. I don’t mean past issues with slavery of Indians. I mean that people really need to take that better-than-thou attitude and tone it down.

      Leftism is a religion. In fact, it’s more of a cult. It’s a cult of people who think they are the nicest, most tolerant people on the planet. Their egos are gushing full. And that fullness does not allow for much of reality to leak in. Life is complicated. Utopia and perfectionism are destructive ends unless you’re in a clean room making microprocessors.

      But real life is more complicated than just assuming that government is good, private enterprise is bad, and that “free stuff” is one’s due. I wasn’t brought up that way. I was brought up to have to earn what I got. And that’s the American way. There’s certainly a place for charity. But the system we have now in this country is not charity. It’s all for the benefit of the leaches and those who gain political advantage by handing out the “free stuff.”

      And I won’t just spank Christians when it comes to this but, oh, if only we were indeed a Christian Nation. But most Christians have bought into Big Government by calling it “social justice” or some such malarkey. Thou shall not steal? Thou shall not covet? If you want to eat, you must work? Those things are forgotten.

      We are a pseudo-compassionate society. We spend money that is not ours and say “What a good boy am I.” We ring up debt, bust things that aren’t broken, and declare in narcissistic (if not demonic) glee that we have “fundamentally transformed” society.

      Well, I’m tired of it. People need to stand up and get their heads screwed on straight. If you want to help other people then help other people. But empowering socialism via government isn’t helping. It’s just passing off one’s own responsibilities. We’re becoming the “I gave at the office” society, only now it’s “I gave to the government.”

      This socialist guy even said that he liked America because people were so friendly, unlike so much of Europe. And I told him you could thank socialism for that. As Dennis Prager rightly points out, when everyone figures the government is going to take care of everyone, you don’t have to care about your fellow man. And that’s precisely what is happening and you can expect more of that here in America.

      I probably could have been kinder to this guy. But maybe what he needed was a bucket of cold water splashed on his conceits. I don’t know. But what I do know is that more people need to get into the face of these socialists and hang the great destruction they cause around their necks. Do not let them get away with all this “compassionate” bullcrap. They are not.


        I found this a fascinating story. Most of the time when we think of the destructive effects of socialism, it’s the devastation it wreaks on the economy that first comes to mind, but this reminds us of the way socialism corrodes the soul. What should be free and self-reliant people with the ambition to make more of themselves are turned into dependents hooked on the material things “given” them by politicians and full of the envious desire to take more from others.

        Also, you’re absolutely right about the corruption of Christians who have taken up the “social justice” banner. I think of the Catholic Bishops, who were all in favor of Obamacare’s individual and business mandates because they favor “universal coverage”, and then discovered too late that a government powerful enough to compel businesses to provide insurance they can’t afford is powerful enough to compel churches to violate their teachings.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Well, one can hope that they’ve learned their full lesson from the experience. But, as Clarence Darrow pointed out to Judge Ralston, hope is a thin reed on which to rely.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Ditto, Nahalkides. And thanks. I could have been friendlier to the fellow, I suppose. But I also got a glimpse into the latent alienation that tends to accompany socialists. They look, look, look to purely physical things for some kind of transcendent meaning and they always come back to looking ridiculously small and pathetic.

          But one can sympathize somewhat if only in the understanding that the Left has torn their world asunder, has taught them that everything that is good is bad, and weighed them down with guilt and self-hate. This I saw underneath the “friendly fascist” exterior of “care for the planet,” “care for the poor,” etc.

          I was the “bad cop” on that day. But yutes like that also need a good cop to show them the way out of the shallow stew of “Progressivism” and toward an attitude to existence that has more meat on it and that is less downright shallow and silly.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    A lot of people have very incorrect ideas about the Indians. One story I read in an alternate history anthology started with the premise that the Indians had driven the white man out, but allowed him to keep Manhattan because that had actually been purchased. People don’t realize that a lot of land was bought from the Indians (for example, Roger Williams made a rule of doing that in Rhode Island), and some other land was acquired in wars started by the Indians. But some people don’t want to be aware of such things . One former letter-writer to FOSFAX, when I pointed out that there were atrocities by both sides, bristled at the idea that the Indians could be accused of atrocities.

    • Kurt NY says:

      The ancestors of those who now call themselves French, British, German, Russian, or whatever conquered and dispossessed peoples who were there before them, as those people did to those occupying the same land when their ancestors came on the scene. Aztecs conquered and displaced peoples in Mesoamerica, as did others. In fact, there are very few major nations existing today whose current cultures are built on lands not conquered from previous occupants. But somehow the American Indians possess a particular virtue raising their victimhood above all the others? Of is this really just another anti-American talking point? At some point, such self-flagellation is just another form of pious posing.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The Sioux originally came from North Carolina, according to one book I read. They were driven west, and eventually reached places where the existing tribes were worse armed, and proceeded to take over everything from Minnesota through the Montana plains. So the “sacred” Black Hills hadn’t been sacred to them for very long when the “long knives” drove them out.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Great points, Kurt.

  3. Glenn Fairman Glenn Fairman says:

    When all you have is a Progressive Hammer, the whole world looks like a counter-revolutionary nail………in fact, Whittaker Chambers in “Witness” has a conversation with General Krvitzky after both men had bolted from the communist underground. The latter states that history is composed of two archetypes: the revolutionary and the counter-revolutionary, Typically, the revolutionary has the momentum of his “faith” as inertia. The conservative/counter-revolutionary, in turn, is weaker because he is trying to forestall the destruction of himself and of the things he loves. The Communist/Progressive/liberal concerns himself with only destruction and has only a vague idea of what must fill the vacuum. This is why revolutions are so often pathological and lead us to a worse state of affairs….the American vintage being the extraordinary exception. The key to retaking the culture is amassing the great amorphous tide of moral authority that resides within those various camps of conservatism and marshal them to fight the utopian lie.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Rush had some very good comments today. He noted just how uninformed people are these days, probably as never before in our history. Most of us here understand that, but it’s nice to hear someone else say it.

      And what are the Leftists revolting against? Again, Rush said it best, the supposed horrible inequalities created by capitalism. But I’ve never taken that motive at face value. It is simply a code word for the Leftist leaders desire to gain power (and once in power, their principles can change on a dime, showing you that power is often their one and only goal). And “solving inequalities” is also a code word for just being a leach or a sponge. You have both of those ends involved in dubious activities under nice-sounding motives.

      The question remains, who will call it like it is? Who will point out the bad faith intentions of the Left and “Progressives”? Yes, one can argue there is a sort of middle “useful idiots” group who buy the propaganda but otherwise are not sponges or hungry for power. But they are the enablers of both groups because they just don’t get it.

      We’re not going to change the minds of the sponges (there will always be those who want something for nothing) or the power hungry sociopaths. But perhaps that middle group of useful idiots can come to understand that they’ve been sold a bill of goods. Right now we need as many counter-revolutionaries as we can get. And everyone is scratching their heads about how to reach people who have been propagandized into statism.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The inherent flaw in democracy is that it really doesn’t pay for most people to pay serious attention to politics, because their chance of personally determining the outcome of any election is extremely small. Those of us who pay attention here, for example, are doing so because the subject interests us (perhaps even obsesses us in some cases). Those who have the resources to influence plenty of other people have good reason to want to influence them correctly (and some do), but for most people all they have is a single vote (which almost never is the margin of victory) and a tiny handful of money (or labor) to contribute to candidates. So it makes good personal sense not to pay attention — but the effect on society of most people paying little attention and then going out to vote anyway is very negative. (And if they left the voting to those who do pay attention, most of those would be the self-interested.)

  4. Ted Trask says:

    I had a similar talk the last few days with a socialist about guns. He is all for the US taking away our guns, and said the second amendment was outdated. He also said our Forefathers never meant for regular citizens to have guns. After a day of debating, I realized it was no good. Every bit of proof put before him was simply dismissed even though facts were used. Some people know they are not telling the truth, but they feel if they just deny facts enough they will go away.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Ditto. That’s been my experience as well, Ted. And it’s a pleasure and a privilege to see you here on the site. I don’t get to Facebook much these days. The site takes most of my free time, and gladly so. Feel free to just hang around or contribute an article or a shorter “blog” post if you’d like.

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