Snowbound, With an Epiphany

by Anniel1/30/17
Anchorage finally has enough snow to talk about, and maybe even to brag about. Our resident moose stands in the woods not moving through the deep snow, merely watching whenever people go by. Out front our mailbox looks like an untrimmed hedgehog.

Did you know that snow sky at night in Alaska is pink? Well, a dark rosy, sort of pinkish color that seems like a reflection of mercury vapor lamps, and I do wonder how many new-comers think that’s what they’re seeing. But to find out if it’s snowing at night I simply reach up from bed, lift the edge of the blinds and see what color the sky is.

The thing I find really beautiful here is the thick hoar frost coating everything. I have been watching it build up again, and then the snow falls on top of the frost. If we decide to move away I will miss such beauty. But we are getting older and snow and icy conditions need to be considered when counting how much beauty costs. Life does seem to consist of trade-offs.

I know folks Outside (remember, that’s anyplace that isn’t Alaska) who would be astounded how beautiful frost and snow can be. After the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964 I walked a few blocks to check on my brother and his family. It was very dark and it began snowing lots of big fat flakes so the damage from the Quake wasn’t so visible, and I started to cry. Then two lines of a crazy poem popped into my mind: Oh the snow, the beautiful snow – It falls on a sinner with no place to go.

That’s also how melancholy I have been feeling lately as I try to come to terms with the ugliness of the society we live in. There seems to be nowhere to go. I hope the snow will cover the wounds and filth inflicted on our earth, so it’s beauty can help heal traumatized souls.

The women’s idiocy around us in their recent march may be astounding in its depravity, especially when you see the children being debauched by it, seemingly to their mothers’ delight, and some of the equally delighted wussified fathers, too.

The knowledge necessary for the growth of a civilized people seems to be lost, or aborted, before it can be born. Unfortunately there are people who will never notice its absence. Maybe this has always been so.

Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactness knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction [or understanding of that knowledge] for argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people who cannot be instructed.Aristotle

“. . . people who CANNOT be instructed.” So it would appear that human nature does not change. We need to keep up the good fight for the minds and souls of our brothers and sisters, because some of them MAY be instructed, even though the task is hard.

• * * * * * * {Photo Credits above by Cate}

This is where, while thinking about snow and society, my epiphany struck like lightning.

Have you ever have one of those moments when all at once, everything clicked into place and you understood clearly what was going on around you? I have been trying to find an exact name for what ails society and culture in our day and now I know. It is called Predatory Compassion and it infects liberalism in all its guises.

Think about those two words: Predatory. Actions of a predator against a victim. Stalking with intent to harm, yet the predator is disguised in a mask oozing compassion for his or her victims. Compassion is defined as feeling pity for the pain or suffering of another. It can also be one of those “near enemies” we fail to recognize. The harm the predator and compassion together bring may last for generations, as in the “Great Society.”

War on Poverty. So let’s start with LBJ and that “War on Poverty.” After the assassination of JFK it was easy for his unscrupulous successor , Lyndon Baines Johnson, to lead a stunned nation into the phony War on Poverty, a never-ending drain on people and resources. LBJ even bragged that with this program he’d have the “n – – – ers” voting for democrats forever.

Any honest observer today knows that welfare programs have grown like Topsy since LBJ’s days, and have decimated black families, forcing them into dreary public housing, gangs, drugs and fatherless families.

Calls for welfare reform have been unsuccessful for many reasons, including loss of individual dignity and self respect, failed education systems, hopelessness, indeed, helplessness. Many black youth despise their chances for education, feeling that only those with “white privilege” count.

If they try to change, they face being an “Uncle Tom”, or worse, to their own families and neighbors. Almost no one is willing to risk this.

Affirmative Action is one of those programs that will haunt many very intelligent black youths for their entire careers. Many of them cannot perform up to expectations and they are not given respect for their strengths as they try to attend colleges and universities beyond their competence at the time they are attending.

But if those same students had been shown more respect they could have attended local community colleges with more hope of succeeding before again moving forward in their chosen fields.

And what of the unfairness shown to whites, Asians, and yes, blacks, who have studied and ARE prepared to succeed? Do they no longer have any hope in their chosen fields of endeavor? Lack of even a pretense of compassion towards them. The victims of affirmative action always have what Daniel Patrick Moynahin called “the soft bigotry of low expectations” hanging over them.

Common Core Education is a terrible trap that deters even the very brightest of students, white, black, Latino, Asian. It destroys everyone it touches, dumbing each person down to the lowest common denominator, and actively teaches that whites have to give up their so-called “privilege.” High unemployment rates, especially among teens give no motivation to do better, but the powers that be have so much “compassion” for them.

And in the name of compassion blacks are made to feel like failures in whatever they try.

The Affordable Care Act. If there was ever a case of Predatory Compassion, this is it. The Act has nothing to do with medical care, and everything to do with control, dressed up as compassion. Think about Gruber laughing about how easy it was to tell the stupid voters just how stupid they were, that Obamacare was deliberately designed to fail. Or Pelosi telling everyone we’d have to read the law to find out what was in it, while carrying her honking big gavel. Oh, but they had so much compassion for the uninsured, blah, blah, blah . . .

Secretary, Department of the Interior. A few years ago, Sally Jewell, Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, made a trip to Alaska. She spoke to the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), apparently offering them the moon and sixpence , but then refused permission for construction of an 11 mile gravel road for medical emergency use between King Cove to Cold Bay along the edge of, but not IN, the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

When she left Alaska, before her decision on the road was announced, members of the AFN gave her what gifts they could afford, including some canned smoked salmon. She returned to D. C. and let her disgust with the gifts be known. She wrinkled her nose and said she had to throw the salmon away. The people of the AFN were, quite understandably, upset by her behavior. She did the requisite, “I was misquoted,” “That’s not who I am,” schtik. She also claimed that as a Department head she was not “allowed to accept gifts”, so she turned every gift over to the IG, who threw the salmon out.

She, as an individual, is an example of a hard core practitioner of predatory compassion. “My hands are tied by this law that harms your community. But I love you so much and have so much compassion for your plight. How about a new evacuation boat or plane [both of which are unusable in stormy conditions] to take care of your needs? See what a good person I am? (Now take your smelly bodies away and leave me alone.)”

Which brings up another point about the idea of compassion. Sallie Jewell is totally UNinterested in the plight of the natives she professes to have such compassion for. If she were DISinterested she would have no vested interest of her own, nothing to personally gain, and be able to remove her political interests from her decisions.

Planned Parenthood, Abortion Rights [Roe vs. Wade] ). I saw a photo this morning of a father telling his young son to, “Look son, there’s a shouting purple haired woman dressed up as a giant vagina here to show us the dignity of human beings.” At the end of the day the “sacrament” of Abortion is a right never to be interfered with.

This is one of the most Predatory Compassion programs going because it is also one of the most racist. Blacks have been singled out for Abortion services. Margaret Sanger was a Eugenics proponent who made no bones about exterminating blacks, but she is now a heroine to the blacks who are kept on the plantation by abortion and compassion.

Where was the MSM coverage of the Right-To-Life Marchers? No kind of compassion shown there.

Sanctuary Cities These cities allow their own citizens to be terrorized, raped and murdered within their borders by people who are here illegally in contravention of immigration laws and they now have more rights and assistance from taxpayers than actual citizens do. And the City Officials are in open defiance of Federal law, all in the name of phony compassion for the illegals. And many of them will not back down no matter how vile the crimes are.

Follow the evidence of your own eyes and hearts and you will see Predatory Compassion at work in everything the left does, from wide open borders to charges of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, the war on women, and all that the baskets of deplorables stand charged with.

Such Predatory Compassion is the true scourge of leftists everywhere as traitors continue to try and make fundamental changes to our country and the patriotic constitutional safeguards erected by our great Founding Fathers.

God Bless the USA and all who possess real compassion for their fellow citizens and who are willing to stand firm for liberty. • (1324 views)

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53 Responses to Snowbound, With an Epiphany

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Predatory Compassion

    By Jove! I think you’ve got it! An excellent term.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    C. S. Lewis made a similar point: that a tyranny based on “good intentions” is the most persistent tyranny. Greed for money and power-lust may flag, but those who act “for your own good” never do, having short-circuited their consciences.

    Snow can be very pretty. Of course, it depends on how much there is, and how much you have to deal with it.

  3. Anniel says:

    I have to laugh about the snowplow driver, the postman, our daughter and our grandson, who insists on bringing in the mail, all of whom apparently wanted to see how deep the snow would pile up before falling. It finally fell a few days ago. Now I’m looking at one of our larch trees that looks like its got tons to dump. We shall see.
    The resident moose finally made it up to the door. Probably wanted in.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      During one of our heavier snowfalls some years ago, we had a very large tree branch fall on our roof. Fortunately, the snow on the roof cushioned the blow, so the damage wasn’t bad (mainly to the gutter). It did make access to the front door (this was back when neither of us had any problems with the front steps) difficult until we cleared away the brush. (This gives you some idea of how big that branch was.)

  4. Anniel says:

    I have heard that several people in different states have been killed this year because of heavy snows on porches and barns. But that snow we were never supposed to see again follows Algoreleone in all his travels.

    • Rosalys says:

      They’ve actually given it a name, the Gore Effect.

      Great article, Annie. I thought it was going to be about snow, and I myself, as you seem to be, am a great lover of snow. Well it’s about much more than snow, and it’s still a great article. Predatory Compassion is a perfect, descriptive phrase for what the left has been has been foisting upon us for way too long. Government can’t have compassion, only people can; it’s a human emotion. Anyone who needs to have the government be compassionate for them is lazy, stingy, and probably a thief.

      “…though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…”

      • Anniel says:


        Thanks. Great thing to point out that Government can’t have compassion, only people can. Compassion humanizes us.

        I was reading an account of bible translation where some missionaries went to a tropical island where, of course, no one had ever seen snow. When they tried to figure out how they could translate “white as snow” the best they could think of was ” white as a cockatoos feather.”

        Then they got to the foolish man building his house on the sand and
        the wise man on the rock. The whole island was sand and the houses were built on stilts. The translators finally settled on the foolish man using “soft” wood and the wise man “hard” wood.

        I have to admit a desire to read a reverse translation back into English.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Another problem of Biblical teaching in unusual places that I’ve read about came when they tried to teach Eskimos about Hell as envisioned by Christians — i.e., a very hot place. The Eskimos couldn’t imagine any amount of heat being a bad thing. It’s no accident that the Norse hell (Niflheim) was very cold, not very hot. (And people in the tropics would probably see no problem with that.)

  5. Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman says:

    Brilliant. I’d add that Keynesian debt is another example where long term harm is justified in the name of short term compassion. This applies to the third world poverty industry as well, which has grown so large and lucrative I call it the International Development Complex.

    My epifanies often come when outdoors immersed in nature. Not only are things clearer there with less distraction, I find inspiration from nature itself. Even three feet of snow! Thank you.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Actually, Keynesian economics wasn’t originally justified in terms of compassion (though Keynes may have thought that was an advantage). The goal was a stable economy, gained by running a budget deficit in hard times and a budget surplus in good times. That last part tends to be forgotten. Keynes’s crucial flaw was that he believed budget deficits and surpluses were the sole engines of the economy. Note that he criticized the New Deal for its hyper-regulation of business — not because regulation was bad, but because it hurt businesses struggling to grow.

  6. Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman says:

    Agree with your clarification. It was a shot at “Keynesian debt” … not the entirety of his economic theories. And it’s leftists who have distorted things and who I have in mind.

    At the risk of drawing the ire of some, I recognize many benefits to government spending. Like all things, it’s a matter of degree.

    But no arguing that compassion is the driver of most government spending today. With respect to Global Warming, they literally claim to be saving us from ourselves.

    • Anniel says:


      The debt ought to scare everyone, and that’s said with real compassion.
      And Global Warming, how does anyone as. . I hate th term ugly. . . how does anyone as ugly and stupid as Bill Nye speak and people listen?

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I think looking like a geek is a feature, not a bug.

        But, seriously, it’s funny how a kind and gentle soul can flush any features with a bit a beauty. Conversely, the hard-bitten worm tends to exacerbate what might already be none-too-pleasing features.

        I read a short report of a scientific man who went atheist. As David Klinghoffer said, it’s the natural playing out of Darwinian beliefs. It’s all an accident. Nothing intrinsically has any meaning or purpose.

        There is no doubt in my mind that ugly ideas make people uglier. Look at Chris Matthews, for example, a guy who years ago had guest-hosted Rush Limbaugh’s show. The dogma of the Left can’t help but shrink and embitter a person, which is perhaps the biggest reason they are such assholes. Unhappy people tend to want to spread their unhappiness, particularly when vexed by a doctrine that says that they *should* be happy because, after all, they’re the good guys.

        This is one reason I don’t want this site to become little more than an airing of grievances. We have to be careful not to become shrunken skulls ourselves.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          I read a short report of a scientific man who went atheist. As David Klinghoffer said, it’s the natural playing out of Darwinian beliefs. It’s all an accident. Nothing intrinsically has any meaning or purpose.

          I have long believed that people like the ex-Christian mentioned by Klinghoffer, are pissed off at Christianity for letting them down. They so wanted it to be true, but since they can no longer believe it to be so, they have to vent their rage at Christianity and Christians. One can’t help but believe the guy has something of a fanatical strain in him.

          Such people become the best anti-Christian evangelists; something like smokers who have stopped smoking and preach the Gospel of non-smoking to others. Zealots.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Your explanation sounds quite plausible. My own thought was that he was just caving to his tribe. If you’re a scientist these days, you’re generally going to get grief for having religious beliefs.

            • Anniel says:

              But Nye isn’t any kind of scientist, he just plays one on TV. When I heard that I was astounded. I mean, to toot your own horn with a lie, and to threaten others, some of them highly credentialed, with jail because they don’t believe what you do, because you’re a “science guy?” That’s partly why I was shocked to finally see what he looked like. I thought he would have SOMETHING to recommend him.

              • Anniel says:

                I should have said CLIMATE scientist here, that is why he doesn’t have the right to pretend he does and threaten to jail Judith Curry for instance. She has now cut loose from her university to have greater freedom to speak freely about her field.

              • Timothy Lane says:

                Even if he were a climate scientist, he still wouldn’t have the right to call for her to be jailed for her heresy. That’s the behavior of the Inquisition, not Galileo.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That’s an interesting quote by Aristotle. Let’s agree on two things:

    1) Two people with generally the same facts can reach different conclusions or prefer different actions or policies. But they can still theoretically understand where the other is coming from.

    2) For the above to be meaningful, even if not congenial, it requires a common language.

    What I find interesting is that, post-Americanism, we lack a common language…even amongst and between many supposed conservatives. And I find the first impulse of the permanently befuddled is to try to dispense with labels altogether.

    We may not, for instance, agree on Trump (although there are some recent things I am in total agreement on). But, god willing, we can make our points known (although I think Trump will contribute to the general befuddlement in the long run).

    One could say that Leftists/liberals/Progressives have a common language amongst themselves. Diversity. Multiculturalism. A well-learned Two Minute reflexive Hate of the right. But it’s problematic as a language because word meanings change so readily and it is inclined to a mob/fad mentality. What most gives them life and direction is us. All they ever need to know is to hate us and “love” our opponents (which is one reason Europe is committing cultural suicide by letting in so many Muslims).

    Without us the Left would find out just how disjointed they are, how ungrounded in anything approaching the syntax of a language…in this case a political language. If we all moved to Mars, they would cannibalize each other instantly, dividing into Trotskyism vs. Leninism.

    And that’s mainly regarding the Upper Tier leftists, not the rank and file commonly known as “useful idiots.” Their language of “diversity” is simple, yes. But does a parrot really understand the words when he’s taught “Polly wants a cracker”? To be on the Left is to be part of a more passive, top-down orientation. You’re told what to think. In fact, you get used to being told what to think…including how brave, smart, original, and compassionate you are.

    On the right, it’s quite true it’s more like herding cats. Part of that phenomenon recently, I fear, is because we’re losing touch with our common Americanism language. I agree with Annie on every one of her policy points. And I’m very sure our rationale for taking those positions would be much the same based on a rational, time-tested, moral, social, and economic framework. But those without a coherent language, and who are as rote as cracker-fed parrots, can only accuse Annie of racism for not supporting affirmation action,, for instance, or being unconcerned with the poor, etc., etc., etc.

    What framework or common language is there in a belief system whereby there are only oppressors and victims? In fact, there is no common framework or language because a framework or language must be independent of the actions and beliefs that spring from it. One must be able, however feebly, to connect dot A to B to C to get at one arrived at a basic opinion on a matter of substance. (This is one reason the definition of who is now a “victim” is so fungible.) But the Left is through-and-through highly charged with the irrationalism and relativism of hardcore politics. And politics is not thought. Politics is manipulation. It is ritualized untruth.

    What would ol’ Aristotle think of today’s libtards?

    • Anniel says:

      He would certainly find our language divide bewildering. It makes my head hurt when I hear the libs speak their “ritualized untruth.” That’s a brilliant two word skewer.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I admit I’m worn out in regards to dealing with DoubleSpeak. Although I tend to write a lot, I try to keep what I write as crystal-clear as possible. One may agree or disagree, but my thought always is not to leap from A to D without hitting B and C as well. Airing our basic assumptions is important (and usually not done).

        Slogans such as “A woman’s right to choose” drive me bonkers. Choose what? Is choice the only moral act here? As long as we choose, we’re fulfilling something deep, proper and true? What if my “choice” is to rob a bank?

        So much of Leftist thinking is actually anti-thought. It functions in many instances as an inoculation against basic sense-making.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          It’s always best to challenge them on their language. Does a woman have a right to choose to defend herself with an AR-15? Most “pro-choice” liberals would say no. Similarly, I suspect many “pro-choice” liberals, including feminists who insist a woman can do as she pleases with her body, would balk at allowing her to use hard drugs while pregnant (or, perhaps even more so, thalidomide). And very few multi-culturalists would accept female circumcision.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            I have often heard women who favor abortion say, “No man is going to tell me what to do with my body!” The way these women conflate “man” with a controlling government which they oppose is suggestive.

            If I am in a good mood, like you, I simply point out the inconsistency of their remark. I suggest a few areas where the government tells them what they can do with their bodies. Illegal drug use is one of the first examples I bring to their attention.

            But I don’t expect logic to penetrate their petrified pates.

            • Anniel says:

              Abortion is the one thing that has had most to do with the culture of death we live in today. The most damaging to both the children killed and the ones who are left alive because the are the “right” sex or number for what daddy and mommy want.

              • Timothy Lane says:

                Also important is the rising liberal support for euthanasia — it was a couple of decades ago that Richard Lamm (a former governor of Colorado) said old people had a duty to step aside. That was unusual. Now it’s normal, though I think not yet mandatory, for liberals to support it. But I think you’re right that abortion was the starting point. And it has led to support for infanticide as well, though that’s still in its early phase.

              • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

                Abortion is the one thing that has had most to do with the culture of death we live in today.

                Annie, I’m going to hit you with some right-wing realities.

                One is that central to the culture of death is this idea that our goal is to be happy. Children are an impediment to that under the new materialist/careerist terms as reinforced by…

                Feminism. Always feminism. If you’re a woman and don’t want a career, you are considered a loser…no matter how miserable your career might make you.

                No one but a psychopath grows up and thinks, “Gee, I think I’ll kill my unborn children or, Gee, I’ll kill my aging parents.” At least that was not the natural route of development when people were taught that honor and the necessity of family, duty, and raising good children was supreme. Now people use pets as surrogate children. With a pet, at least you can put them to sleep if they become problematic.

                The culture of death is based entirely on the idea that we ought to be happy….really happy. And anything that stands in the way of our fulfillment is subject to being eliminated. There has been probably no bigger con dropped on us but the Temple of Eternal Happiness.

                Sure, cherish those moments when you are happy. It’s a great feeling. But happiness, like self-esteem, is the kind of goal that is putting the cart before the horse. Be GOOD. Be useful. Be generous. Be creative. Be productive. You’ll find moments of happiness (and despair) when pursuing a worthwhile life devoted to developing your own talents, serving people, and serving God.

                But only fools chase “happiness.” And we have far too many of them.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:


                There is nothing new about fools chasing rainbows, except perhaps, the number of such fools is much greater today than ever before.

                The link is to a short book written by Somerset Maugham.


                And he took the concept from ancient Greece.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I have the choice to deny you choice. Don’t let your head explode thinking about that. But it won’t. We’re used to parsing this stuff.

            • Anniel says:

              No wonder feminists drive me nuts, be they left, or as you say, right. And if they have children they are “designer” children and everyone has an au pair to raise the little darlings. Did I parse that right?

              That reminds me of the days when parents were given the task of spending “quality time” with their children. And one day you ask, “What is quality time to my child?” And you have no answer. What your child needs is your time, period. Anything that lets them know you love and value them as the people they are, it takes simple time to read a book or go for a walk, or look at ants with them.

              Rearing children is so much fun, if parents let it be.

  8. John Sandhofner says:

    Great article Anniel. Wonderful job of exposing the hubris of the liberal mind.

    • Anniel says:

      Thank you John. This actually started out as two different articles that came together as one the more I thought about it. Good to know they pulled together.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        This actually started out as two different articles that came together as one

        Snow + Flakes. What could be more natural?

  9. David Ray says:

    So. Did we get our strict constructionist? (We sure as shit still got our whining false accusors – Chuckie Shummer leading/following the way.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      No one can know what a judge (especially a GOP appointee) will do on the court until the time comes, but every indication is that Gorsuch was as good a nominee as we could hope for — probably the most Scalia-like, and only 49. But who can say how well he will stand up to the Beltway pressure?

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        This is another campaign promise which he is keeping. I hope he stands behind the man and makes sure he is approved by the Senate.

        I believe the Dems are going to make a big deal over this appointment and pull out all stops to try and stop the man from becoming a justice. In my opinion, they will be making a big mistake if they do as this man will replace Scalia, i.e. will not change the balance of the court. And they will lose a lot of political good will if they make the fight too nasty. Already, people are beginning to ignore the silly protests and tire of obstructionism created by the Left. Look at the polls. A large majority of Americans are content with Trump’s executive order re delaying the immigration of people from the seven Middle Eastern and African countries in which terrorism is run rampant.

        I think the Dems would be wiser to wait for the retirement of Ginsberg or Breyer and fight another conservative nominee as any conservative replacement for those two would fundamentally change the character of the Supreme Court.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          There will be a fight, though Gorsuch (the son of former EPA head Anne Gorsuch Burford) is at least familiar with that. The greatest danger is the seduction, the desire to “stand tall in Georgetown”. Only time will tell if he can resist it — but the big fight, and the smear campaign that will accompany it, may help immunize him against the later seduction (as it no doubt has Clarence Thomas).

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            One wonders if because the signal-to-noise ratio is so low with the Democratic Wolf crying, crying, crying that there’s a fatigue factor. That is, will the public (rightly) be inured somewhat to the demagogic politics as usual from the mobocracy and pay them little heed?

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I guess this was on Trump’s list. Levin taped his show too late to comment on this. You can be sure I’ll be listening to The Great One tomorrow. Then I’ll know what to think. Err…let me rephrase that. Then I will at least be marginally informed.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Gorsuch is not only a Scalia friend (after all, so is Ruth Bader Ginsburg), but has a conservative record (he was involved in the Hobby Lobby decision at that level), and reportedly writes very clearly. He’s considered the most Scalia-like among the possible choices.

            • Anniel says:

              I guess everyone has now read his one sentence ending on the case of the 13 year old boy arrested and sent to Juvie for burping in gym class. After 50 pages of reasoning by the other justices why they had to do what they did, Gorsuch simply said, “I am not persuaded.”

              Oh, that all rulings could be so clear.

              • Timothy Lane says:

                Well, I understand he was deliberating doing fake burps. Ask any professional miseducator, you have to stop such disruptive behavior. Unless done by a racial minority.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

                I don’t know the details of the case, but the logical course to follow would be to remove the kid from the room. It would then be best to put him alone in some space and let him burp to himself.

                Given today’s climate, it is almost impossible to discipline students and in order to avoid legal liabilities a school will often over-react and bring in the police.

              • Anniel says:

                Supposedly he was completely cowed when the cop put cuffs on him, and had apologized before he was hauled off.

                I had three boys, and, well, one of my girls, too, might have joined in the fun.

                When I was in 8th grade I hate to tell you what our whole class did to a music teacher who thought we might “enjoy” Elgars “Adventures In a Perambulator.” When the janitor got the water snake out of the wall heater they never even tried to find the culprit who brought it in.

                Oh, well. It was a different time. That poor teacher. I can think that now as an adult. We should have been hauled one at a time to the principal’s office. Now that I have confessed I’ll let you know if it’s good for the soul all these years later.

  10. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    But Nye isn’t any kind of scientist, he just plays one on TV. When I heard that I was astounded. I mean, to toot your own horn with a lie, and to threaten others, some of them highly credentialed, with jail because they don’t believe what you do, because you’re a “science guy?

    Annie, I’m getting to the point where I think the thing least in need of explanation is a horse with blinders on. The blinders help them to get to their destination without distraction.

    For Nye, these things are likely true:

    1) He’s a zealous priest in the Religion of Leftism

    2) He’s a snake-oil salesmen selling to a ready market

    3) His outlook is likely less defined by “reason” and more by his emotional makeup. Much like the grindstone grievance of a Richard Dawkins, you wonder what priest, rabbi, or minister ran over his dog when he was a child.

    As Timothy noted, his type (not surprisingly) evokes the Inquisition more than they do Galileo. There’s also the aspect that a corrosive doctrine will tend to make corrosive people. I’m also of the mind that there is nothing in materialism, per se (in absence of the belief in a Creator) that must automatically make one angry, corrosive, argumentative, abusive, and impolite. One of my heroes, Richard Feynman, did not believe in religion. But he was a nice man nonetheless.

    So, as I’ve often said, we’re not talking a philosophy born of evidence, lack of evidence, theory, science, reason, or whatever. We’re talking about a kind of Cult of Superior People who maintain their sense of superiority by crapping on everyone else. This is why I don’t give a flying fart what Bill Nye looks like. He’s not defined by his looks but by the ugliness that comes from within.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      One of the psychological terms needed to understand liberals is “projection”, which is well known because it’s used a lot. But there’s another of perhaps equal importance: “reaction formation”. This means falsely attributing certain good qualities to yourself — as when liberals claim to be tolerant, open-minded, and civil.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        LOL. So true. Reminds me that you can’t really understand liberals without resorting to psychology. That’s true of any human in any time and place, of course. But with most people you’d say that psychological quirks were just a part of the entire package. With liberalism, two or three quirks practically defines them.

        Of course, we on the right are all said to be closet authoritarians. This is not only yet another example of psychological projection (perhaps even “reaction transformation”) but an astute reader of the Left (as we are) would likely note the true underlying condition: Eternal Juvenilism that is forever rebelling against the authority of the parent.

        We’re also supposedly “sexually repressed” — merely for having standards of conduct. And even our industry and self-reliance are besmirched and psycho-babbled as “Not caring for the poor” or being “greedy.”

        No average person is free from psychological quirks, prejudices, sins, bits of ignorance, and just basic proclivities. This is what we used to call “normal” and is only now considered abnormal because the normal human does not meet the exultant requirements of the utopian New Man. The New Man of the Left is particularly dangerous because he combines the lack of wisdom of the juvenile with the blinding zealousness of the worst dogmatist. Your average Leftist or Progressive just needs to lighten the hell up….and grow the hell up.

  11. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The link below is to an article which shows that NOAA intentionally changed data on temperatures across the world.

    I saw another article a couple of days back which showed how NOAA simply invented temperatures in parts of the globe where they didn’t even have thermometers set up.

    Is there any wonder that people do not trust government any longer? The left corrupts everything it touches.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      And, of course, the whistle-blower is a topnotch climatologist — who retired at the end of last year. Perhaps he was disgusted by the corrupt science. But I hope that Trump brings it up, so that people will be aware of it. They certainly won’t hear of it in the synoptic media.

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