Smoke and Mirrors

by Tim Jones12/26/14

Secret Agendas, Identity and True Lies  •  Everything today seems to be fragmented. This is one of the unintended consequences of modern life where everyone has become a specialist with little or no knowledge outside of their professional life. And with the means of making a living splintered into thousands of different categories, this in turn has led to fragmentation of personal identity. Besides the economic self, there is also the social self, the spiritual self, the physical self and so forth. This leads to the individual having to traverse multiple realities day in and day out, navigating each one like a chameleon by always adapting oneself to any given situation on any given day.

The world thus becomes artificial both in perception and reality with each layer of social, economic and cultural complexity. Throw in the element of personal morality and things become even more uncertain as well as more deceitful. Without a universal standard of morality, it becomes easier and easier for people to disguise who they are, what they can do or what they want from you. In essence, life becomes completely agenda-driven where the boundaries of right and wrong have become blurred while the inner life and the outer life have become divided into public and private personas.

Lying in political life has been accepted as the norm. Cheating in education is on the rise as is lying about one’s credentials, whether on a resume or on a job application. Advertisements promise the illusion of a pain-free, pleasure-filled existence that never can fulfill their promise while advertisers having perfected the art of playing to our vanity at the same time. Since there is no absolute standard of right and wrong, and the self is split between the public and the private, the individual or organization can mask nearly everything they do if it better serves their purpose.
In politics the best example may be Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer who’s bottom line philosophy is ‘the ends justifies the means’ in the most literal sense possible: that it’s alright to lie, to distort and to create false impressions so as to achieve radical leftist goals. He said one of the best ways to do this was to infiltrate and to disguise your real intentions by stealth by wearing a suit and cutting your hair so as to overthrow the “system” from within.

Who better represents the Alinsky formula than his most famous acolyte, Barack Obama, who’s administration has been one of perpetual deceit while playing his supporters for fools. With the cool appearance of political normalcy, he may be the most successful con man in American history seeking the radical transformation of founding Constitutional principals. One needs look no further than his obsessive use of executive orders now euphemistically called executive memoranda.

The mainstream media for all intents and purposes has become the public relations department for the Democratic Party. They think they are being honest with their viewers, gullible as many of them are, and objective in their reporting. It doesn’t need recounting how many examples of their loyalty to all things ‘progressive.’ One only needs to follow the excellent watchdog websites and blogs such as Newsbusters, WeaselZippers, and the Drudge Report that expose their biases and the starkness of their distortions and deceptions, many of which are done through omission keeping a clueless public even more clueless.

So we’ve all become impersonators to one degree or another, chameleons in order to either achieve personal or professional objectives by disguising our real motives. What we’re left with is a society of contrivance where authenticity for the most part no longer exists and the ability to decipher what’s true, what’s real and what are honest intentions becomes more difficult by the day with so much “smoke & mirrors” getting in the way.

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