School of Selwyn: The Price of Political Correctness

by Selwyn Duke6/25/16

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2 Responses to School of Selwyn: The Price of Political Correctness

  1. Steve Lancaster says:

    Well done Mr. Duke

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    A fine summation, but definitely incomplete. Remember the gang rapes of Rotherham — when someone actually reported them over a decade ago, he wasn’t ignored, but sent off for sensitivity training. The atrocities lasted about 15 years. We’re seeing similar reactions to the sexual assaults in a large number of European cities, such as the New Year assaults. Muslim immigration means bringing in vicious anti-Semites (virtually unanimous among them), misogyny leading to rape and honor killings, and a certain amount of terrorism (especially by radicalized children). That’s a very high price to pay — but the elites don’t expect to pay that price, and therefore don’t care as long as they can preen themselves over how much they “care”.

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