School of Selwyn: Orlando, Trump and Muslims

by Selwyn Duke6/20/16

I do believe Mr. Duke is branching out into video presentations. Give him some constructive feedback if you would. — Editor

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6 Responses to School of Selwyn: Orlando, Trump and Muslims

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Under liberals, the national interest is always secondary to the global interest, and always will be. Quite simply, they’re not on our side. Muslims are at or near the apex of the victim group hierarchy, and thus have priority over even the most disadvantaged groups in America.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      The Left has just about wrung out all the damage possible from the promotion of deviants, feminism and the “blacks lives matter” crowd. After all, there is still a whiff of Western Culture floating around most of these people.

      But what’s not to like about Muslims if your aim is to destroy the West? Muslims are not grounded in Western Culture and they number over a billion. The majority come from third world nations, have rather poor educations and fit right into the grievance culture the Left promotes. Of course they are at the apex of the victim group hierarchy created by the Left. They are a huge weapon which can be wielded against us.

      Now is the time to use Islam to put the knife into the weakening carcass which is Western Civilization.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    A pretty good video. Technical critiques: Change the lighting. It seems kind of harsh. Try a standard light to the front-left and a second softer fill light (or reflector) on the front-right.

    Also, ditch the map. You’re a good speaker but look a little stiff in front of that school-room map. Hell, be like John Cleese and sit at a desk outdoors just for something completely different.

    As you get groovier with the software, overlay some bullet points as you speak.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Also, concentrate on the camera lens and look into it. Your eyes wander a bit.

      There is an English guy who does videos like this, but with more sarcasm. He is very good and always looks into the camera lens.

      The problem with the map is partially the lighting and partially the fact that the colors are not strong enough.

      A change in lighting would help a lot.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I had emailed Selwyn to keep an eye on this thread for good suggestions. And suggestions, of course, are easy for us to make. Getting in front of a camera and doing a video is difficult enough from a technical standpoint. And he’s done that very well.

        I think Bill Whittle is the gold standard for short, well-focused, well-presented internet videos. Dennis Prager’s “Prager U” is okay, but they tend to lag (metaphorically, not internetally) a bit. Sometimes you just want to insert that Monty Python “Get on with it!” sound byte they so often used.

        Selwyn is a terrific writer and it’s good to see him branching out. I, frankly, wouldn’t begin to tell him how to cross his T’s and dot his I’s. I think he’s a grade above me and I’m the one with something to learn.

        But regarding videos, yeah, Selwyn needs to find a “shtick” that works for him. Bill Whittle is a fairly dry character but his videos are balanced by his good dialogue and good graphic presentation. There’s a little whiz-bang by not too much.

        I think the way to get these things to go viral is title them something like “Republicans are all racists” and then give a laundry list of offenses, giving names, specific situations, policies etc…and then end the video with “Oh, by the way…all of those people I named were Democrats.”

        Like I said, I think he needs to find a shtick. Again, easy for me to say. But he’s up and running and he is certainly a very eloquent person. So the point is to polish, encourage, and then by all means share these videos.

  3. Steve Lancaster says:

    This is a good start keep it up.

    Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article today on Trump as a nuclear option.

    “So we always return to the central truth of 2016: Trump is a symptom, not a catalyst. He was created by the hyperpartisan unconstitutional overreach of Barack Obama, and by the appeasement of much of the Republican establishment, who wished to be liked and admired for their restraint and Beltway moderation rather than feared for their insistence on adherence to the Constitution and the protection of the individual from an always growing and encroaching government.”

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