Saturday Morning at the Village Inn

by Steve Lancaster7/7/18
My wife is out of town this week, so I am a bachelor and not wanting or needing to cook I have been eating out most of the week. This morning it was breakfast at Village Inn. Village Inn is a national chain of diner style restaurants that serve breakfast 24/7. On Wednesday you get free pie with your meal. The feeling is casual and family friendly.

It is a busy morning. The parking lot is jammed, and so is the dining room. However, a table for one is easier to get than I had thought. There are perhaps 150 people. The sound of talking is palpable but not overwhelming. Not far from where I am seated is a Christian men’s group, perhaps Promise Keepers or just a church group, discussing something from Acts.

Across from me are three women and a girl of 10. I know she is 10 because of the birthday presents on the table. The waitress wishes her a happy birthday. A little distance from her is a young woman whose birthday is a special one—she is 21. I also notice several familiar faces in the crowd. Judge Lindsey and the Sheriff of Washington County, retired, and by coincidence the judge’s brother-in-law.  Also, are several vets I know from the VFW. I think there is a quorum if we decide to have a meeting.

This is still the South and breakfast is hearty, if not always healthy. Eggs, hash browns, grits, pancakes bacon, sausage, ham and lots of coffee. Not your hoity-toity coffee shop crap, but coffee flavored coffee and as much as you can drink.

This, my friends are what we celebrated on Wednesday. Yes, the fireworks are great, the parades, too few these days, All the hoopla about the Declaration is well and good. This is the true America. Literally, the land of milk and honey. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world wants to be America?

But, in other places the men’s group might be assaulted because of their faith. The 10-year-old celebrating her birthday might be looking forward to an arranged marriage and mutilation. The aged vets might be anxious about the perception of their service by radicals who either like the present regime or dislike the past one.

Sadly, those places are now in America. Christians and Jews have been assaulted and murdered in some of our largest cities as have judges and police officers. Arranged marriages and genital mutilation is not uncommon in cities like Detroit or Dearborn. Vets of our wars are called the most disgusting names in some of our cities. The America of Antifa, BLM, the Nazi George Soros and the democrat party elite is far from the reality out here in fly-over-country.


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2 Responses to Saturday Morning at the Village Inn

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, as a Southerner, I think that meal sounds perfectly nutritious as well as good. I do hope you simply forgot the comma between “pancakes” and “bacon”, though, or else the resultant combination would seem a bit peculiar. (I would also put one after “ham”. You don’t want to resemble the writer who dedicated her book to “my parents, Ayn Rand and God”. Talk about mixed marriages.)

    I never experienced it myself, of course, having graduated from college in 1973 after the draft ended, but I gather there was a lot of abuse of vets in the Vietnam War era (though never by me — Army brats generally don’t do that, particularly sons of the war dead). Unfortunately, the mobs of vermin aren’t exclusive to the Left Coast and the area from Weimar-on-the-Potomac on to the northeast, though most prevalent there.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I don’t think we have an Village Inn restaurants in Washington. Sounds good.

    And the Left has done its best to present a steady diet of scrambled eggs. I’m not sure that hating white people, hating Christians (and Jews), and hating the principles of America is the basis for anything but chaos. We see the leading edge of that chaos now.

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