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BernieSandersby Tim Jones2/21/16
His fans can count on it as his consolation prize  •  Now that Hillary has won the Nevada caucus, you can take it to the bank that Sanders will be her running mate. He will continue to challenge her in all of the upcoming primaries, but unless she gets indicted for the email scandal, which seems more and more unlikely with every week that goes by, she will be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Sanders has garnered so much support in this election cycle that it would be impossible not to put him on the ticket. She will automatically gain the goodwill from all of his supporters that want to see him as the Democratic nominee – and in turn get their votes in November. If she were to leave him off, she would risk alienating them and having them stay home on election day.

It’s also the reason Sanders has been so tepid when it comes to attacking Hillary in their debates. He has been going after her to some degree over her current and past ties to Wall Street, but has left her completely alone when it comes to the many scandals that surround her, and not just breaking the law with maintaining a private server and email system for sending and receiving classified information. There’s Benghazi and all of the foreign quid pro quos in collecting donations from foreign governments for The Clinton Foundation.

On the Republican side, with the South Carolina primary now concluded, it appears that Trump at this time has a lock on the Republican nomination. Rubio and Kasish will now be running for his vice presidential slot. With either one, it gives Trump a big boost in taking the all-important states of Florida or Ohio. Because Trump has not attacked either one as he’s done with Cruz and Bush, this indicates he doesn’t want to alienate their supporters that will leave the door open on putting either one on his ticket. • (705 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The GOP race isn’t quite over, but it could be by the middle of March (or even sooner if Trump sweeps the primaries before then). Rubio and Kasich would be good VP choices, with Rubio having the advantage of being a Latino. Neither was born rich, and that might also help Trump.

    When Sanders decided not only not to hit Slick Hilly over the e-mails and related scandals but to take her side, it became clear that his real goal was VP, or at least cementing good relations with the Clinton Gang. The Fire Witch will certainly need someone who can try to bring in all those millennials who’re flocking to Sanders. But how many support him because he’s so radical, and how many because he’s not a pathological liar like Slick Hilly? And will the latter support her even with Sanders on the ballot?

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Because Trump has not attacked either one as he’s done with Cruz and Bush, this indicates he doesn’t want to alienate their supporters that will leave the door open on putting either one on his ticket.

    I think your reasoning in this is off. Trump has not attacked either Kasich or Rubio the way he attacked Bush or Cruz because he has not needed to.

    Trump attacked Bush from the beginning because Bush was seen as the overwhelming GOPe favorite with millions to campaign with. It was just Trump’s luck that Bush turned out to be such a punching bag. I believe that in the end, Trump actually enjoyed attacking Bush because he was so easy to hit.

    You will remember, that for a time, many thought there was some agreement between Trump and Cruz because they were so nice to each other. This changed the moment it became clear Cruz was the strongest among Trump’s opponents.

    Trump has not attacked Kasich because Kasich has never been a threat to Trump or anyone else.

    Should Rubio become a real threat to Trump, just watch Donald start tearing him apart.

    I don’t think there is a chance in hell that Kasich will be VP candidate, but there is some chance that Rubio will be. In which case, I will not vote for the Republican ticket.

    I find Rubio is another Obama. A lying sock puppet. And it is clear whose hand is in the sock. Was nobody amazed how quickly the GOPe solidified behind Rubio once it became clear Jeb! was sinking? Clearly arms have been twisted and deals made in order to try one last time to stop Trump. Even Rush, who had previously said that if Rubio were to be elected we could expect amnesty, has toned down his criticism and is saying how conservative Rubio is.

    If I were Trump, I would be very careful about choosing Rubio as my VP. My health might take a drastic turn for the worse if I won the presidency. Choosing Ted Cruz would be a better life insurance policy.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Should Rubio become a real threat to Trump, just watch Donald start tearing him apart.

      Mr. Kung, I completely agree with your viewpoint on this. I mean, Ted Cruz bringing Texas (38 electoral votes) along with him is no small thing compared to either Ohio (18) or Florida (29). I do believe Bush served a double-purpose. One, as you said, Trump seemed to enjoy bashing him around and it made him look like a strong, decisive men next to Mr. Milquetoast.

      And, two, as we saw with the “George Bush is responsible for 9/11 and he lied about WMD,” he’s pandering to a wide part of the low-information voters from both sides (but particularly the Democrat and libertarian side). And while there are people such as myself who will defend the honor of Bush — or at least the facts themselves — I suspect that quite a few conservatives and Republicans are of no mind to defend Bush, assuming they don’t also like the Bush-bashing themselves at this point.

      I’m certainly tired of the Bushes and Clintons, so bash away. But I didn’t appreciate Trump either clearly pandering to the Code Pink Left or actually showing himself to *be* part of that Code Pink Left. And let us remember what “New York Values” actually are. Last time I looked, New York all but voted in a Communist for mayor and a Leftist twit as governor…all while they walk along with the delusion that New Yorkers are somehow uniquely smarter than everyone else. Rats in a maze, Mr. Kung. Rats in an overcrowded maze.

      However, I do think Trump might very well pick Kasich as his VP. I read a rationale on this elsewhere and it made sense. And considering the douche-chilling picture this combo brings to my mind, my Spider-Senses tell me this is just the kind of thing Trump would do. I honestly believe he dislikes Cruz. But a compliant, government-can-fix-all minded Kasich on the team might be ideal. And as for Eddie Haskel, I’m with you. I don’t think Trump would put him on the ticket.

      Also, I don’t think Trump dislikes Fiorina. He could use her to sort of round out a politically-correct ticket. And, no, I for one do not in any way see his loud-mouthed style as being particular politically incorrect. Sometimes he goes against the grain and sometimes he’s as politically correct as Code Pink.

      Someone (over at Spectator, I think) wrote an article about how to stop Trump. The gist of it is that Cruz had to join Rubio. And that then, to my mind, puts Cruz in play for Trump. It is conceivable (however unlikely) that if Cruz dropped out and joined Rubio that Rubio then would be a in a dead-heat race with Trump. No, a candidate can’t control where there votes would go. But an endorsement helps.

      And this brings Cruz into play for Trump, particularly when talking VP slots. If ever there are some political machinations going on in the background in this regard, and Trump gets wind of it, expect him to try to make a deal with Cruz to be VP…which is a deal I think Cruz would take.

      One might expect a cold-bloodedly electoral-vote-based decision by Trump on his VP. And short of Cruz threatening to drop out and join Rubio as part of the stop-Trump-express, I expect Trump to throw away the normal rules. I don’t think you’ll see something as odd as a Reagan/Bush ticket wherein both camps couldn’t stand each other but held their noses for the good of the ticket (and power). I would expect Trump to chose someone he likes. And who he “likes” is bound to be someone who share his “New York Values.” That is, that someone is going to be pretty liberal. I don’t know what Trump thinks of Kasich. But I put him on he short list.

      All we know for sure is that it won’t be Jeb Bush.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I believe Kasich’s main attraction to someone like Trump is his oiliness. He will clearly move from one position to another as long as it furthers his personal position. He would likely not question anything Trump says. Kasich is the Uriah Heep of this cycle.

        I like your idea re Cruz positioning himself to become VP. We can only hope you are correct. It would be interesting to see how the Trumpkins would react to this as many of them really are over-the-top in their comments about Cruz. Could they do a 180 degree turn? I am pretty sure they could. After all, most communists in the USA went from hating Hitler to supporting him the moment the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I believe Kasich’s main attraction to someone like Trump is his oiliness.

          Aka “New York Values.” I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Kung.

          And if Cruz is on the ticket as VP, this should be irrelevant to the Trumpkins because of the guy at the top of the ticket. Everyone knows that the VP is irrelevant. It’s even a slightly insulting office.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          And the reverse on June 22, 1941 — including a Communist orator who switched in mid-speech. Orwell had a similar scene in 1984, when the alliances suddenly switched (and the Minitrue employees suddenly had a lot of work to do modifying all the war reports). He may have heard about the incident.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I wonder how much voter enthusiasm can be built up for two old farts, Hitlary and the Bern?

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Back in 1996, it was said that a gathering of Dole backers looked like a meeting of the Soviet Politburo — a bunch of dumpy old white guys. This year that could be the Democrats’ ticket. Whatever one thinks of Rubio, the endorsement meeting with Haley and Scott was a very nice contrast in a time of identity politics.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Whatever one thinks of Rubio, the endorsement meeting with Haley and Scott was a very nice contrast in a time of identity politics.

        Haley and Scott were just two of the politicians who quickly jumped on the Eddie Haskell bandwagon. Trey Gowdy is another who suddenly came out for the “We’re for Eddie” contingent.

        Haley was supposed to be Tea Party, but she has shown she is simply just another politician who is happy to settle into the establishment way of thinking.

        At one time, Gowdy also seemed to be conservative, but more and more people are beginning to suspect he is simply wearing a conservative mask over an establishment core.

        I don’t know much about Scott, but since Haley appointed him he may feel he owes her, or perhaps he thinks like she does.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Hillary/Bernie offer racial grievance (87% of the black vote or more) with welfare and other “free stuff” dolled out as reparations, free college, forgiveness of college loans, free this, assisted-that, the furthering of identity/victimhood politics, and just all around making people feel noble about being reprobates. That might be enthusiasm enough. It’s the party that matters, and the party means redistributing wealth.

      That built-in constituency (combined especially with a large percentage of women would vote for Hitler if he offered free contraception) is a very large one. It’s perhaps not yet the majority but, because everyone else in society is ensnared in one entitlement or another, it drives the conversation…which is exactly why the Establishment Republicans are for managing this state of affairs rather than reversing it. They either think it can’t be reversed (a reasonable supposition) or they don’t want to.

      Trump uniquely (at least this election cycle) will combine antiestablishment sentiment with anti-Bush sentiment which includes anti-war sentiment and throw in more than his share of “free stuff” with his promise to take care of all of us via a modified government health care system. He can, for the time, be all things to all people (at least those who aren’t too discriminating). Anyone who can combine the elements of Code Pink with the adoration of Ann Coulter is ahold of something certainly large enough to win even if the Hillary/Bernie combo (if it turns out that way) is a bore.

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