Sacraments of Cavernous Despair

OffTheCliffby Glenn Fairman
I have found that the further men move in a vector away from the Living God, the more they eschew life and the institutions rooted in biological necessity and divine revelation. Hence, the malignant symptoms of this divorce from reason are inexorably expressed as deviations in: man-woman coupling, marriage, family – those fixed hierarchical identities and institutions of order we find articulated throughout the panorama of Creation.

But as the darkened human imagination, unencumbered from its foundation in God, cannot conjure new values but can only distort and defile existing ones, we nevertheless find that there are limits to the self’s depraved autonomy – that men in moral and ontological rebellion must still pay begrudging homage to classical virtues and masculine and feminine archetypes which are embedded deeper than any artificial convention, and indeed, deeper than the tendrils of nature itself.

How fitting that the Brave New Humanity of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra – the Transvaluation of Value and Identity trailing after the eclipse of the Christian horizon like an earthquake, simply cannot be. How enlightening that within the Great-hearted worldview of the Cross, the Adversary, in contradistinction to the omnipotence of the Triune God, cannot himself create ex nihilo, but can only act as corruptor par excellence of existing essence and matter. Therein Evil, as opposed to the Good, is strictly an inferior and derivative mockery of God’s primordial formulation.

It is instructive that the Unholy Sacraments of the anti-theistic worldview are as follows:

– Licentiousness: a Hyper-emancipation of the passions (in truth, a democracy ruling the soul): the unraveling of mind and desire divorced from the Summa of Ordered Being;
– Homosexuality and its abrogation of nature: the rebellion from designed form and essence;
– Human Abortion and its nihilistic Will to Death as a consequence of the deification of Absorbed Self. The activity of murder as convenience: the mortification of innocence birthed of moral abandon grown devoid of consequence.
– and ultimately–Suicide: the final act of desperate nihilism grown mature in its cavernous and morbid despair.

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I once had an argument with a “Progressive” about the programmability of the human being. He was (naturally) of the “blank slate” mindset, that man was infinitely malleable. I, on the other hand, while acknowledging a certain amount of programmability (after all, there is this thing called “culture”), said that much of man’s nature was built-in.

    I’m still not wrong. But I have gained a new appreciation for this malleability while watching those who have been programmed by the Left as they regurgitate the shibboleths and soundbytes that they have been taught. It’s an amazing thing to see true mindlessness.

    But don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily think that if someone disagrees with me that he or she is a mindless drone. There are many reasons people may have disagreements. Very often is it just a matter of preference or experience.

    But I do think that few people of sound mind and well-rounded experience could deny just how indoctrinated these generations of “Progressives” are. They have come to believe a lot of truly stupid things….things that are easily shown to be false.

    This for me is an upsetting thing. One feels a bit like Sergeant Howie who travels to Summerisle in the movie, “The Wicker Man.” He is surrounded by a group of pagan cultish nuts who are thoroughly bound up in their strange beliefs and will, and do, eventually consume this outsider.

    This is very much the world we are entering. White is black. Up is down. Right is wrong. And although it is natural and normal for things to change, it is not particular good if that change is based upon wacko cultish beliefs.

    The cult we now find ourselves ensconced in is the one in which everyone is “nice” and walks around with a smile on his or her face but is just waiting to consume you. They do it now through the government, but it’s still the same result as in “The Wicker Man.”

    • Glenn Fairman says:

      There is no question that through propaganda and ill-education that human beings are temporally malleable. The real distinction is if men in their artificially induced procrustean state can be fully and teleologically human—-as they were primordially fashioned in the mind of the Creator for Freedom and Reason rightly understood. Clearly the end result of The New Soviet Man was not Einstein and Copernicus but a faceless gaggle of clever beasts who had lost their claws.

  2. LibertyMark says:

    Most excellent! Man strives for perfection by his nature. Those who believe in a Living God seek perfection in the hereafter. Those who do not believe, those who embrace Progressivism seek perfection in the here; thee is no after.

    This leads to a whole host of mischief, not the least of which is a relentless pursuit of Utopia on Earth: Earth as Gaia, Earth as all, society as perfectable with the right “rulers”. The Prog jettisons generational responsibility. In addition to worshipping the god Aortion, there is no abeisance to progeny’s well being. On the contrary, there is a disdain for the next generation, except in the context of it as yet another identity politics focus group.And set in the news of the day, perhaps this explains the Left’s love of increasing the debt limit.

    For the Prog, there is no after; there is only here.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      perhaps this explains the Left’s love of increasing the debt limit.

      That may indeed explain it, Mark. But what I find incontestable regarding this debt is that it belies the Left’s supposed centrality of “caring.” What is unleashed is not “caring.” It’s clearly narcissism. It’s the willingness to pillage others (in this case, the unborn generations to come) to fulfill one’s own short-term desires.

      I just got off the phone with someone and we were talking a little Obamacare. He is a conservative Christian. And yet he has easily been seduced by socialized medicine. He is one of those who will receive a subsidy. Good for him, I said, and good luck actually getting a doctor when the time comes for there is ultimately no free lunch.

      I told him that Canada has “free” health care, and yet often Canadians come to the U.S. because they can’t afford to wait 18 months for an operation.

      And he told me the same old soundbytes that Europeans have free health care and they live longer, that we are the last remaining industrialized nation that doesn’t have socialized medicine, etc.

      How do these ideas so easily become siren-songs to people who are otherwise decent and hard-working Americans? The answer is that it is inside human nature to try to get something for nothing. And if offered rationalizations for doing so, this becomes all the easier.

      This is why I state bluntly that socialism is evil. It’s not just a bad economic system. It’s one that depends upon its furtherance by appealing to man’s darker nature.

      By the way, Jonah Goldberg has finally jumped the shark. In his latest article, he’s denying that there is such thing as the ratchet effect of Big Government. Why this man has become so willfully ignorant, I do not know. But any conservative should understand the corruptive aspect of socialism and Big Government. It perpetuates its own corruption.

      • LibertyMark says:

        The meme that the US is the “last industrial nation to not have healthcare for all it’s citizens” is the one I hate the most. Why, yes, yes that is true! Perhaps it explains why the vast majority of medical and drug innovations come from the US, ya morons!

        As you say, the desire of human nature for “free lunch” is amazingly resilient, even in the face of an oncoming freight train filled with facts!like, 40% of US surgeons are over the age of 55, with few new surgeons coming up. Ha the State EVER regulated anything and NOT created a shortage! What are they going to do, enslave doctos and MAKE them provide service, a la John Galt being tortured for the secret to the engine of the world?

        All evidence to the contrary, there is a belief the State has a money tree out back is so juvenile, so sophomoric, as to draw ridicule from my lips before diplomacy can kick in.

        O-care is serfdom modern style. For every person born with the “right” to food, shelter, and clothing…and healthcare…someone else must be born withe the servitude to provide it.

        Facts are stubborn things.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          The meme that the US is the “last industrial nation to not have healthcare for all it’s citizens” is the one I hate the most.

          Yes. It reminds me of the truism we got from mother or father: “If everyone else was hitting their heads against the wall, would you do that too?”

          Inherent to the idea of “But, mom, Europe is doing it too!” is a loss of respect for the idea of American Exceptionalism.

          …filled with facts!like, 40% of US surgeons are over the age of 55, with few new surgeons coming up.

          Mark, I don’t have the specific data on this, but it would make some sense that the medical field would be slightly less attractive to those with brains and gumption. To now be a doctor apparently means basically to be a functionary in managing socialized medicine….lots and lots of paperwork and restrictions on what you can do.

          And as you said, a truism of socialism is that it creates shortages. It does so for the simple reason that socialism punishes productivity and rewards parasitism. But who wants to think of themselves as a parasite? That’s why they call it “social justice” or even the word “entitlement.” Both imply that you’re not filching. You’re just getting what you deserve.

          And I’ll take this to a Cosmic level as well. Again, let me be perfectly straightforward. I’m not sure that I believe in a loving, personal god. And yet our options are clear. Either we believe in God (and some kind of larger context for our lives) or we make a god of government.

          And I’ll be frank again: The way I’ve seen so many Christians obsess over their “free stuff” and other entitlements, it’s hard to believe that many of them truly believe that they are in the world but not of this world. I remain thoroughly unimpressed by mainstream Christian religion, at least as practiced of recent. I agree with Dennis Prager that what many people have done is substitute Leftism.

          What we see, particularly with socialized medicine, is not just the drive to socialize something. It’s the worldly equivalent of the drive for immortality, as I believe someone else recently mentioned or suggested.

          Our bodies are inherently subject to corruption. This sucks, but this effects us all. Things start to fall apart. But I contrast the way I see others longing for worldly immortality with the stance, say, of St. Francis (who actually abused his body a bit). His sights were set quite a bit higher than just trying to get “free stuff” from the government for his personal physical needs.

          It sucks to get old. It sucks to be subject to disease. It sucks to have aches and pains. But that’s a part of life. And we can’t get around it simply by putting burdens on future generations by forcing them (via debt) to pay for our “free stuff” today which can never, ever stop the inevitable anyway.

          But what we can do is get our own souls right, whatever that may mean to you or to me. But we dare not make an idol of government, as so many are doing now.

          • LibertyMark says:

            I would encourage you to consider this: what you observe as mainstream Christians obsessing over their free stuff as you put it, are people who forget that the so-called “free” redemption of Christianity comes at a great cost. They are misplacing the free of the world just like they are misplacing the free of Christianity. Just as there is no free healthcare, there is no free Heaven. One side of the equation is free healthcare, the others side is onerous serfdom for makers. On the one side of the equation is free heaven for Christians, on the other side is someone pays the price for my sins. Do not be misled, the suffering of Jesus as the hands of the Roman State was nothing compared to when God poured out his wrath on Jesus while on the cross. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus cried on the cross. At that moment Jesus paid the price for all that “free” Christianity.

            Apologies for the preaching. It’s just that the simple message of Christianity is so complicated by the overlay of Leftism today (as you so we’ll put it). I sinned; I or someone must pay; Jesus paid on my account if I let him. It’s no more complex than that. Kinda like free enterprise. TANSTAAFL.

  3. Glenn Fairman says:

    “Goodness is, so to speak: itself. Badness is only spoiled Goodness.” C.S. Lewis

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