Does the Left Think We Are Ducks?

RubberDuckieThumbby RobL
You know those little ducklings and chicks, cute as can be, frantically busting out from their shells and imprinting upon the first object they see? Usually it’s their mother whom they’ll spend the rest of their youth following. This is a necessary mechanism, for if they cannot, they will not survive. But the mechanism has its risks, like dooming the hapless chick to tag along behind the yellow booted research scientist as benevolent as he may be.

Well not all ‘scientists’ wear yellow boots and not all ‘social science’ is benevolent. There is a reason the Left controls public education, academia, and the popular media. They have been attempting to imprint millions to their cause for generations but this is not enough.

They also want to control preschool and to generously provide it ‘free’ for all (perhaps a social worker may come knockin’ on the doors of those who refuse…child endangerment and all??).

Soon the Left will control healthcare too. Labor and delivery of your child will be firmly in the Left’s hands, literally. You see, the imprinting works best if started immediately. Do they fear our children staying home and imprinting with their family?

Upon superficial inspection, it just might appear that the Left is succeeding with their well-planned, organized, and delivered imprinting campaign but I offer:

We are not all ducks!

Sure, the Left greedily clutches its devoted flock; quacking, bobbing and waddling around their small-minded pool or pecking morsels of feed strewn out by their masters. Yet despite their patronizing assumption to the contrary, we are human beings and we swim not ponds but the vast oceans of our sublime Planet Earth.

Created in God’s image, we are moral, strong-minded, liberty-seeking beings who will always desire to be free. The human spirit within us, and our shared humanity without, will always resist the Left’s efforts for dominion over us.

They joke that we are mere eggs to be broken at their leisure and cooked up as another fetid utopian omelet. They adore cute little hatchlings in museums while consigning our nearly born to a vacuumed death. Hmmm, perhaps I was wrong; they do not think we are ducks. They hold us in contempt beneath the mindless birds. For it is only with remorse they cull the chicken flock, yet they have no compunction culling the human herd for the temerity of disagreeing.

It is time to remind our fine feathered friends of the Left that it is we who fly and the chickens who flap. For those of you out there… questioning… tired of birdseed… tired of that preening rooster who can only screech one exhausted tune, come with us. It’s time to fly the coop. • (875 views)

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4 Responses to Does the Left Think We Are Ducks?

  1. Kung Fu Zu says:

    I have often noted the internal contradiction inherent in many libs. They support PETA, polar bears and wolves, will spend time and money on beached whales, but all too often seem to have no compassion for the millions of aborted babies.

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      Indeed they offer more deference to a cockroach and that is why the Left frightens me so. At their core they are anti-humanist.

      As the anthropologist values every culture but his won, the environmentalist/leftist values every life form but his own. Except his very own because only he is wise enough to be steward.

      It is a matter of kind (the Aristotelean kind) and to modern liberals there is no such thing as human kind, just liberal kind, everyone else is expendable.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I love the duck imprinting analogy. One of the stages of life is getting the imprinting of culture so that we know how to act and so we adopt (hopefully) the “best practices” and wisdom of the people with whom we live. I’d hate to be an Eskimo and not be taught what an Eskimo needs to know, for instance.

    But the calling of the Western enlightened man or woman does not stop there. There is a stage past the purely tribal that we must reach for in order to be (fancy word coming) “self-actuated” creatures.

    Some of this “find yourself” rhetoric can get pretty goofy. But that is a stage that we must go through if we are going to be humans, not animals (or duckies).

    And what tends to happen is that we come somewhat full circle. Many people who, say, have had a religion rammed down their throats since childhood may rebel and cast off that religion…only to come back to it of their own free will. I think Dennis Prager did a little bit of this.

    It’s analogous to getting bored with your own country, or taking it for granted. And then you travel outside the U.S. and see just how dog-shit miserable many places are. And then you return to your own country perhaps seeing it for the first time.

    Unfortunately this entire experience of enlightenment and maturation is short-circuited by liberal cult programming. Instead of expanding the mind, liberalism narrows the mind, makes it more dogmatic, and generally a bit nasty.

    It is indeed time for many to fly the coop. As it coincidentally says in the Cardinal Fang section, “”He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.”

    All of the liberal talk of “question authority” was just a means of cult programming. No one really meant it or they would be questioning that authority now. When they said “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” they really didn’t mean it. It was just a bit of indoctrinated pablum. If dissenting was really considered honorable, you wouldn’t have so many Orwellian politically correct schmucks as we do now.

    Fly, little ducky, fly.

  3. RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

    Thanks, the politically correct will turn is into pate…

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