Returning Home to Be Redeemed

by Glenn Fairman   6/20/12

In Cebu City, Philippines, amongst the ruins of Mambaling
Poor children sleep amidst the tombs, a squalid nightmare suffering
Surrendering to hunger’s blight; privation claims its prize supreme
All Little Ones converge in God, returning home to be redeemed

A Cattle Car has disembarked those frightened legs that cannot flee
One gateway heads to starving ruin, the other leads to Zyklon B
Mounds of hair and children’s shoes bear witness to their muffled screams
All innocents converge in God, returning home to be redeemed

In desolate Afghanistan, a Ranger team must be retrieved
A fresh faced pilot touches down, unknowing he has been deceived
A momentary flash consumes a life we held in high esteem
All noble souls converge in God, returning home to be redeemed

The riddle of depravity consumes the flinty heart of Man
The wanton eye, the wicked Soul, the crimes compiled since life began
But justice will be recompensed, by virtue of His Splintered Beam
For Children of the Living God, returning home to be redeemed
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One Response to Returning Home to Be Redeemed

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Since most of the evil you present is man-made rather than natural, the concept of justice could be frightening for many, at least once they actually encounter it.

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