Republicans and Democrats…The Choice Between Two Evils

Republicratby Leigh Bravo  12/15/14
Both the Congress and the Senate passed a 2015-spending bill, in record time that has been labeled a “Cromnibus.”  But where was the fight? Where were our representatives who swore they would not fund amnesty, Obamacare, taxpayer-funded abortion, and more irresponsible spending? Nowhere to be seen!

About Obama’s illegal amnesty,

“We are going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. This is the wrong way to govern. This is exactly what the American people said on Election Day they didn’t want.” – John Boehner

About the passage of Obamacare,

“And look at how this bill was written,”  “Can you say it was done openly, with transparency and accountability? Without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors hidden from the people? Hell, no, you can’t.” – John Boehner

“When we came here, we each swore an oath to uphold and abide by the Constitution as representatives of the people.” “But the process here is broken. The institution is broken. And as a result, this bill is not what the American people need nor what our constituents want.” – John Boehner

These are the exact words John Boehner spoke as recently as November, 2014, in reply to President Obama’s announcement to offer amnesty to millions of illegals inside the United States and the passage of Obamacare, both bills, openly rejected by the American people.

So how did the Republican leader decide to fight President Obama on amnesty, Obamacare, abortion and spending? By giving the Department of Health and Human Service’s unaccompanied children’s program an $80 million increase. He also offered up an additional $14 million to school districts struggling with the influx of illegal students. Add insult to injury…he has also agreed to give an additional $260 million to the Central American countries from where the illegals are coming. Obamacare was, once again, fully funded, along with Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of taxpayer-funded abortions, and the House signed off on increasing the amount wealthy donors can throw into the political arena, increasing the current cap of $32,400 to $777,600 per person per year.

Frank Dodd regulations have been rolled back allowing banks to participate in the same derivatives trading which exacerbated the financial crisis in 2008, and the real clincher? The bill calls for more spending then what the government anticipates bringing in, resulting in yet another year of increased debt, which has now surpassed the $18 trillion mark, representing a 70% increase in our national debt since Obama took office.

I think New York Post’s Kyle Smith hit the nail on the head when he said,

“2014 was the year when the truth was optional. 2014 was the year when convenient fabrication was the weapon of choice for celebrities, activists, big business and politicians.” 

In November of this year, we had a midterm election that trumped most others. The GOP swept the country by extending their majority to near historic levels, speaking loud and clear to President Obama, “enough is enough”!!! The American people said they did not like Obamacare and were not happy about our open borders and the surge of illegals allowed to enter into our country and take part in our taxpayer-funded services. The American people are no longer interested in bailing out anyone…especially the banks that caused the financial crisis in the first place, we do not want to pay for others abortions and we want the budget balanced, and for good measure, let’s throw in term limits. But is that what the American taxpayer got?

Even President Obama jumped on the bandwagon supporting the spending bill…. what could this mean? Since when has the president ever agreed with the GOP? If he is signing off on this budget deal with no fight, then the American people are obviously the losers!

Lawmakers, led hand in hand by Boehner and Reid, signed off on a 1,603-page bill that said,

“If members averaged 200 words per minute to read the dense legislative text, they would need 24 hours just to get through the bill.”

Joseph Curl from the Washington Times said,

“When House Speaker John Boehner campaigned for the leadership job years ago, he vowed to give members at least 72 hours to read any bill before a vote. Back in 2010 the speaker said he didn’t think ‘having 2000 page bills on the House floor serves anyone’s best interest – not the House, not for the members and certainly not for the American people.'”

I guess the massive 2,700 pages, insurance canceling, $2.6 trillion budget draining, Obamacare, “have to pass it to see what’s in it” bill, taught them no lessons. When will our representatives start studying history and learning from past mistakes? When will they stand up for the rule of law? When will they stand up and defend our Constitution? When will they say what they mean and do what they say?

If, in fact, the president’s actions on immigration were against the Constitution and the rule of law, then why would the GOP cave in on the budget negotiations and actually allow them to be funded? Even though the money only supports the illegal amnesty until February of 2015, doesn’t the vote itself validate the president’s illegal executive action?

Senator Ted Cruz took a stand on that issue and tried to fund the government for additional days allowing the House to reconvene on Monday to further discuss the bill.  Cruz lost the support of most Republicans and Democrats, but he did get the vote on record for anyone wanting to know who supported the funding of Obama’s amnesty without a fight. It puts all politicians on record for supporting the bills that the American people do not support.

Even Democrat, Jim Moran said.

“Democrats got virtually everything they wanted in the bill. In twenty years of being on the appropriations committee, I haven’t seen a better compromise in terms of Democratic priorities.” 

When did lies become the new truth? When did misrepresenting, misinforming, misguiding, deceiving, defrauding, misdirecting and betraying the American people become the norm? I know absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it has definitely reached a new high. Add in the press, who refuses to truthfully inform the American people as to the real actions of our government, the real state of the economy and the job market, and we have the perfect storm brewing!

Once again, in words from Boehner in 2010,

“Around this chamber, looking upon us are the lawgivers from Moses, to Gaius, to Blackstone, to Thomas Jefferson. By our actions today, we disgrace their values. We break the ties of history in this chamber. We break our trust with America.”

As Americans, it is hard to resolve the feelings of betrayal and even harder to come to terms with an election that all our politicians felt had nothing to do with them or their actions. It is hard to reconcile that our choices at the ballot box have come down to choosing between the better of two evils. When the depth of corruption, deceit and red tape bureaucracy reach such astronomical levels?  It is time for a complete overhaul! Fire them all!!

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33 Responses to Republicans and Democrats…The Choice Between Two Evils

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Libertarian economist Daniel Mitchell decided that the Boehner atrocity was actually a bit of a mixed bag, cutting EPA spending and seriously cutting IRS spending along with all the special deals (a 1700-page deal probably has at least 1600 pages of corrupt bargains) and surrenders.

    Both parties are evil, and most elections are choices between evils. But we should remember that the Democratic Plunderbund is actively hostile to America and seeks to wreck it and replace it with something inferior. The Republicans, by contrast, are merely typically corrupt politicians and (mostly) morally weak in the face of this evil. Lack of moral courage is bad, but not as bad as being actively evil. This is why the Democrats are never the lesser evil.

    • Anniel says:

      I shudder at the comments of Boehner in this article, even while still trying to have hope for the good men who still exist. Who can trust a proven liar?

      • Timothy Lane says:

        No one can trust him. Boehner backstabbed his own voters. They elected Republicans to stop the Black God, so Boehner instead chose to work with him now rather than wait a month so that he could actually do what the voters elected him to do. And he used a humongous corrupt bill as his weapon — precisely the sort he was eager to denounce before they voted for him.

    • Rosalys says:

      It reveals something about us in when we must refer to the better choice as merely corrupt politicians?

      • Leigh Bravo says:

        So true. Have we all become so conditioned that er are no longer outraged at the corruption and waste that is happening at faster and faster paces within our government? The worst part is that no one is ever held accountible which only encourages more bad behavior. The only losers are the American people!

        • Timothy Lane says:

          One can (and should) be outraged while at the same time realizing that there are worse alternatives. One reason there is often no accountability is toxic cynicism: if “they all do it” then what good is punishing them? (The answer is that they all WANT to do it, but some won’t if they know they’ll be punished for it, such as by losing a primary or an election.)

  2. Rosalys says:

    This is why actions speak louder than words. Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the reason why the Republicans, by and large, are refusing to undo any of the treason being done against America is because they don’t want to? All they do is talk the narrow path and then wallow in the cesspit. Talk, talk, talk! yap, yap, yap! Blah, blah, blah!

    Two things to remember:
    1) Talk is cheap!
    2) You get what you pay for!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I think people should at least remain registered Republicans so that they can vote against the Beltway Bandits in the primary. One can still vote for someone reasonable in the general election. What’s needed is a successful challenge to a House leader (since that’s where the biggest problem currently lies) or two — pushed hard by conservative media figures, as Laura Ingraham and others did for David Brat against Eric Cantor. Getting rid of Backstabber Boehner would help considerably.


        Yes, exactly. Our immediate goal as Conservatives should be to take over the GOP, or, should that prove impossible, leave it and form a third party, for above all what we need is a voice, and without a political party under our control we don’t have one. I suggest that in 2016 Conservatives need to make sure we have one of our own at the top of the ticket, and we need to target every RINO and Establishment-man who hold either elected office or Party office.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I doubt we have the resources to target them all. Best to select a few salutary examples to “encourage the others”. Just as defeating the corrupt dissuades some others from corruption, so defeating the Beltway Bandits will persuade some others to be loyal to their voters, not the big donors (such as the Cheap Labor Lobby).

      • ronlsb says:

        Boehner could be pushed aside as leader in January if only 30 conservatives had the courage to vote against him when the speaker election for the new House is held. It’s an open process where all the members vote. Every dem will vote against him. With only 30 nay votes from the Republican side, he would like a majority and another candidate would emerge, hopefully someone who really believes in defending the Constitution and limited government. The question remains, are there 30 such members? So far, it only appears we have 16. Perhaps they, with some of the new members, can give it an attempt at least.

        • Leigh Bravo says:

          The only way to do that is for the people to contact their representatives and tell them we want Boehner gone. They have to fear their constituents, fear for their jobs…..!!!

  3. ronlsb says:

    Sorry, Leigh, but I think you should be a little less inclusive in your well-deserved condemnation of our ruler in DC. I would contend the 67 Republican representatives and 22 Republican senators who voted against this monstrosity should not be included in your hit on our

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I would contend the 67 Republican representatives and 22 Republican senators who voted against this monstrosity should not be included in your hit

      Unfortunately, at least one of them should be. That would be Rep. Sam Johnson, who is considered one of the more conservative members of the House. But if you study what actually happened with H.R. 83, fondly known as the Cromnibus, you we see that (shades of John Kerry) Johnson voted for the bill before he voted against it.

      What Johnson did was to vote Yea on the rules motion which passed the bill out of committee onto the floor of the House. This “rules” motion passed 214-213. Had Johnson voted Nay, the bill would not have come to the floor for a vote.

      When I called Johnson’s office and asked why he did this, the aide said that Johnson believed the bill deserved to be debated on the floor of the House. This is a load of crap. How does a chamber consisting of 435 members debate a 1,600 page bill in a day or less?

      I am only slightly surprised at the cynicism shown by Johnson, but I am not surprised that the people in D.C. think we are stupid and not paying attention.

      I would bet some of those 67 and 22 “Nays” pulled the same trick.

      What to do? Get out and take over the party.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Yes, the only House members one can rely on are the 16 who voted against the rule — and perhaps Marlin Stutzman, who voted for it after being promised it would be withdrawn. (He was told that Backstabber Boehner wanted to avoid the embarrassment of losing that particular vote.) Of course, some of the new members might be good, too (Brat was already in, and he did vote against the monstrosity).

      • ronlsb says:

        Good catch, Kung Fu Zu. The rule you mentioned was indeed the most important vote taken. And I see it was only 16 members that voted against it. Well, at least we have a base of 16 reps who respect the Constitution. Sadly, my congressman, John Culbertson, is not one of them. I have, however, expressed my dissatisfaction to his office of his attempt to convince his constituents that this was as good bill (yuck).

      • Misanthropette says:

        Thank you for highlighting the chicanery and shenanigans within the Republican ranks. My House “representative” also voted for the rule change so the vote on H.R. 83 could take place, then cast a vote against the Cromnibus. Since most “representatives” no longer engage in local town halls, and my representative has refused to respond to immigration queries, budget queries or any queries, I must conclude that he no longer believes he is accountable for his votes. Yet, the electorate continues to send him, Boehner and other “representatives” back to Congress.

        With this betrayal, less than a month after a sweeping victory at the polls, the GOP has proven to the American people that representative government no longer exists in this country. Whatever people believe about the U.S., they need to understand that what we now have sitting in the White House, the Congress and the Courts is not “government”. It is a lawless, limitless body of aristocrats. These people cannot in any real way be considered “representative” of anything or anybody.

        It’s time to trot out Orwell’s Animal Farm for another re-reading. Yes, Virginia, some animals are more equal than others.

    • Leigh Bravo says:

      I thought it was inoortant for everyone to see who voted yes, who voted no and those who didn’t bother to show up!!!!

  4. ronlsb says:

    Sorry, Leigh, but I have to disagree with you on your blanket condemnation of our rulers in DC. There were 67 Republicans in the House and 22 Republican senators who voted against this monstrosity. At least cut them a little slack. Otherwise, your piece is spot on! Nice job.

    • Leigh Bravo says:

      I wanted everyone to see who voted yes, who voted no and those who did not bother to show up! My condemnation is directed at all Republicans, Democrats and Independents who voted yes and of course those who didn’t think it was important to even show up on such an important issue. I have only positive thoughts for those who said no!!!!!

  5. Anniel says:

    It now seems that Rep. Stutzman (R-Ind), is himself lying, according to the for sure liar Boehner. Stutzman also may be a backstabbing SOB who lied to get elected, so maybe we just get our choice of liars. Truth has become more a precious commodity than ever.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      So it’s a case of “he said, he said”? I put no trust whatsoever in Backstabber Boehner. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Stutzman’s record to evaluate him. (The fact that he has the same last name as fantasy writer Esther Friesner’s husband is probably irrelevant.)

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Frankly, the moment I heard Stutzman’s claim my first thought was, “is he a fool or a knave” i.e. in today’s parlance “a liar or just stupid?” Of course, this is the first question which comes to my mind most times any politician or bureaucrat speaks, but I felt it particularly applied to Stutzman.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I wondered the same thing, of course. On the other hand, I can also understand why a member of Backstabber Boehner’s assemblage would be willing to trust him, at least initially.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      For whatever reason, Stutzman has announced that he will vote against the Backstabber for Speaker.

  6. GHG says:

    We have just witnessed the death of the RINO. The RINO is now extinct. No longer are there Republicans In Name Only. No, they are now just plain old unqualified Republicans because the Republican Party has severed ties with their conservative constituents.

    Now our political lexicon needs a new term – one that will represent conservatives … how about CIRP – Conservatives In Republican Party. That doesn’t have much of a ring to it … any ideas?

    • Timothy Lane says:

      We can call the old RINOs and such Beltway Bandits, which certainly describes them well. Or we could use my own version from some time back, Hunkers for the politicians and Barnburners for the grassroots conservatives.

    • Leigh Bravo says:

      I think we should be calling Boehner and other RINOS simply…the New Democrats!

  7. Leigh Bravo says:

    I hope everyone reading this article will spread the word, asking everyone you know to contact their Congressional representatives and demand they replace Boehner. Otherwise we will see him remain in the leadership position. There is a wave of support for Trey Gowdy!!! Now that would be a dream come true!!!

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