Do We Really Have a Voice?

Voiceby Leigh Bravo   2/26/14
I have always been interested in Politics, and have always voted my conscience. However, in the past 4 years, I have become more politically active as I have seen our Country “fundamentally changed” into something I no longer recognize.

I read 4 Newspapers a day, further research articles that catch my attention, and post on Facebook things that I hope will open the eyes of other Americans. I have signed hundreds of petitions, written directly to the White House and I have spent countless hours writing letters to my Representatives and to the Newspapers to which I subscribe. I have sent comments and emails to all the News Stations, and called into countless Radio Shows. The points I address are real concerns about our freedoms, or lack thereof, fraud in the voting booths, fraud within the government, and I do it respectfully and with integrity and respect. However, I have come to the realization, that we, as Americans, truly have NO VOICE in our own government. How do we respond? What can we do? Can the “Convention of the States” be a solution for the ever-increasing lawlessness that continues in Washington on a daily basis or will we see Americans rush the Hill in revolt?

I recently had a discussion with David Altschul on Facebook regarding the “Convention of the States.” I posted that ”I personally believe this might be the only way we will be able to reign in our government and remind them that they work for the people and not the other way around.” He responded, “I believe a Convention of the States would be an invitation to anarchy, oppression, short-term thinking and disaster, because we lack patriots with the education, literacy, vision, spirituality and accountability of thinkers like Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Madison, John and Samuel Adams and Noah Webster.” In response to David’s comment, I replied, “David, you are right that the likes of our founding fathers do not exist currently on the Hill, however, they do exist within the people.”

We all know someone who we think would be a great representative for the people within our government. However, how many law-abiding, God-fearing, moral Americans would dare want to cross the line into a sea of sharks that are more concerned with their own meal than feeding the people? It is truly a thought to ponder. In this day and age, any candidate, even Jesus would be torn into bits by hook or by crook, by the powers at be for merely wanting the best for America and its people and actually speaking these truths.

What do you think about the “Convention of the States?” Could it be our saving grace, or might it put us in a position worse that where we currently exist? What can we, as Americans, really do to affect the path this Country is currently taking under the Obama Administration? Is it all Obama, or has it been a path that was blazed by previous leaders? Who do we trust? What is the real truth? What is the real end to the means currently being used by so many governments in today’s world? We see the revolts in Venezuela, the demands for a voice in the Ukraine, the people of Egypt marching to have their voices heard. I do believe that most people around the world just want to be free to live their lives. But what is it in our leaders that turns power for good into power for control?

I have never seen such anger and frustration that I have seen of late within the American people. Will we, like Egypt, Ukraine and Venezuela have to stand up and fight on the Capital Steps to have our voices heard? Will we see a Convention of the States and can it realize its goals? My FB friend, David said, “the breathtaking and pervasive contempt for the law shown daily by President Obama leads me to believe that altering the Constitution (through the Convention of the States) would be as useful against tyranny as Chicago’s gun-bans were against crime. I don’t have facile answers. I speak out. I read the Declaration of Independence, I pray a lot and I continually seek out and strive to strengthen Patriots of like spirits.”

Well said David, well said!!
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5 Responses to Do We Really Have a Voice?

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    He responded, “I believe a Convention of the States would be an invitation to anarchy, oppression, short-term thinking and disaster, because we lack patriots with the education, literacy, vision, spirituality and accountability of thinkers like Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Madison, John and Samuel Adams and Noah Webster.”

    I think David got that right, although we have Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, David Barton, and a few others of that stature who I would trust in any kind of Convention of the States. But overall, I wouldn’t trust the average legislator these days to change a light bulb.

    What we need is a culture of repute, not of ill repute, to rise from below. Yes, America is (and was meant to be) an aristocracy of sorts (we are a republic, not a democracy). We are meant to be led to some extent by wise leaders (our betters, if you will). But most of the men and women at the top today are shallow, not wise. Even many conservative intellectuals have been seduced by the power of the Establishment.

    So we need to set about remedying the character of the rank-and-file American people. That will be tough to do, if only for two reasons: entitlements and government schools. Both have sufficient weight (regardless of one’s starting ideology) to corrupt and steer one toward being an apologist for statism and socialism.

    Add to that our idiot/juvenile entertainment culture and a mainstream media that is pure poison in terms of educating the populace and you see the difficulty of nurturing the next Madison, Adams, or Washington.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    David Altschul, at Leigh’s site, mentioned that a good read for these times is Albert Nock’s Isaiah’s Job.

    I haven’t read it, but I just thought I’d pass that link along.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    The best answer may be the motto of my native state of Virginia: Sic semper tyrannis. I don’t like the idea of violence or revolution, and especially when there is (at least theoretically) a non-violent alternative. But is there, really, or have we already become the “managed democracy” that Bernardo de la Paz warned against in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? But, as Manny wondered at a similar point in the book, “Who bells the cat?”

  4. David Altschul says:

    Thomas Jefferson, perhaps the most broadly-wise President we’ve had so far, wrote: “The tree of liberty must sometimes be watered with the blood of tyrants.” The Parasite-in-Chief violates the Constitution as stresslessly as he plays golf, and just about as often. He has forfeited the respect due his office by his unmitigated lying, laziness, theft, and treasons ….The Declaration of Independence is also a good read.

  5. steve lancaster says:

    I doubt that a convention of states would achieve what Levin thinks it would. However, short of massive civil disobedience and possible state secession it is the only alternative to turn the titanic from the iceberg, although there is some question that we have already hit the ice and the water is rising.

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