We really don’t care “whose shirt you wear”

ShutdownThumb3by Geoph2
I wish more Conservatives, or even Republicans, would make a bigger issue out of the sequester.

To hear, ad nauseam, how Congress’ self-imposed cuts were designed to be so catastrophic that they could never be enacted – were put into effect, and the unimaginable calamity that was so often threatened did not occur.

To hear how, just like every American when faced with a financial crisis and needs to adjust their budget, Government also needs to tighten its belt.

To hear how, just like every American when faced with a hard decision prioritizes and chooses, Government must also make those hard decisions instead of simply printing, taxing, or borrowing more money in order not to choose.

To hear how, just like every American, Government and those elected to positions within it – should be required to obey all laws that we pass and not be allowed to carve out exemptions for ourselves and certain groups.

To hear how our Government that is supposed to be “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” has routinely placed itself apart and above the people.

To hear how this shutdown of the Government has been going on for nearly a week, yet America and Washington DC are still functioning. That doesn’t mean people are not being affected by the shut down, but one thing that is not being affected is Government. There is ample waste and overlap built into the bureaucracy that comes with all the agencies, departments, and spending our government has grown to.

It is beyond time that our government stops placing itself into a different class than the American citizenry. It is beyond time for government to make itself follow the same rules and laws it expects every American to follow. It is beyond time this government assesses every dollar that we are spending – whether borrowed or taxed, because our government can only acquire money in those two ways – and both have gotten so out of control that our debt is nearly $17,000,000,000,000 and the American worker earns wages for over ¼ of the year that he must pay directly to the government (Tax Freedom Day 2013: April 18, $4.22 trillion).

It is beyond time the Republican Party stops enabling the creation of two classes of Americans – the haves and the have-nots. It is time they recognize that they have been part of the problem and pledge to work for change. President Obama once said that he learned you cannot change Washington from the outside. Well, DC does need to change, and Republicans can fight to change Washington from within. Their first step can be insisting politicians stop thinking of themselves as being above their constituents, and join with all Americans in every struggle we face. They could insist Washington end the exploitation of voters in order to provide for their fantasy world. They could insist on bringing the realities that Americans have to deal with everyday to the Capital, and the most notable way would be to insist Congress, the President, and every other American live under the same laws concerning healthcare.

I for one would be more inclined to tolerate a bad program as long as I knew those responsible for the bad program were stuck with it too. • (967 views)


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Home is the Detroit suburbs, though I spent some years in Rochester, NY. Thus, I'm quite familiar with what a fiscal, societal, and governmental failure looks like.
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3 Responses to We really don’t care “whose shirt you wear”

  1. griffonn says:

    Is that headline supposed to read “whose shirt you wear” or “who’s [sic] shirt you wear”?

    I can’t tell.

    • Geoph2 says:

      Stupid auto fill, and bad proof reading (mine, not yours Brad!)
      WHOSE shirt (I’ve been listening to Bowie again) and got to thinking of just how pompous and indignant Boehner sounded in his response to the WSJ headline.
      It was in my head all day as I mulled just how important these politicians believe their words are, and just how “non-essential” They truly are.

      I’ve been ruminating on whether Congress is Major Tom, or is the TEA Party?
      Either way, no one is too keen on either’s view and would rather just assume they know the position – depending on personal preferences. Newspapers, radio, tv, internet…there is very little of actually seeking answers to problems, and more being swept away with emotions or the emotions of others.

      “Can ya hear me Major Tom?” Who’s asking, who’s listening – does anyone even care….

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Fixed. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that either. Damn homonyms. Ever since we gave them equal rights, things haven’t been the same.

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