Reality Bites

by Deana Chadwell1/24/17
Last Friday the dream came true. For nearly 25 years this country has labored under leadership that discounted the concerns of everyday, ordinary Americans, or, worse yet, tried to “fundamentally change” who we are. Friday Donald Trump let the country know that the ship is turning, which will be painful for some who didn’t know the ship was almost over the precipice.  Judging from the press reactions, and from the appalling demonstrations, we can clearly see where some assumptions will need adjustment. Reality is going to set up shop in Washington and we wait to see how that will go. Let’s look at some of these realities:

Reality #1 – The 4th estate is fragmenting – dispersing to individuals who may not be trained reporters, but who are at least, for the time being, independent of government. I get a chuckle out of those folks who get most of their news from NPR. At a time when the country is divided between pro- and anti-government ideologies a quasi-government organization is not likely to be unbiased.  In fact, the whole myth of unbiased news has been demolished. Now, Trump’s willingness to go over the heads of the mainstream news solidifies their demise. “No need for you, “ he’s saying, “ so shape up and stop lying.” We’ll see if they do.

Reality #2 – Our foreign relations fog is lifting which will expose the 21st century’s holocaust.  We will soon see clearly who is friend and who is enemy. We will see that we HAVE enemies. Obama thought he could bat his eyes at the bad guys and they would purr and rub up against his leg. He thought he could bow to those folks while kicking our friends in the shins and we’d hit some kind of magic equilibrium that would save the whole world. The next 4 years will untangle a lot of that nonsense, but will jerk the dreamers up by the short hairs. The reality is that the world is infested with evil people in powerful positions, and, as has always been the case, we must show more power so that good can prevail. That may get ugly before it gets better.

Reality #3 – Having had a black president for 8 years has availed the black population NOTHING, and has not alleviated one ounce of white guilt. Those stuck in the inner cities are far worse off than they were when Obama took office. The unemployment levels are sky-high, education is worse, and crime makes cities like Chicago and Detroit look like war zones. One can extrapolate from this that having a woman in the Oval Office will not improve the lot of women either. For one thing, American women are blessed. Ashley Judd had to stoop to complaining about the tax on tampons in order to work up enough civic anger to rouse her crowd. What tax on tampons? And that’s something the leader of the free world would concern himself with?

Reality #4 – America has had all it can take of identity politics – if we’re going to survive, we have to be one nation. If we are going to do that, we just can’t think of ourselves as mortally aggrieved members of some special tribe. Most Americans watched women marching around in vagina costumes and booby hats screaming incoherent and obscene slogans and realized that we’ve taken this idea of underdog whining to its illogical conclusion, and boy is it ugly.  Political demonstrations have their place– if there is a political solution to the problem, but these mobs don’t even have a problem, let alone a reasonable solution. It was an embarrassing weekend for all reasonable people. I don’t see us falling for the poor-me moaning anymore. There is no integrity there — get a job.

Reality #5 – Business isn’t the bad guy. Trump’s swamp-draining operation, if it can actually be done, will prove that, and we’ll see if that brings any clarity to the leftist mind. His tax-cutting, bring-business-home efforts will also hit the left hard, because it will have an amazing effect on the economy, on personal income, on the national debt. I’m sure of that because it has worked every time it’s been tried. The left has used business as the whipping boy – the bad, evil rich – and has so beleaguered businesses with taxes and regulations that corporations have had to stoop to lobbying and cozying up to government just to survive. Trump will cut manufacturing loose from all that. It will be fun watching the left eat crow, but they’ll choke on it.

Reality #6 – Energy isn’t the bad guy, either. The left is going to be bereft of its goblins. The pipelines will get built. Drilling will get going. The EPA will be muzzled. Cows will go on passing gas. And, amazement of amazements, the earth will not burn up and seas will not drown Manhattan. We all know this. The left will figure it out.

Reality #7 – This is a Christian country. Progressives don’t like that, but this election has proven them wrong. We don’t want Islam invading our neighborhoods and our schools. We don’t want Christian businessmen sued and harassed when they want to live by their religious convictions. We don’t want babies torn from their mothers’ wombs and sold like spare parts. We know the difference between true Christian charity and government theft. We refuse to limit our religious freedom to Sunday mornings. We intend to say, “Merry Christmas!”  Our schools teach our kids – by commission and by omission – that God is not real and then we are horrified when they fill the gap with drugs and sex. We’ve had enough. Done. This, too, will stick in the liberal craw because Christianity also works every time it’s tried.

Reality #8 – the Constitution is still alive and well. The Supreme Court will soon go back to using that document as their guidepost. Congress will regain its rightful place in the order of things. The states will be able to reassert their 10th Amendment sovereignty. And we, the people – the working, productive, decent people – will pay more attention and go back to being citizens of a proud and good nation.

Reality #9 – Patriotism is a good thing. It is a natural thing – and it has nothing to do with Nazi Germany.  The Nazis didn’t put Germany first; they put the Aryan race first and sacrificed the Germans – both Jew and Gentile – to promote it. Trump’s inaugural line, “If you’re a patriot you cannot be prejudiced,” solidifies that. “America First” is just common sense.

Will the left mend its ways?  No. The left is on the wrong side of history and I don’t mean “the losing side.” I mean the evil side. All you have to do is look at the inaugural riots and marches. The level of evil nastiness reached a crescendo that was painful for all decent people to watch. George Soros, the ex-Nazi billionaire who likes to brag about how many nations he’s destroyed, financed those protests. The vagina marches were organized by Sharia-supporters (illogical as that may seem), and Satanists marched proudly with the women demanding free abortions. That’s being on the evil side of things, and as long as God gives us time, evil will be here to fight.

America put on the brakes this election. We stuck our feet clear through the floorboards and screamed, “STOP!”  This will be an adjustment for our communist fellow Americans, but the wall Trump is going to build will not keep them from going to another country where tampons aren’t taxed so onerously and where public fit-throwing can remove a duly elected president.

Deana Chadwell blogs at and is a writing and speech professor at Pacific Bible College in Southern Oregon.
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Deana Chadwell

About Deana Chadwell

I have spent my life teaching young people how to read and write and appreciate the wonder of words. I have worked with high school students and currently teach writing at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. I have spent more than forty years studying the Bible, theology, and apologetics and that finds its way into my writing whether I'm blogging about my experiences or my opinions. I have two and a half moldering novels, stacks of essays, hundreds of poems, some which have won state and national prizes. All that writing -- and more keeps popping up -- needs a home with a big plate glass window; it needs air; it needs a conversation. I am also an artist who works with cloth, yarn, beads, gourds, polymer clay, paint, and photography. And I make soap.
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29 Responses to Reality Bites

  1. Gibblet says:

    Well said Deana. Still, we must keep our hand on the rudder and an eye on the sail.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Note that any tax on tampons would be a state or local sales tax, so it would have nothing to do with Trump even if you forget the minor detail that he had only just become President, so any actual grievance for the marchers would be someone else’s fault (most likely the Black God, but they literally can’t say that).

    I like your point about the additional meaning of “America First”. Note that the point of Deutschland über alles isn’t Germany ruling the world, but Germany above the many states and statelets into which it was then divided. (We have identity politics; they had particularism.)

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Some thoughts:

    Reality #1: Does anyone have any data on where people are getting their news these days?

    Reality #2: My hopes aren’t high regarding Trump’s foreign policy. But he at least starts with two key necessary ingredients: America is not the problem and “We win, they lose.”

    Reality #3: I’m not sure that victimhood identity will be decreasing in the coming years. I’m not sure of the antidote for this.

    Reality #4: Ditto

    Reality #5: Business people are among the worst bastards ever to be born, eclipsed only by politicians. But, yes, there is nothing inherently wrong with business itself. The only alternative to making a living for yourself is mooching off of others.

    Reality #6: Trump removed references to “climate change” on the White House web site. That’s good. This is another battle in the ongoing culture wars. With the media, the entertainment complex, and government schools still working 24/7 to propagandize people into The Church of Global Warming, I’m not sure that Trump is anything but a minor diversion from this path.

    Reality #7: The fundamentals of our metaphysics is now thoroughly materialist. (Aka, “Matter is all there ever is, ever was, or ever will be.”) Except for Islam, spirituality is considered retrogressive and harmful to modern life. Again, with The Big Three Orwellian machines turning 24/7 to propagandize folks into materialism, I’m not sure how we can advance in this major battle in the ongoing culture wars.

    Reality #8: Sort of wishful thinking. We’ll see.

    Reality #9: More specifically, American Exceptionalism (the idea that the ideas behind our country, not any particular race or set of DNA) is a good thing. There are some Western ideas that are demonstrably better than some other ideas. America certainly holds no monopoly on the good ideas. England has many. France has some, etc. But we are perhaps the best exemplar of these ideas. Patriotism and nationalism themselves are morally-neutral concepts. It’s depends upon the nation, etc.

    • Re #7 — I used to agree with you on the 1984 totality of our materialist point of view, but judging from this election and from the joy people seem to be feeling as they watch this administration unfold, I’m not so sure. I’m beginning to see that Judeo-Christian core re-emerge. Saturday’s silly and revolting demonstrations, though loud and large, were not well-received and merely showed off the emptiness of that I’m-nothing-but-body-parts attitude. And now, what are they going to do with the trans-folk who are upset because they don’t think it’s fair to pay so much attention to vaginas when they don’t have one? You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Liberalism is beginning to come apart as each little identity group claims superior victimhood and the absolute rights that go along with that. Liberal ideologues and those who flack for them (the synoptic media and the Demagogues, two branches of the Unholy Trinity) will never see this, but I think everyone else will — IF they know of it to begin with.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Some of the excesses of capitalism, if we are to use Marx’s term, are dumping chemicals into rivers, dangerous child labor, no basic protections for the workers, etc. It happens.

          We see the excesses of Snowflakism. Will there be a new Environmental Protection Agency or OSHA (name?) created to deal with that? They used to be called “parents.” No parent (or family group) would allow their sons or daughters to be shamed in this way.

          The remarkable achievement of the Left is that they have made ignoble, dishonest, and just plain cruddy behavior admirable. Give them that.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        We’ll see. I should have added the Fourth Element of the Orwellian Propaganda Machine: The Seminary. Yikes, the stories I’ve heard from all quarters on this.

        Like you and like Rush Limbaugh (and so many others), we’re waiting for that tipping point, when your average Mr. and Mrs. America sees the silly people (Snowflake hooligans) protesting on the streets, theoretically undermining their cause and showcasing their lack of any argument but tantrum.

        But it hasn’t happened yet. Most of the good arguments are on our side. But this isn’t a war of ideas. It’s a war of the pampered juvenile Snowflake hooligans against….well….that really is the question. Against whom? Who is pushing back? It is simply not enough to let these guys showcase themselves and hope that their excesses lead to a rejection of their philosophy, such as it is.

        I love what one poster wrote at the bottom of this otherwise vapid article by Fred Bauer:

        Fred Bauer used a lot of column space to say very little. The few reforms he mentioned were also those proposed by Donald Trump. The bulk of the piece was a bland admonition to shore up cultural norms, without ever clearly identifying them. Are there even any norms still remaining after years of Progressive assault? Bauer’s theme seems to be the same tired argument that has often emasculated the Right: Always take the high road, even when your opponent fights dirty, and wins. Turning the other cheek may be a great bromide for one’s private life, but in politics, all it will get you is a cracked skull and left for dead.

        “Winning” for the Left isn’t about having the better argument. It’s about how many people you can put in the street. Ann Coulter wrote a book about the fact the Democrats were basically a party fueled by a mob mentality. She is substantially correct.

        My own sister was apparently part of this mob the other day in some “women’s march.” She’s not a bad person. But one should understand that a “mob” is powerful because of that feeling of belonging and transcendence that one gets. As people become more and more alienated from traditional means of finding and gaining meaning, and particularly as the state becomes ultra-intrusive, the “Meaning of the Mob” is all some people have. And throw in an implicit element of man-hating and victimhood, and what’s not to like?

        There’s a part of me that says the only language these people will understand is a firehose. I suspect there is much truth in that.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I’ve favored that approach for some time now. Until the mobs face genuine punishment — lengthy jail terms (a few years at least) or superior violence — they will continue rioting. The torched limo in the DC Inauguration Day riot was owned by a Muslim and driven by a Hispanic (who went to the hospital for his injuries — mainly cuts from broken glass). No matter — the riot was all about liberals celebrating their Hate.

          Incidentally, the leftist fondness for crude behavior goes back many years. I read of several examples from 2006 to 2008, which probably was a natural result of all the explicit liberal hate-screeds out in the bookstores at the time (there were more than a half-dozen by my personal count).

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Timothy, you know I’m not a girly-man RINO Republican. I believe in waging a battle. I don’t believe in letting people box you in a corner by defining the rules on what is offensive, racist, etc. We ought to at least take a lesson from the Snowflakes on the Left and see that what is considered normal, proper, and good in a culture can be moved. I’m all for moving it…with a firehose if need be.

            But a part of me, too, understand that I am not the rabble. I am not the urine-soaked Occupy Wall Streeter who needs a bath much more than he needs a free cell phone. Although life is not fair and deals us all blows, I’m not the type to kneel on a sidewalk and howl like a baby. I’m not the type to throw excrement at cops. I’m not the type to blame my problems on George Bush, or Hillary for that matter.

            Still, there is that part — that adult, mature, wise, responsible part — that says we must try to find a way to persuade the Snowflakes of another way of being. And I say that especially in the “bipolar” context of Trumpism which, in my opinion, is too easily made a foil in terms of the whole red-hats/blue-hats dichotomy. And that likely will remain a problem as Trump likely validates many of the Snowflake grievances.

            But I’m not Trump. And I’m not a Snowflake. Is there no other choice in regards to this nation’s culture but to be one extremist or another?

            • Timothy Lane says:

              In The Real Majority, Richard Scammon and Ben Wattenberg concluded that the “law and order” issue was largely what elected Nixon, and noted that if you give a basically moderate person an immoderate situation (such as the urban crime wave of the 1960s, or the leftist ochlocrats today), you’re likely to get an immoderate response.

        • Lucia says:

          I suspect that the more the leftist leaders demand from their supporters, the more supporters will drop out. Once they demand their supporters shed blood for the cause, they will find far fewer following behind them.

  4. Anniel says:

    The most important part of Trump so far, is the encouragement of prayer and patriotism. Love of the Constitution and the country as founded are appearing right up there. I am still a believer and pray unceasingly for President Trump and the good people around him.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      These are all good thoughts, Annie. Also pray for the wisdom of those around him, the few real journalists who exist, and the American electorate so that they can help guide him. Goodness knows, he’s going to need it.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Trump has made some good personnel choices and some good actions so far, but it would help if he did more executive orders. I suppose he has to study them carefully, but there’s a lot that needs to be done, and at this rate we may still be removing the Obama legacy come the mid-terms.

  5. Rosalys says:

    A good list, Deana. However I take issue with one statement,
    “We all know this. The left will figure it out.”
    It’s the second part, “The left will figure it out.” Except for a few individuals, no they won’t. It’s not in their nature. They will double down and probably go to their graves wondering, “Wha’ happened?” They are insane, and insane people can be very dangerous.

    About Christianity… Yes, our country was founded largely on Christian principles, and the majority of Americans may call themselves Christian; but Christianity runs a full gamut. Most denominations in the United States have a history of peaceful coexistence, but Christianity holds a precious place in satan’s cold, dead heart for special targeting, and he has done a remarkable job of infiltration. There are many churches on the left of the spectrum which bear little if any resemblance to Biblical Christianity. I’m wonder if they will continue to live in peaceful coexistence with us.

    I still believe that what America needs is a huge, Ninevah style revival.

    One item of concern is Trump’s supposed “spiritual advisor,” Paula White. A few red flags went up when I first heard about her. First of all (and I know I’m probably in the minority) but I don’t believe women being pastors (except, maybe, in special circumstances) is Biblical. But, what concerns me more is that she has been twice divorced and is on her third husband. If a male pastor is supposed to be a “husband of one wife,” I think it should follow that a female pastor should be a wife of one husband. I’m not saying that this woman is not a Christian, I just have a problem with her being a church leader. (However, so far, all my info has come from television, so maybe there are untruths in this narrative – I haven’t yet done further research. Maybe she isn’t so much his spiritual advisor, as his friend. )

    Never-the-less, I am having so much fun watching Trump’s Bullet Express Train, speeding out of the station, and listening to the hysteria of the leftist media! (Example. After he signed the executive order reversing the abortion policy for aid to NGO’s, the internet was abuzz about how this was actually going to result in an increase of abortions worldwide. Earth to snowflakes – if this were true, you wouldn’t be screaming about it.) Man, I never thought I was going to live to see such a day, when a Republican actually has a spine, and hutzpah, and doesn’t doesn’t give a rat’s arse what the enemy thinks. I am just lovin’ it!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      As it happens, the preacher at my mother’s funeral service was a woman (an Episcopalian). I see nothing wrong with that, and have no problem with the Episcopalians having woman pastors. Their problem is that they’re no longer really Christian (at least the hierarchy). On the other hand, this is purely a matter for each religion to decide; no one has the right to force the Catholics to follow the Episcopalians (and I doubt they ever will, though they already have a place for women anyway — as I should know, having been taught for 2 years at a Catholic school in Greece).

      As for Paula White, I looked her up in wikipedia. Her first marriage was as a teen, and broke up when she went over to Christianity (and perhaps because of that, though the article didn’t speculate on it). Her second lasted about 25 years before breaking up. She’s a TV evangelist, which is how Trump found her (and various other celebrities over the years, such as Michael Jackson). She’s Trump’s spiritual adviser, so her choice was probably inevitable. Whether it’s a good decision I can’t say.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I’m dubious about Trump’s religiosity, period. Regarding Paula White, what could be more natural in this celebrity culture than to be a celebrity preacher? “Thou shalt nots” don’t bring ‘em in anymore. Now people expect a show. They expect, in particular, to feel good. Of course Trump would be attracted to superficiality. Christian populism.

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    In my opinion, one is either engaging in America’s Second Civil War or merely describing it. This is a thought-provoking article by Prager.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Yes, I read it last night. Conservatives recognize, and are ready to fight, our external enemies, but have a much harder time with our internal ones. Liberals are reluctant to fight (or even recognize) our external enemies, but eagerly fight their internal enemies (us).

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        One of the things left out of Prager’s analysis is the two-tier aspect, the True Believers at the top (who really do hold a grudge against America) and the “useful idiots” at the bottom who are for the various good, squishy things such as gay rights, dolphins, fiber in your diet, and windmills.

        Yours truly has often pondered not *if* the Left will win the war but what Final Victory will look like. The main question in my mind is if the useful idiots have a point beyond which they will not be pushed. Do they have a combination of both temerity and a moral compass that will say “Enough!” when even worse things are pushed for by the True Believers at the top?

        The Left is winning and winning big-time. There’s no hope of winning this war. The only hope is in moderating what the Final Victory will be. And that’s not up to you and me. The younger generations will decide (or passively un-decide, as the case may be) whether they will draw any lines in the sand against the Powers That Be.

        One of the niggling problems will be that not only have people not learned how to say “no” to their Progressive masters, but they have no principled way to say “no” to whatever newfangled thing comes down the pike packaged as “social justice” or whatever. Having dispensed with the very idea of objective rights and virtues, the future is up for grabs, likely in the hands of the most aggressive, ruthless, and/or those with the smoothest forked tongue.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          That last part is why every form of sexual liberation that comes along soon becomes liberal dogma. They have no moral basis for saying no. I just wonder how long it will take pedophilia to join that list.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Kevin Williamson thinking like me. Or I like him.

    Trump is, in many ways, exactly the sort of politician Democrats keep telling Republicans they need to support: urban rather than rural, socially moderate to liberal (a Clintonian personal life, to the left of Senator Obama on gay marriage, and, whatever he’s been saying for the past five minutes, possessing the most robustly pro-abortion rhetorical record of any Republican president in the past 40 years), and a pragmatist rather than an ideologue. If the archetypal Republican is a small-town family man whose intellectual poles are the Apostle Paul and Milton Friedman, then Trump is about as far away from that as it is possible to be. What is he?

  8. Timothy Lane says:

    Hot Air had a link to an article (by a Trumpist) comparing Trump to the great Athenian statesman Themistocles. The similarities were indeed remarkable in many ways, which doesn’t mean Trump really is as brilliant as his predecessor (though he may have been as slippery). The link is:

    Incidentally, Watters’ World on Fox News just had a report on the federal judge in Washington (appointed by Bush 43) who halted Trump’s refugee order. It turns out he works pro bone for immigration and refugee groups, and in 2015 endorsed Black Shakedowns Matter (admittedly before their worst excesses became clear). Bush had some good appointees, but plenty of bad ones as well.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      This piece is a good example why it is important to know history and why the left does not want it taught.

      I think the writer either sells Themistocles short or gives Trump too much credit when he says that, unlike Themistocles, Trump will not run. It should be noted that people played a much rougher game in 5th century B.C. Athens than in 21st century America. It must also be said that Themistocles fought at Marathon and in the second Persian invasion of Greece. I believe he commanded the Athenian fleet. He was no coward. I have no idea how Trump would act in hand-to-hand combat.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The story (I think it comes from Herodotus) is that after Salamis, the Greek admirals (each polis with any sort of fleet had one) voted on who deserved the most credit for the win. Each voted Themistocles second — after himself, of course.

        After his ostracism, Themistocles was legally required to leave Attica. He chose to go into Persian service, and remained there, becoming a satrap. An interesting, if fictional, view of Themistocles as satrap can be found in Gary Corby’s The Ioni Sanction.

        Note that in addition to Themistocles’s role in building the “wooden wall” of triremes, he was also responsible for rewalling the city after the Persian war. This included building the Long Walls protecting the city’s access to the sea. This is why Sparta didn’t like him.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          This included building the Long Walls protecting the city’s access to the sea. This is why Sparta didn’t like him.

          Yes it was that wall to Pireaus which so often thwarted Sparta’s ambitions. Didn’t they or another alliance force Athens to tear it down at a later date?

          • Timothy Lane says:

            After the Peloponnesian War, around 400 BC, Sparta basically ran the show in Athens and forced them to tear down their walls (which were later rebuilt once Athens regained its independence).

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