Raw Deal (1948)

RawDealSuggested by Brad Nelson • Joe is itching to get out of prison. He’s taken the rap for Rick, who owes him $50 grand. Rick sets up an escape for Joe, knowing that Joe will be caught. But with the help of his love-struck girl, Pat, and his sympathetic legal caseworker, Ann, Joe gets further than he’s supposed to.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This is a surprisingly good crime noir. The acting is all suitably 1950’s. And with Raymond Burr as the bad guy, what’s not to like? There’s a bit of Schadenfreude appeal watching Joe’s social worker, played by Marsha Hunt, sort of fall for the Bad Boy.

    Claire Trevor, on the other hand, plays the discardable “dame” who is Joe’s long-time girl — kinda-sorta. She’s loyal, song-suffering, and insecure…and maybe with some reason.

    [Brian Williams] By the way. I had a bit part in this film and got to play poker with Raymond Burr in between takes. He was quite a splendid fellow and a good bluffer. [/Brian Williams].

    For those who like old movies, you could do worse than watch this one. And as of this writing, this movie is available for streaming on Netflix.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Raymond Burr also played the villain in Rear Window, with Jimmy Stewart as the good guy. (Note that the movie came from a short story by Cornell Woolrich, a noir specialist. Perhaps Burr liked playing that sort of villain. Of course, Grace Kelly wasn’t going to play a disposable woman — though Burr’s character’s wife certainly was.)

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