Why We’re Raising ‘Duck Dynasty’ Boys, and not ‘Pajama Boys’

FamilyThumbby Trevor Thomas   12/24/13
After Phil Robertson told the truth to GQ Magazine (though in a rather colorful way) about homosexuality, liberals went into their predictable hypocritical hyperventilation. While slamming Robertson’s (and essentially the Bible’s) views on homosexuality and sin (which are shared by tens of millions of Americans), liberals completely ignored (read: had absolutely no problem with) what were by far the most offensive things in the GQ interview.

Authored by Drew Magary, the column is replete with dripping sarcasm along with plenty of vulgar and foul language. In the very first paragraph, referring to Mr. Robertson’s large crossbow, Magary says “It looks like you could shoot through a god-mn mountain with it.” Of course, if one doesn’t believe what the Bible says anyway, what harm is there in swearing with God’s name?

Just two sentences later, Magary writes, “The bow is cocked and loaded, just in case a deer stumbles in front of us and we need to do a redneck drive-by on the poor b-stard…” The f-bomb is dropped more than once, along with several other foul words and crude references. Seemingly, none of this bothers the left. No, they are offended by Scripture quotations that contradict their liberal worldview.

As Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller points out, such a worldview much prefers “Pajama Boy” to the boys of “Duck Dynasty.” As Lewis noted in his column, “There is a huge schism between red state America and blue state America, and these two stories seem to symbolize the yawning chasm.” However wide this chasm, as a father of four, three of whom are boys (ages 5, 9, and 11), one thing is clear to me: I’m raising “Duck Dynasty” boys, not “Pajama” boys.

Now, my boys love their cozy pajamas and hot chocolate, but they are also learning to shoot (guns and bows), hunt, and fish. Last Christmas I gave my two older boys junior compound bows. This year they have fished for and caught crappie and trout. My two older boys also won a “Turkey Shoot” with BB guns — the prize being a frozen turkey — at a local fall festival this year. Below is a recent photo of our boys with our only daughter Caroline, which my wife proudly posted on Facebook along with the caption shown.

You may come calling boys, but you must meet my brothers first.

You may come calling, boys, but you must meet my brothers first.

Don’t worry, libs, along with our children’s outdoor exploits, our home has an extensive library of hundreds of books. My wife, who is in charge of homeschooling our four children, has made sure of that. Each of our three older children, including our daughter, also takes karate and piano classes. So along with learning how to clean a trout, this year Caleb, Jesse, and Caroline learned to play a “Mozart Themed” Sleigh-ride.

I have an undergraduate degree in physics and two graduate degrees in mathematics education. I have taught mathematics in public and private schools for 20 years. My wife has an undergraduate degree in sociology, graduated summa cum laude, and was valedictorian of her college class. She has also recently authored a book. Our children will receive one of the best K-12 educations of any child in the country.

I’m not nearly the outdoorsman that the Robertsons are, and my wife can’t stand camouflage, but whether my children prefer sipping hot chocolate (like Uncle Si, I prefer sweet tea) or shooting a gun, most importantly, our children are being taught from a Christian worldview.

Yes, that means that among other things, they are learning that, along with adultery, fornication, and bestiality, homosexual behavior is sin. They are also learning that they are created in the image and likeness of God, and that all human life, from the moment of conception, is especially precious. And they are learning that in the world today, both abortion and homosexuality are uniquely heinous.

Why the focus on these two particular issues? Because the greatest lie ever told is that there is no God. The second greatest lie ever told is that the devil does not exist. The third greatest lie ever told is that your sin (and mine) is not really sin, and this is exactly what is happening with homosexuality and abortion.

For decades in the U.S. there has been a movement spearheaded by many well-funded organizations devoted to preaching the value and legitimacy of abortion, homosexuality, and a redefining of marriage. In other words, tens of millions of Americans have been preached the lie that homosexual behavior and killing a child in the womb are not sin. My children are learning the truth in these grave matters.

As Joel Belz of World Magazine noted several years ago, it is time for conservative Christians to “stop apologizing” for the attention we give the issues of homosexuality and abortion. Like Phil Robertson, it is time for more Christian celebrities to take on these issues. Time and again we see homosexuality portrayed in music, movies, and television as nothing but normal, acceptable behavior.

There is virtually nothing in the secular media that portrays the other side of homosexuality and similar issues. Such absence impacts our culture. There is no doubt that public opinion on homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been swayed toward a more liberal view of these matters in no small part due to the media campaign that favors them.

If we stay silent, what happens? Television networks will pull the Phil Robertsons (and the Craig Jameses) from the air. Of course, supposedly networks such as Fox and A&E have the “right” to make such decisions, but photographers, bakers, and florists with Christian views on homosexuality and marriage don’t. Such small businesses are sued and even held liable by our courts for refusing services to same-sex couples.

Even worse, once the homosexual agenda (which, we must not forget, includes those who are “transgendered”) has the full force of the law behind it, public schools will teach that homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage are good and right. In school systems like Los Angeles, it’s already happening. Likewise, schools (certainly public, probably private as well) will be forced to accommodate “transgendered” children.

What’s more, state constitutions that have amendments defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman are proving to be not enough to stop the homosexual agenda from progressing on the marriage front. Just days ago, a federal judge ruled Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Like almost all of the 28 other states with similar bans, in 2004 the citizens of Utah passed the ban by an overwhelming 66% to 34% majority.

If America wants to stop this madness where good is called evil and evil is called good, we must change our culture. This fight begins with our families. Liberals know this. This is why almost exclusively the “culture wars” being fought in the U.S. are an attack on the family. In other words, if we want to change our culture, we better start raising our kids with a worldview like that of the cast of “Duck Dynasty” instead of the worldview that govern “Pajama Boy” and his big sister, Julia.
Trevor Grant Thomas At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
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3 Responses to Why We’re Raising ‘Duck Dynasty’ Boys, and not ‘Pajama Boys’

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That whole “Pajama Boy” thing may be the stupidest thing I’ve seen Obama do. Thanks for the great article, Trevor. Merry Christmas.

  2. David Ray says:

    Just read your article and fully enjoyed it. You remind me of my crazy Cajun buddies in Baton Rouge – campers to the bone, Christians, and staunch conservatives who also raise children with intact marriages.

    I’m livid about this garbage of forcing labor for sham marriages. No doubt Mark (a cop in Louisiana) and a baker, a florist, (and maybe a candlestick maker) are also bewildered over such abuse of authority.

    Your love of scripture is not alone nor in the minority (in spite of what B. Hussein said in Turkey).
    An observation:
    The first lie was in Genesis when the adversary said “you shall be as Gods”. (I call that the John Lennon wannabe verse). You’re point is resounding as Psalms says “the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”. The left is chalked full of fools and, as we both know . . . they’re relentless.
    Example: BC & AD have been removed and replaced with BCE & CE. Guess it offended their sensibilities. (Notice we don’t have cows over Mars, January, April etc all named after pagan gods. Like we’d waste our time on nonsense.)

    Glad to hear you’re teaching your tikes some solid material. Plato used to ask “Who’s teaching your children and what are they teaching them?”
    I once tutored teenagers for fun when I was in my mid twenties. A meek Asian genius kicked my ass intellectually yet still stood by me. (He was prepping for debate on our Presidential history)
    I knew I was outclassed, but made it fun by signing a dollar every time he sharp-shot me. (He took me for seven.) The fun became contagious and he’d usually show up 15 minutes early – he was so eager to let the games begin. (Perhaps if I’d had your wife’s degree, I wouldn’t have had to wipe so much egg off.)

    I have two recommendations to add to your growing library: “Sergeant York” about Alvin C. York & “The Frontiersman” by Allan Eckert. (The movie “Sergeant York” starring a meek Gary Cooper is highly recommended.)

    Your article was profound and as such appreciated. I’ll end with my observation on current events . . .

    Having no TV, I had no clue about “Duck Dynasty” or “Glee”.
    I found out about Glee (which portrayed Christians as bigots) when some punk used his right to shoot up.
    I found out about Duck Dynasty when some patriarch used his right to speak up.

    I’ll leave it to you to ponder which show I have a new found appreciation for. Hope you and your family do well, and, as with your hand on the tiller, I have no doubt.

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