The Progressive Bike

BigWheelby Steve Lancaster   1/4/14
Have you ever been stopped at a light or stop sign and a person on a bike, generally but not exclusively male, whizzes through the stop without even slowing down? You observe that the rider is dressed in spandex that is altogether too tight and leaves little to be imagined, a helmet shaped like a teardrop; as if this outfit is going to make the rider 1/10 mph faster and a bicycle that cost more than my first house.

This is the Progressive, liberal, democrat ideology on wheels. First is the disregard for the rule of law, Progressives really do believe that law and order descends from their needs and wants. Most libertarians are truly troubled by this. We freely acknowledge that order in society is necessary to a point, it’s the location of that point where we veer from conservatives. However, back to the analogy.

The rider thinks that wearing the outfit of a professional makes them somehow equal in skill to a professional. The progressive thinks that all you have to do is wear the semblance of values and the public will concede the argument just because, “He means well.” Our current monarch is exactly like the bike rider. He thinks that being elected somehow magically transforms him into competent. The bike rider certainly does not mean to endanger himself or others by his action, he just assumes everyone is waiting for him.

The progressive bike rider will take control because most drivers at the stop will yield rather than challenge the bike rider to stop as required common sense and law. To be successful conservatives and libertarians must challenge the bike rider, risk his wrath when given a ticket and summons to explain himself to a judge. It is here that we are decades behind the progressives. They have usurped law to their own ends and we are asking, “(W)hisky, (T)ango, (F)oxtrot happened?”

Because we on our old, but reliable one speed Schwinn in jeans and tennis shoes do stop at the light; the progressive assumes we are not in the race. However, when his 10,000 dollar bike breaks down because of overburden on thin wheels, none of his cohort will bother to stop; he is facing a long walk without aid and being the chumps we are we will stop an offer assistance. • (1258 views)

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6 Responses to The Progressive Bike

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The libertinist credo is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Of course, you have to be part of the In Crowd (defined by politics) to be allowed to follow this rule safely.

    Incidentally, this semblance-makes-reality aspect is closely related to the liberal concept of credentialism, in which claimed professional status trumps actual facts and logic in arguments (the “argument from authority”, which is a version of logical fallacy 15 from the list in Being Logical).

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’m an avid, but by no means uber-active (I don’t commonly, or ever, do the Seattle to Portland run, for example) bicycle rider, so I also get a kick out of those who deck themselves up to look like Lance Armstrong even for just a trip down the block.

    Whether this is a left or right issue, I’m not sure, although I expect that there are more libtards who are insanely fashion-conscious than there are Palin-like conservatives who are comfortable in shirt and jeans and cow (or moose) poop on their boots.

    This superficiality and narcissism in our culture is rampant and something Glenn has covered fairly well in his articles.

    We’ve become a focus-group civilization. We no longer know our own minds (one reason I am dead set against the legalization of dope). We are becoming puffery, ill-suited for self-government and apt to be blown this way or that by whatever the Dear Leaders (of the New York Times or whomever) say is The Thing to Think this week. It would all be laughable if it wasn’t so destructive. Well…it is indeed laughable even so.

    It’s impossible to be a conservative without being grounded in timeless truths. And, I would say, it’s impossible to be a “Progressive” without being ungrounded in the latest self-flattering fashion or fad.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      An NRO article today noted that Obama’s literary choices reflect what’s trendy among elite literary opinion. The suggestion is that he doesn’t choose books because he finds them interesting. Or maybe he doesn’t even read them, but only lists them to sound trendy and cool. I seem to recall C. S. Lewis once mentioning a woman who got The Screwtape Letters because it was supposed to be a good book for showing off.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I read part of that, Timothy. I gave up on it soon because, to my mind, I agreed with the premise of the article (as you articulated it): Anything that it is reported that Obama reads or watches is almost assuredly just PR to make him look like other than the mean, angry, hardcore Leftist that he is.

        Sometimes this image-making works (as it has for Obama) and sometimes it doesn’t. Remember the photo of Dukakis in a tank? That is generally regarded as not helping him in his run against Bush I.

        And, by rights, this photo of Obama looking like a girly-man on a bike should have wakened us to what an insincere effeminate dweeb he is. But since so many men are insincere effeminate dweebs, I guess it struck a chord. There are more “Julias” than we know out there. That most people don’t laugh at this kind of image-making is absurd. It probably wasn’t all that good either for Bush to fly in on a jet during that whole “mission accomplished” shtick. (Hmmm….Mecca is still standing…mission accomplished?) LOL

        • ronlsb says:

          Just curious. Why do you wish to compare Bush’s flight onto the aircraft carrier with Obama’s ride on his girly looking bicycle/outfit? G.W. actually flew jet fighters (F-102’s) in his younger days. He was simply doing something he had actually been trained to do. In other words, he was no stranger to a supersonic jet fighter. The flight suit, helmet, and G-suit were thoroughly familiar to our then president as he joined his troops on an aircraft carrier to celebrate the overthrow of a tyrant whom the whole western world claimed possessed chemical weapons at the time. And by the way, there’s nothing “girly” about the fighter or its pilots, so the comparison is sort of silly. In fact, I can’t think of a more vivid contrast.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Just curious. Why do you wish to compare Bush’s flight onto the aircraft carrier with Obama’s ride on his girly looking bicycle/outfit?

            The comparison is in terms of over-reaching in their attempts at image-making.

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