Pro Life Poem for Mother’s Day (a voice for those who can’t yet speak)

by Fashqn5/9/15

Please give me a chance mommy ; please don’t take my life
Whether you are single now , a teenage girl , or wife

I deserve a chance to live; a chance to thrive and grow
I’ll bring to you a joy that you never thought you’d know

Trust in God for this ; for He will always see you through
He’s the One who formed me; and placed me inside you

Some l call me a fetus; and just tissue; nothing more
But God calls me a new life ; created by the Lord

You may not hear my heartbeat yet; or see my little hands
But I have purpose in this world ; made special for His plans

I may not cry yet in the womb; I may not lift my voice
But if I could , I’d beg of you; don’t see me as a ‘choice’

You may not know this early on if I’m a boy or girl
But don’t discard me as if I were never in this world

For if for your ‘ convenience ‘ , you make me disappear
The freedom that you think you’ll have will drown in all the tears

So please, give me a chance, show what I can do
Despite what all the world may say, I am a part of you

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One Response to Pro Life Poem for Mother’s Day (a voice for those who can’t yet speak)

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Things tend to get lost down here. I think most people scan the top of the page and that’s it. But I didn’t want anyone to miss this poem given its timely nature. Happy Mother’s Day to those mothers who did not view us as just “blobs of tissue.”

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