Poverty in the Black Community is the Result of Culture, Not Racism

Culture2by Patricia L. Dickson   9/30/14
I have often been accused by friends (black, white and all others in between) of being too logical, to the point that I am inhibited from seeing other people’s point of view ( I am not sure if that is a compliment or insult). They say that I enter into discussions with the false assumption that others are just as logical and rational as I am. I have been told this so often that I have conceded that perhaps they are telling the truth (they know me well enough to make such claims). Because I have finally accepted the charge against me, I often consult friends on matters that I find perplexing.

A black female friend and I once discussed how our historically unemployed (lazy) relatives often claimed that we were rich simply because we had things that they did not. I said to her that surely they understood that we worked for everything that we have. Her response to me was that they did not understand how we acquired what we had. I told her that it was illogical for someone not to correlate money or possessions with work, and I refused to believe it. Well, a short time later, my friend’s comments proved true.

A female relative of mine came to live with me for a short time. One day when I came home from work, she asked me where everyone in the neighborhood was. She said that during the day, she would go outdoors looking for someone to talk to and no one was around. I told her that they were at work, and I asked her how she thought the neighbors could pay for their homes if they did not go to work (just as I was going to work every day). She looked at me with a confused look on her face. Up until that point (she was nearly sixty years old), she had lived in neighborhoods where everyone (including her) received some kind of government check and therefore did not work. She always had someone to shuck and jive with because everyone was at home all day long. She told me that she was bored living in my (middleclass working) neighborhood.

A male relative of mine once tried to play the guilt trip on me in order to get money from me by lamenting about how tired he was of being broke. He told me that I did not know how it felt to be broke because I have always had money. He was in his early fifties and had spent his entire adult life mostly unemployed and in and out of jail for petty crimes. I asked him: did he think that money grew on trees? I told him that I have worked all of my life for everything that I have. He walked away with his tail between his legs.

If poor blacks cannot correlate money and possessions with work, there is no wonder that they think that they are entitled to the same things as working people. Most liberal voters are immature and live in a fantasy world. They believe that everything that working people have fell from the sky, and they somehow were not around to catch some of it. Therefore, they believe that it is not fair that they do not have the same things. Is that why it is so easy for the race baiters to go into these communities and claim that the rich have stolen from them?

Many black conservatives have said that Republicans need to go into the black communities in order to win the black vote. However, my concern is with how our message of hard work will be received by individuals in these liberal bastions who have never witnessed anyone consistently going to work every day.  Liberals have inoculated these individuals against work and responsibility by continuously plying them with government handouts.

I once had a discussion with another black female friend about the unemployment history in the black inner city neighborhoods. I asked her why the blacks in these neighborhoods did not apply for jobs at the establishments that they frequent. She told me that the reason why they did not apply for jobs is that poor blacks do not think that the jobs are for them. I asked her what she meant by for them. She explained that poor blacks have been programmed to believe that jobs are only for white people and not for them, so therefore they do not apply.  I do not know how my friend came to that conclusion; however, it was not long before her statements also proved true.

A young black man was lamenting to me about the lack of job opportunities for black men in corporate America. He told me that although he had a college degree, he was unable to obtain employment. Assuming that he had been applying for jobs, I asked him where he had applied. He told me that he had not applied anywhere. I asked why had he not applied and he said that he did not fit the description that the employers were looking for. He went on to claim that society, through television and movies, portray white men in suits as successful executives, therefore, he concluded that he did not fit the description for corporate America. I will concede that there is some merit to the argument that television and movies portray white businesspersons in suits as successful; however I cannot logically understand why someone would not at least apply for jobs. If poor blacks really believe that jobs are not for them, who is it that taught them that?

Most of the things that individuals are taught comes from the culture in which they were raised, whether it be work ethic, habits, or beliefs. Growing up in the South, my parents could not afford to buy me designer clothes and shoes. After joining the military, I purchased my first pair of designer sneakers and wore them home on my first leave after boot camp and job training.  My older male cousin looked down at my sneakers and asked me what I was doing wearing them. He said that black people were not supposed to wear those type of shoes. It has been over 26 years since he made that statement and I remember it just like it was yesterday. He had been programmed by the culture that he was raised in to think that even if you have the money to purchase something, you were not supposed to have it. I often talk with successful blacks who think that they do not deserve what they have. One black male friend that lives in an affluent neighborhood told me that when he and his family are walking around in the town center, he feels that he is not supposed to be there.

Until the black community looks inward to solve its problems, nothing will change. Many problems in the black community are the result of a self-imposed inferiority complex. That is why it infuriates me so much to hear race baiters telling poor blacks that they are victims. The victim mindset causes complacency and impotence of action in an individual. One reason that the black community has regressed instead of progressed is due to the victim mindset that has caused cognitive blindness and mental paralysis. Blacks cannot continue to blame society for how blacks Americans are perceived.  The black community must examine its culture and its effect on the lives of the individuals in the black community.

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13 Responses to Poverty in the Black Community is the Result of Culture, Not Racism

  1. Rosalys says:

    This is indeed a paradox. The poor blacks don’t believe that the good things in life are meant for them. But the money that others earn and cough up to the tax man, that IS meant for them? You’re right. It doesn’t make any logical sense. And when one escapes the cycle of poverty through his own labor that he can not even then see that he deserves what he has earned? That really is puzzling – unless while making his upward climb he has been brainwashed with that liberal guilt nonsense of giving back. Walter Williams (one of my modern day heroes) has said that the only thing anyone ever needs to give back is that which he has stolen!

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    That first paragraph sounds all too familiar. The various incidents you mention are certainly regrettable. We should remember that liberals have made it a principle to proclaim victim status among blacks in order to encourage them to vote exclusively for them. But I think campaigning among blacks can be useful for Republicans. Not all blacks, obviously, have drunk the liberal Kool-Aid. Thus, a serious effort (which Romney, for example, certainly could have afforded to do, among Hispanics as well as blacks) will win some votes. It doesn’t take many to swing a close race; in fact, such a campaign may have re-elected Jesse Helms in 1984.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    It is good to see someone point out that too much about life and politics has nothing to do with logic. Just because a person’s arguments and actions are not logical does not mean they are any less real.

    The Democrats have figured this out and adjusted their message accordingly. The Republicans still seem to think everyone is logical and if a position can only be clearly explained people will see the light and pull the R lever. Sadly, it ain’t so.

  4. Well, I guess I really ticked off some liberals with this one. I am surprised that so many liberals read conservative sites yet they do not learn anything. I made the mistake of entering into an email discussion with a black intellectual with the assumption that he too was logical. Enjoy:

    In your article this morning, you state black people are regressing. What are you basing that on and from what time period? Are you advocating that we were progressing during slavery and Jim Crow, but stopped after we received our civil rights? The statement is pretty nonsensical. As a liberal, black, Ivy League, jd/mba, I am often amazed that black writers such as yourself choose to denigrate the black community to a majority white audience. No attempt to reach out to black people with your message?

    My Response:

    Nowhere in my article did I say or advocate that black people were progressing under slavery and Jim Crow. Why do liberals have to always revert to Slavery and Jim Crow whenever a discussion arises about the state of black Americans? Also, how do you know the demographics of the audience at The American Thinker and what does it matter?

    Yes, black Americans are regressing! You may be an Ivy League graduate, however; take a look at the ghettos in our inner cities where our people live every day. They are uneducated or poorly educated, trapped in a failing public school system. One of the main reason for the failure of these schools is the teachers are incompetent! No amount of government money can fix incompetency. Without a good education (such as the one you obviously received in order to attend an Ivy League school), these poor black children will remain in poverty. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for allowing our own future generation to be denied a good education because of the politics ensuring that the teacher’s union get as many as their members tenure regardless of their competency.

    An intact black family with a father and mother is almost unheard of today in the black communities. That in and of itself is REGRESSION! Everyone knows that two incomes are better than one and that a child raised in a two parent two income home is most likely not going to be living in the ghettos of the inner city and therefore have a better chance of attending a good performing school. Also, young boys are more likely not to be involved in gang activities with a father in the home.

    With all that said, who do you suppose is to blame for the state of black Americans? Are we going to continue to blame white America and racism for our fatherless homes? What policies have President Obama (our first black president) initiated to help black people out of poverty? The other night at the Congressional Black Caucus Banquet, President Obama did not mention in his speech how he intends to give amnesty to illegal children because he knows that it would not have been well received by black people. However, his intention is to “kick poor blacks to the curb” for illegal aliens.

    And finally, your statement about me not trying to reach out to black people with my message is not true. I have tried to write article for black blogs but have been rejected because the editors are so pro Obama and Democrats, they do not want to hear anything that will really solve the problems in our communities, they only want to blame white people and racism. Additionally, if you call telling the truth about our people denigrating them, then so be it. Blacks got mad at Bill Cosby for telling the truth. It is way past the time to be worrying about what white people think about us. We need to do some self-examination and fix our problems and stop pointing the finger at others.

    His Response:

    Then the question still stands. At what point did we start regressing? In other words, when were we progressing and when did it stop? Why do conservatives get so wrinkled at the mention of Jim Crow and slavery as if they never happened and have no impact on us today?

    The demographics of the American Thinker are overwhelmingly white. It matters because you reinforce and perpetuate negative stereotypes about the black community with absolutely no counterbalance. A perfect example is this regression of the black community.

    Who controls the funding and administration of the education system? It’s certainly not black people. Your premise is flawed. Looking at ghettos for the state of black America is liking looking at trailer parks for the state of white people. You don’t do that do you.

    As I addressed in my piece, black people are committing less crime, graduating from high school and college at a greater rate, and have more wealth than we ever have. Your regression argument is not backed up by any numbers what so ever. In fact, more black children were born out of wedlock pre civil rights than now. Why? Because in spite of the out of wedlock birth rate, black women are having less children. You want to blame married women for having less children for your metric.
    I blame the state of the black community on the people who enslaved us for 250 years and held us in Apartheid for 100 more. It has been 50 years since we have had full citizenship rights; therefore, our entire plight is our fault or mainly our fault? I hope you don’t believe that.

    President Barack Obama has shown us that a black man with a black wife and black children can be elected President in this country. You may not care about that, but it means a lot to many black people who only see white people in positions of authority.

    Bill Cosby told his opinion. As much as he has done for Civil Rights, he also drugs and rapes women. Using Cosby as your beacon of black truth shows how out of touch you are with black people under the age of 40. Speaking for them, the generation that is more educated, successful and wealthier than yours, it’s easy for anyone to trace the history of blacks in this country. All (not just black people) see that we were and continue to be screwed in this country. Blaming black people for our “state” 50 years after 350 years of slavery and Jim Crow is hilariously funny. This is why conservatism is losing and has list he last 110 years (TR was a trust busting progressive). You all want to ignore history and act like it has no effect on the present. It’s mind boggling.

    “Unless you think exposure to human chattel slavery, state sanctioned Apartheid, and institutional racism are boosts to races of people, there is no doubt that black people are making great strides in America.”

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      All I have to say, Patricia, is when are you running for the Senate? Good god, we need some brave, forthright, and sane people in politics.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      more black children were born out of wedlock pre civil rights than now. Why? Because in spite of the out of wedlock birth rate, black women are having less children. You want to blame married women for having less children for your metric.

      This shows your interlocutor is fundamentally dishonest. Even if what he purports is correct, which I doubt, he has changed the metric you were discussing and completely skirts the percentage question, which is a more honest measurement.

      I can see that JD is standing the liar in good stead. Fact twisting and outright lying is why lawyers are held in such high esteem.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      In fact, more black children were born out of wedlock pre civil rights than now. Why? Because in spite of the out of wedlock birth rate, black women are having less children.

      This is absolute rubbish. I did a check and found that in 1960 there were 602,264 live births by black women.

      The total number of illegitimate births in 1960 was 224,330. The number of non-white illegitimate births was 141,800. Some small percentage of this number will cover races other than blacks, so it might be reasonable to estimate something like 130-135,000 illegitimate births to black women in 1960.

      Black women gave birth to 589,808 children in 2010. The illegitimacy rate for black births in 2010 was about 70%, i.e. about 412,000 black children were born to unmarried mothers.

      Once again, a liberal is shown to be either stupid or dishonest. They simply cannot be trusted for information.

      I got my information from the publication, “Vital Statistics of The United States” Vol-1, issued by the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. The other information is more readily available on line from various sources including the Census bureau, Heritage Foundation, etc.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Most likely he simply assumed that was the case. No doubt it never occurred to him that there are far more black women than there were in 1960, so that even if their birth rate is down (and I wouldn’t believe that without checking, given the effects of AFDC under whatever name we call it), the much higher illegitimacy rate would make his statement unlikely to be true. There’s a reason many of us have a low opinion of the liberal intelligentsia.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          No doubt it never occurred to him that there are far more black women than there were in 1960, so that even if their birth rate is down (and I wouldn’t believe that without checking, given the effects of AFDC under whatever name we call it), the much higher illegitimacy rate would make his statement unlikely to be true

          Yes this fact is what made me decide to get the numbers. So along with the other info I found, I checked the black population numbers for 1960 and 2010. They are 18,871,831 and 38,929,319 respectively. Given these numbers or anything close to them, the JD’s claim is highly unlikely on the face of things.

          The lack of logic and basic reasoning powers one encounters among liberals is a constant source of amusement.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        There’s a narrative out there, Mr. Kung, that has all these lies and politically advantageous myths. We should recognize (as I’m sure you do) the remarkable advent of Patricia in facing this garbage down. Basically, as far as this site is concerned, her wish is my command.

        Something else to take into consideration is that it was *apparently* common in the black culture of the Old South to have babies born out of wedlock but then the fathers would get around to marrying the woman. After welfare, this cultural habit was torn ascender. I don’t doubt your statistics, but they may be even more in favor of pre-civil-rights (aka “social justice” or “welfare state”) America.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          I think Patricia’s is a thankless task, but such has been the case for many who spread truth, throughout history. Some people are simply compelled to shed light on darkness.

          As to the numbers I located, the stats indicate that there had been a general increase in illegitimacy from about 1940 to 1960 for both blacks and whites.

          In 1940 the total number of illegitimate births in the black community was only 49,200.

          The number for the white community was about 42,800, but during the war the number went up to 61,400 in 1946. It dropped in the following years, but started back up in the 1950’s and reached about 82,500 in 1960.

  5. As you noticed in our correspondence, he never answered my question to what Obama has done to improve the plight of poor blacks nor did he address the poor education that poor kids blacks are receiving. He also did not address Obama’s plan for amnesty for illegals. I also have no idea where he gets his statistics on black graduation rates and the ridiculous claim that married black women having less kids somehow has skewed the statistics of babies being born to unwed mothers.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      “When you’re weak on the law, argue the facts. When you’re weak on the facts, argue the law. When you’re weak on both, bullshit the jury.” Which is what liberals invariably do, for obvious reasons.

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