The Pope They’ve Been Waiting For (excerpt)

SpectatorThumbby George Neumayr
Francis drops a second bombshell interview to the delight of liberals.  •  Last week we learned from Pope Francis that the Church is too preoccupied with the killing of unborn children and the destruction of the family. This raised the obvious question: If those issues don’t deserve top billing, which ones do? Pope Francis supplied the answer this week in an interview with an Italian atheist, Eugenio Scalfari: More » [external link] • (703 views)

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    FYI, I’m trying a new technique here of doing small “fair use” excerpt of an outstanding article and linking to it externally. Let me know what you think.

    As to the subject matter, I think Mr. Neumayr is spot-on. One may agree or disagree with this characterization of the Leftist morality that has infused the Church (or church — Protestantism is no way immunite), but I think Dennis Prager has described it best: Nice, but not good.

    The new morality, such as it is, is to be all-accepting….that is, “nice.” To actually make discernments is to “exclude” or — in a much nastier characterization — it is to “judge” people. And we mustn’t do that.

    To my mind it takes about five minutes (if that) to explain the excesses that discernments and judgments are subject to…as is everything else good in human affairs. One can do too much of a thing, or do so inappropriately. But this is not news. This is inherent to ALL aspects of life, not just moral issues.

    But the liberal mind (and many people who have this mindset probably don’t think of themselves as liberal) says that one must not judge at all. One must simply “accept” others, and no put up “boundaries” by making discernments and judgments.

    And this is the psycho-babble that has infected Western Civilization and reduced us to a Kindergarten mentality. And this ethos is not only wrong because it’s utopian and over-simplified. It’s wrong because, at heart, it’s narcissistic and cowardly. To actually hold people to good standards requires wisdom, fortitude, and more than a little bravery. To actually hold people to good standards means facing down the fact that some people are not acting according to good standards.

    But the liberal mindset bypasses all this by simply defining holding people to good standards as a bad thing. And they do so by playing tricks with the language such as calling it “judgmental.” This leave them free for their “morality” (such as it is) to be one in which you simply flatter the egos of other people with little or no eye to molding their character.

    If I was Catholic I would be ticked off that my Church had run off the path and into the weeds.

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