Poetry Parodies

by Timothy Lane   1/13/15

After the Boston Marathon bombing, many liberals wrote poems to their beloved jihadis. Jim Treacher suggested that his readers at the Daily Caller come up with their own versions of poems about the Tsarnaevs and their evil politics/religion. Here are a couple I came up with, one based on Ogden Nash’s “The Rhinoceros” and the other on the poem about “Dr. Fell” (I don'[t know the title and writer).

Jihadis are such vicious beasts.
The reason is, on blood they feast.
Good riddance to a Chechen terrorist
Whose leftist fans just might embarrass us.

We do not like you, Chechens fell.
The reason why, we know full well.
For leftists, though, they ring no bell.
They bleed their hearts for Chechens fell.

Somehow, the poems remain appropriate today.

Timothy Lane writes from Louisville, Kentucky and publishes the FOSFAX fanzine.
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