Pieces of a Life

by Fashqn4/4/14

Pieces of my life are here …I look around and see

An aging faded photograph of who I used to be

A letter in a box tied with ribbons colored bright

That someone from the past shared on a special summers night

A bottle of a sweet perfume …holds memories from the past

When I still cared enough to shine; and thought that love would last

Earrings, bracelets, watches…Emeralds , rubies, pearls

That I would wear with pleasure when I went out in the world

The memory of a phone call from a long lost dearest friend

As echoes from our laughter fills my heart , today, again

The many turns my life did take ; surprises here and there

The stumbles and the times I fell ; but later, more aware

The lessons every year did bring; that made me strong inside

The moments that my daughter made me smile at her with pride

The little drawings in a box she did in younger years

That I remember fondly brought me many happy tears

Moments at the ocean; with the waves upon my feet

Time spent as a family; those memories bittersweet

What happened to that girl of long ago , who always smiled

Who let her dreams and hopes and imaginations all run wild

When did I stop revelling in each soft and whispered breath

And start to think of things undone and my approaching death

The hours pass so quickly; the years fly by so fast

And like a movie on a screen are pictures from the past

The hopes and dreams I held on to no longer hold allure

Instead, I cling , tenaciously, to things of which I’m sure

The passions of the here and now are different from back then

Although some days I long to feel that youth and joy again

And as I live the monotony of each day that arrives

Most things I planned, I didn’t do, with regret, I realize

The years slipped by me quickly and I wasted so much time

On things that now seem trivial , and petty, to my mind

One thing I’ve learned in later years , while looking at my past

Is that the faith I have in God is all that really lasts

All other things seem just to fade ; that beckoned to me then

Their radiance that seemed so bright now seems to grow so dim

So I am blessed and thankful too as I look around and see

That every path I’ve walked in life; God’s hand was holding me

Despite the times I strayed from Him and thought I knew the way

His strength and mercy carried me through each and every day

And if the future still yet holds more challenges to face

I pray that I will meet them all with dignity and grace

So when this life that goes so fast comes to its final hour

And others look upon my life, they’ll see His truth and power

For I have offered nothing that has changed this world so vast

But everything He did through me, is what I hope will last
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