Peace, Love, and Helter Skelter

by Tim Jones11/21/17

What do Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charles Manson all Have in Common? The sixties.  •  Roger Simon recently wrote a commentary titled Bill Clinton: Godfather of Weinstein and Roy Moore. The premise of his essay is that Clinton changed the culture that paved the way for the bad behavior and all of the other sexual misconduct in the political, entertainment and media realms that seems to be flowing out into the public like a broken dike:

President Clinton established an atmosphere of permissiveness in this country that allowed many things to slip by — straight and gay — without criticism, essentially changing our culture.

The Democratic Party — with the notable exception of Joe Lieberman — gave Clinton a pass for having sexual relations with a 22-year-old intern in the Oval Office and in so doing gave a subliminal message to America. If you had the right politics, if you were sufficiently “progressive” (whatever that means), everything was okay, especially if you were “cool,” played the sax, and wore shades.

As much as Mr. Simon’s commentaries are usually spot-on, this is one where I would have to disagree. There is some truth to his argument that when the public at large accepted Mr. Clinton’s behavior as a ‘private matter,’ it sent a signal to current and future sexual predators everywhere that morally it’s acceptable even though it probably would be better to keep it a private matter (which helps explain all of the massive monetary payouts to keep the incidents quiet by Weinstein and even by members of Congress).

But this “Clintonian Permissiveness” which could also be labeled liberal morality, did not change the culture nor open the doors to sexually misconduct, but is the logical extension of what began in the Sixties. It was the Sixties ethos of liberation, most particularly of the sexual kind, that emerged out of the Sixties. Slogans like ” Peace & Love”, “Let it all hang out”, “Just do it” and “Love the one you’re with” reflected the beginning of the downward trend and slow motion destruction of traditional morality and restraint.

Harvey Weinstein even stated in a revealing mea culpa that the reason for his bad behavior and boorishness was because it was the culture of the 60s and 70s and he was just acting it out:

Harvey Weinstein is not denying the sexual harassment allegations brought against him but instead, in a released statment, he says he grew up in the 60s and 70s and “that was the culture then.”

Weinstein was right. Liberalism has defined the culture ever since the Sixties where even conservatives have accepted it and allow themselves to be manipulated by the Left because they always set the terms of debate because the Left owns the playing field. It can’t be disputed that liberalism and Liberalism have ruled the media, Hollywood and education since that era. Clueless Republicans and some conservatives just don’t get it and have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome mentality where they identify with their captors (political opponents in their case) viewing the world through a liberal prism. This explains why the misconduct is, and has been, bipartisan.

With the recent death of Manson, it is appropriate to identity his criminality as the extreme dark side of the Sixties where he commanded his followers to kill based on real-time Sixties nihilism. It didn’t take decades for the Sixties attitude of self-liberation to reveal itself with Manson. He was deranged enough to pick up on its relativism to invent a crazy scheme to ignite a race war by murdering seven innocents, including the beautiful actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time.

One can argue that the liberal morality of the Sixties, rather than being one of “Peace & Love”, in actuality was one of the nihilism presaged by the heinous crimes of Manson. It just wasn’t as criminal, but the decade of free love, sexual liberation, etc., but the behavior originating then until today directly connects the dots to the sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore (if the allegations are true) and the myriad of other public figures that are being exposed in the current media frenzy.

The difference between liberal and conservative philosophy is the difference between liberating oneself from tradition, restraint and limitation versus the maintenance of an orderly and virtuous society based on tradition and self-restraint. As the Sixties tore down traditions and limitations, it was only natural that man’s worse instincts would rise to the surface in an ugly way. The current wave of sexual misconduct being exposed are the consequences and logical outcome of Sixties’ liberal morality that rules today in popular culture. Or as Manson might have stated, Helter Skelter is what we want so it’s the chaos of Helter Skelter is what we got.

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13 Responses to Peace, Love, and Helter Skelter

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The sixties is when the Frankfurter School of cultural Marxism gained power in the USA, particularly in the media and academia. This has led directly to multiculturalism and political correctness, both of which were developed to destroy Western culture, which was the goal of the Frankfurter School from the very start.

    I would say they have done an amazingly effective job.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The Sexual Revolution let the cat out of the bag. As I see it, Mr. Kung and Mr. Jones, there is an analogy between what happened to Mr. Weinstein and what is feeding this feeding frenzy of sexual misconduct allegations.

    One theory on “Why now?” regarding Weinstein is that his power had ebbed. He hadn’t had a hit in a while and was no longer the force in Hollywood that he once was. He was vulnerable. And if he did half the stuff that they say he did, it’s just chickens coming home to roost. It’s payback time.

    Also consider the weakened position of men in our society. They are now a minority in college. They regularly are ridiculed and made to look like dopes on TV shows and in TV commercials. The assumption of guilt (aka “toxic masculinity”) has taken hold. Men regularly show themselves unwilling or unable to stand up to feminist overreach and abuses. Much like the case of Harvey Weinstein, I think there is an element here wherein men are now weak enough for it to be completely open season on them.

    That doesn’t mean I deny any specific event (although it sure seems there is a lot of exaggeration and feigned offense). But we’re not talking specific events. We’re talking about a culture that has decided that, hey, I guess McCarthyism, The Scarlet Letter, and the House Un-American Activities Committee were really good things — as long as the instruments of mass persecution are pointed toward men.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      To be precise, directed against politically incorrect victims. A conservative woman or black is just as much a target as a white man who isn’t politically essential to the left.

  3. pst4usa says:

    Well, have to agree Timothy, I would have to say that the most hated of creatures, by the left, is the Black Conservative, male or female does not seem to matter. It is the true apostate as far as the left is concerned. Someone who they count on, someone with whom they need to spend no time on, and someone who might just be able to break the hold they have on 13 percent of voters. Break that hold and the Democrats lose almost every election for a long time.
    But to the point of the post, in my weak moments I find myself thinking, I was born a few decade too early. I mean the idea of high school girls being convinced that oral sex with high school boys, is not really sex, that it is OK and does not cost them their virginity, is just about as good of a marketing job as the Muslim that started the idea that young men killing themselves would be good for them, 72 virgins, wow what a concept.
    I have to agree that the power women have had over men, forever, not being enough for the Femi-Nazi, has set this whole thing in motion.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      That aspect of apostasy is exactly right; to the left, blacks are supposed to be on their side, making it treason/apostasy to go conservative. They also developed the idea of the “inauthentic” black (like Clarence Thomas, who actually lived the real black experience, unlike Barack Obama), and for that matter inauthentic woman, to help dispose of them.

      Now, you don’t get the 72 virgins for dying, but for dying while killing the infidels (or at least seriously trying to do so).

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Pat, the “escape clause” logic you write about reminds me of Dennis Prager when he would talk about the Jews who, during their Sabbath when they’re not supposed to use any machines, hire non-Jews to run the elevators for them.

      We were born too early indeed.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        One Orthodox Jew I knew way back when would deactivate the refrigerator light so he could open the door without creating any light. This was while he was sharing a rented house with several other people, who didn’t happen to be Jewish, while attending Purdue.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Yeah…the modern incarnation may be that you can’t use electricity, not necessarily machines. I’m unsure about this point. It seems to me I’m in good company. Many Jews seem unsure about the point of the Sabbath itself. It’s surely not to ensnare God in legalisms.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            One of his housemates explained it to me, and I think it had to do with the prohibition being against starting a fire on the Sabbath. He saw turning on a light as the equivalent, but not the extra electricity of cooling the refrigerator while it was open.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            I have know Jews who tore toilet paper off of the roll during the day on Friday in preparation for the call of nature on the Sabbath. This was done in deference to strict rules against work/etc.

            Jews would have a gentile, the Shabbes Goy, light candles Friday evening for the same reason. Most would not drive or ride in a car or on a tram from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown.

            I know of one couple who had quarrels about answering the phone during the Sabbath. The wife was a medical doctor and insisted that she must be available for emergencies thus needed to answer the phone. They finally agreed to install a separate line in her home office which only patients would use. If it rang it meant there was a medical emergency.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Oi veh! You mean the Shabbes Goy.

  4. Gibblet says:

    Even in light of the permissive culture of the 60’s and 70’s, the specter of morality still held things in check much like a Mother in the home who had authority and influence over her children. The unpunished actions of Bill Clinton were the equivalent of Dad coming home and telling the kids, “Don’t listen to your mother”.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I do think the knee-jerk purely partisan defense of Bill Clinton gave the green light to all liberal men, letting them know that they could get away with their perviness, if only as a perk of their politics. Before him was Ted Kennedy, where a death and sexual dalliances were covered up in the interest of saving the world through libtard politics.

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