Sticks and Stones

by Pat Tarzwell  •  Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones

2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

Put your money where your principles are. It's a great cause.

2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA 2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

It Doesn’t Take a Saint

by Kung Fu Zu • Sometimes saints wear bowling shoes

It Doesn’t Take a Saint It Doesn’t Take a Saint

Teach Your Children…Well???

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke9/21/16
Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl  •  One of the characteristics of our declining civilization is that, more and more, reality seems like satire. A good example is a recent New York Times article titled “From He to She in First Grade.” More » • (354 views)

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Cable Series Review: Murder Must Advertise

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu9/19/16
A BBC Drama Mini-Series  •  It is the summer of 1933 and London is hot. A young man falls down the spiral staircase in Pym’s Advertising Agency and breaks his neck. His replacement Mr. Bredon, personally hired by Mr. Pym, shows up rather more quickly than is considered tasteful. More » • (203 views)

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Is Conservatism and its Values the New Counterculture?

countercultureby Tim Jones9/19/16
If I had to guess, being hip began around the time of Prohibition when drinking went underground and it became a form of rebellion in order to stick it in the nose of the government by going to the local ‘Speak Easy’ on a regular basis. More » • (1217 views)

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A Day at the Office

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu9/16/16
My morning has become, I fear, typical of the American situation. In late July, I went to the website of a large internet retailer whose name starts with the letter between A and A and signed up for a free 30 day trial of it’s “Prime” package. More » • (670 views)

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Vote Trump. He’s our Hillary.

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu9/14/16
The Donald’s latest bribe to a particular constituency comes in his “Child Care Plan” which he officially proposed yesterday. Females are his target. The most controversial aspect of this proposal is the federal government guarantee that every new mother receive 6 weeks paid maternity leave. More » • (491 views)

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Molly Knits a Hat

HuskyFurby Anniel9/6/16
My friend Molly and I had met in a weaving class and then began spinning and dying our own yarns together. Molly loved exploring odd fibers to spin, while I am a bit of a yarn snob and there are some fibers I refuse to use. More » • (397 views)

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Book Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

GoldenTickektby Timothy Lane9/5/16
This book by Roald Dahl is the source for the Gene Wilder movie, Wiilie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (His father’s job is screwing the caps on toothpaste tubes., and he has to support Charlie’s grandparents as well as himself, his wife, and Charlie.) More » • (415 views)

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2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

FRAXA-thumbby Brad Nelson8/23/16
It has been a couple of years since I nominated Fraxa Research Foundation as StubbornThings’ official charity. I believe it is time to remind our readers about this fine organization and to open their wallets once again. Donate here. More » • (1237 views)

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It Doesn’t Take a Saint

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu9/3/16
There has been a spirited discussion at ST regarding the propensity displayed by many “conservatives” to talk a good game instead of actually doing something to make the world a better place. More » • (701 views)

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The Child on the Cross

AngelBoyby Glenn Fairman   9/2/16
Without taking into account those pregnancies terminated in lieu of the mother’s health, which in real terms are less than negligible, selective abortion as a form of birth control is a heinous sin akin to murder. More » • (322 views)

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What a Tangled Web

Tangleby Deana Chadwell9/1/16
As we grope toward election day we’re hearing more foggy thinking than most of us can process on the spot. We hear people say, like a broken record, that the sluggish, dwindling economy is Bush’s fault. More » • (490 views)

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Book Review: The Cube and the Cathedral

CubeAndCathedralby Anniel9/1/16
Europe and America and Politics Without God, by George Weigel. First Published in 2008. Available on Kindle.  •  I had not thought to review this book any further, but decided I would because of what is happening in the EU in our day. More » • (537 views)

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Some Hard Truths or Bye Bye America

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/31/16
I would like to give you, dear reader, some revealing statistics which bear directly upon the future of the United States of America. More » • (794 views)

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The Theory of Nothing

Hawking by Glenn Fairman   8/25/16
The Philosophy of Science is a seedbed ripe for rich speculation. But perhaps the most profound questions the renowned scientist Stephan Hawking could wrestle with are not related to a multiplicity of bubble universes More » • (1629 views)

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Voting Technology in 2016

2016Primariesby Jon N. Hall8/24/16
Americans are getting only the amount and kind of “democracy” that the professional politicians (i.e. the establishment, the “insiders”) want us to have. When it comes to democracy, we Americans just aren’t getting the entire thing, the whole enchilada, the real deal; and this in the Land of the Free. More » • (328 views)

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