Sticks and Stones

by Pat Tarzwell  •  Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones

2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

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2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA 2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

It Doesn’t Take a Saint

by Kung Fu Zu • Sometimes saints wear bowling shoes

It Doesn’t Take a Saint It Doesn’t Take a Saint

The Philosopher’s Stone

PhilosopherStoneby Anniel4/11/15
“So, Dr. Johnson, you are a philosopher. I have tried in my time to be a philosopher, too, but happiness kept breaking in.” (from Boswell’s, “The Life of Samuel Johnson, LLD” 1791, quoting an old school mate of Johnson’s, Mr. Edwards. ) More » • (1056 views)

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Let Them Eat Cake

TieredCakeby Deana Chadwell4/10/15
Cake hasn’t been an historical pivot point since Marie Antoinette made that famous dietary suggestion, but it seems to be back. Christians who earn their livings in any way associated with wedding cakes face extinction More » • (1887 views)

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The Unavoidable Structural Failure of QE and ZIRP

WashingtonDollarPortraitby Cato   4/10/15
The structural failure inherent in Quantitative Easing (QE) and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) programs is obvious when one realizes that the goal of both programs is to weaken the currency, while a currency being so assaulted is a deterrent to productive foreign and domestic private market investment. More » • (705 views)

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Learning From Cracked History

StartedWithMarxby Timothy Lane4/9/15
One problem that has been discussed here occasionally is the matter of teaching children subjects such as history. The ultimate in what not to do, of course, is in Prince Caspian, where the Telmarine history texts are as boring and false as it’s possible to be. More » • (1747 views)

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A Wild Stuffed Bikini

WildStuffedBikiniby Anniel4/8/15
Today is April 8, Anno Domini 2015. After a relatively warm and dry winter, not really surprising in a sub-Arctic Desert, it is snowing big, fluffy flakes, so we won’t remove our snow tires today. More » • (1300 views)

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Obama Choses Demonization Over Faith

ObamaFingerThumbby Leigh Bravo4/8/15
The resurrection of Jesus changes the face of death for all His people. Death is no longer a prison, but a passage into God’s presence.  Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.  – Clarence W. Hall More » • (1115 views)

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On the Accuracy of Information in the Information Age

InfoAgeby Jon N. Hall    4/6/15
One variation on a pithy observation that’s been attributed to several people, including Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Jefferson, and others, goes like this: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” More » • (1059 views)

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Cooking Frogs

CalifDroughtby James Ray Deaton4/6/15
After 50 years of generally being against new dams and state and federal water projects that would increase supply, 40 years of generally being for massive legal and illegal immigration that has increased demand More » • (1967 views)

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UtopiaSignby Tim Jones4/5/15
The Failure of Reason and of Trying to Create Heaven on Earth  •  Christ, the greatest revolutionary in history, brought the concepts of compassion, charity and the dignity of the individual into the world that have been with us ever since. More » • (1092 views)

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Providence and Intelligent Design

ProvidencePaintingby Jerry Richardson4/4/15
The concept of God’s providence requires thinking about some issues that are closely related to the topic of Intelligent Design (ID).  This topic has been much discussed on this web site. How does the concept of God’s providence relate to ID? More » • (3190 views)

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TedCruzby Anniel3/31/15
Part I  •  On March 23, 2015, Ted Cruz announced he was running for President of the United States of America. The announcement was made at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Before his announcement he spoke for about an hour, without a teleprompter and without using any notes. More » • (1166 views)

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Way Past the Patience of God

ClockFaceby Deana Chadwell3/30/15
I am an American. I’m also a Christian. For the last four decades I’ve been a serious Bible student. I’m also very interested in both politics and history (left over politics). I’m in awe of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. More » • (2096 views)

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Liberal Lawyers: Follow the Money

FishInBarrelby Tim Jones3/30/15
I have some friends on Facebook who are liberal lawyers whom I periodically get into debates with after I post something that always incites them to reflexively respond. The funny thing is that debating them is like shooting fish in a barrel. More » • (584 views)

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God’s Providence

Providenceby Jerry Richardson3/29/15
Is there a time in your life that you are personally convinced that you were providentially protected?  Why do you think that? I had such a time when I was 14-years old.Here is what happened. More » • (2548 views)

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Americans Held to a Different Standard Than Our Elected Officials

DoubleStandardsby Leigh Bravo3/28/15
What would happen to any American citizen if their computer servers were subpoenaed and they responded by destroying them?  Do you think jail time would be a potential outcome?  Obviously, Hillary Clinton believes she lives by a different “rule of law” More » • (847 views)

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