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An Open Letter to the NFL

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An Open Letter to the NFL An Open Letter to the NFL

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Check out our movie review archives Check out our movie review archives

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Great reading ideas from our library of reviews Great reading ideas from our library of reviews

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Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching

John Boehner: Bad Speaker or Worst Speaker?

John Boehnerby C. Edmund Wright   9/28/15
All you need to know about the failed speakership of John Boehner was exposed to the entire world by Boehner himself as he announced his resignation from Congress.  The what, the how, and the why of his failures were succinctly explained when he said More » • (1482 views)

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The ‘Growth Fairy’ and the Federal Deficit

FederalDeficitby Jon N. Hall9/28/15
In August, the Congressional Budget Office projected a $426B federal deficit for fiscal 2015, which ends on September 30. Since the record deficit of $1,412B in 2009, there’s been about a trillion dollars of improvement on the budget More » • (839 views)

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Book Review: Steampunk

Steampunkby Timothy Lane9/22/15
by Geoffrey Mandragora  •  Steampunk is a type of alternate history dealing with (generally) the 19th Century in which technology is advanced over the actual technology of the time (and sometime ours as well). More » • (701 views)

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Movie Review: War Room

WarRoomMovieby Patricia L. Dickson9/22/15
I contacted one of my friends that I had not seen since I relocated back to the US to see if she wanted hang out. We decided to plan for a Saturday; however, we could not decide on what we were going to do. More » • (736 views)

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My Introduction to Local Politics

LarryAndPatby Patricia L. Dickson9/21/15
I made it my goal upon my return to the United States to get involved with the politics in my city, county and state.  I hit the ground running my first week back in the US by attending my city council meeting. More » • (764 views)

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Black Lives and the Death of a Culture

Dancers2by Deana Chadwell9/21/15
“Black lives matter!” say the angry T-shirts and the sloppy signs. My first reaction to that statement is, “Okay. Sure.” And then they start chanting about killing cops and my brow furrows. What?! More » • (1246 views)

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The Leaden-Eyed Children of Education Reform

MoralStoriesby FJ Rocca9/20/15
There is a poem by Vachel Lindsay, called the Leaden-Eyed, which goes as follows: More » • (2916 views)

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What Have They Done To My Culture, Mom?

GrimmsFairyTalesby FJ Rocca9/20/15
I have an aversion to the remanufacture of classics. This includes television shows such as Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Gotham. I was brought up in the era during which Washington Irving’s dual classics were taught in Jr. High School More » • (702 views)

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

FOTSthumb2A StubbornThings Symposium9/19/15
Introduction  •  I like Thomas Aquinas. But going by this information from Wiki, perhaps there’s a reason I haven’t become a Catholic. Under the definition of “gluttony,” Thomas included “eating too soon,” “eating too expensively,” “eating too eagerly,” “eating to daintily,” and “eating wildly.” More » • (2118 views)

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Why Critics Do Not Understand Trump

Trump2by Patricia L. Dickson9/18/15
When criticizing Donald Trump, critics cite his supposed inability or refusal to articulate his immigration plan while giving his campaign speeches or during the two presidential debates. They claim that it is proof that he is all rhetoric and no substance. More » • (1192 views)

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An Open Letter to Jonah Goldberg

open-letterby John Kirke9/17/15
Author’s Note: As before, I’m writing an open letter to a public conservative pundit, in part to encourage a substantive response that more than one person would read.  If he’s already answered the sort of questions I raise, I would appreciate being directed to those answers. More » • (1933 views)

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Why Has Immigration Become Such a Bone of Contention?

IllegalImmigrationThumbby Leigh Bravo9/16/15
Back in 2007, while President Obama was busy campaigning to become the first black president of the United States, the majority of Americans were fully in support of immigration reform, and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. More » • (703 views)

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