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An Open Letter to the NFL

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An Open Letter to the NFL An Open Letter to the NFL

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The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright   2/5/16
The contrived furor over the Cruz Campaign tweet relaying a CNN Breaking News alert about Ben Carson is perhaps the intellectually unserious low point in all of Republican primary history. More » • (1027 views)

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Compromise and the Law of the Excluded Middle

CoyoteHelpby Deana Chadwell2/4/16
So much of political talk in the last couple of decades has been about “working across the aisle, “ to “get things done.” These discussions have been filled with a sentimental, kumbaya longing, “Can’t we all just get along?” More » • (1107 views)

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NAACP Head Can Use Bad Language When Complaining about Language because He’s “One of the Best Guys”

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/3/16
Perhaps NAACP now stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Cursing and Profanity. Don Harris is the white head (yes, he really is white, and reminiscent of a pustule, and, unlike Rachel Dolezal, even identifies as white) of the Maricopa County Chapter of the NAACP. More » • (712 views)

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How to Avoid Being Raped? Just Say No

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/3/16
As they circle the drain, Western societies increasingly start to seem like parodies of real civilizations. It’s as if, to twist Shakespeare’s famous line, all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players in a really bad comedy that won’t get past its first season. More » • (691 views)

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The Greatest Jedi Mind Trick Ever: The Perfection of Distraction and Misdirection

JediMindTrickby Tim Jones2/3/16
I have an excellent idea for the next installment of Star Wars. It would be called “The Greatest Jedi Mind Trick Ever” and it would be about how the Media/Academic/Entertainment coalition in concert with the Democrats have convinced the black community More » • (686 views)

Posted in Politics | 16 Comments

White Privilege And Racism Or Political Privilege And Corruption?

MoneyNoseby Leigh Bravo2/3/16
As long as there are humans on this earth, there will be racism and discrimination. But don’t let our politicians fool you into believing it only happens to blacks fueled strictly by whites. Racism is not a one way street. It is committed and experienced by all. More » • (547 views)

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GOP Debate: Trump Was the Winner

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/1/16
Perhaps it was a first: a man winning a debate by not showing up. That’s my take, anyway, that Donald Trump prevailed at Thursday night’s GOP debate. Although, something curious did happen after the event that gives me pause for thought, but more on that later. More » • (1403 views)

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Getting ‘Medieval’ on the Top 400 Taxpayers

Taxesby Jon N. Hall    1/31/16
On Dec. 29, the New York Times ran “For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions” by Noam Scheiber and Patricia Cohen. The article’s blurb was: “The very richest are able to quietly shape tax policy that will allow them to shield billions in income.” More » • (938 views)

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Fixing the Hole in the Boat

HoleInBoatA StubbornThings Symposium1/26/16
Latest: Patching the Leaks by Timothy Lane  •  Introduction  •  This symposium (open to one and all…just send in your thoughtful contributions) is about what it will take to fix what the Left has broken. And that’s making the very large assumption that fixing is still possible. More » • (1688 views)

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2016 Republican Presidential Race Update

PresidentialSealby N. A. Halkides   1/29/16
As the first actual primaries and caucuses are almost upon us, I’d like to present a quick analysis of where things stand, but first I’d like to review two of the drop-outs as I think their failures are instructive. More » • (884 views)

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Of Angels and Snakes

Dragonsby Deana Chadwell1/29/16
They’re really the same; at least that’s what the progressive mindset would have you think: it’s all in the eye of the beholder; maybe you have a bias against snakes, but most are good and needed in the natural balance of things. Right? And angels – those aren’t even real. More » • (1240 views)

Posted in Essays | 19 Comments

On Breaking Resolutions and Awaiting Earthquakes

Earthquakeby Anniel1/27/16
My New Year’s Resolutions had to do with being happy – NO MATTER WHAT WAS HAPPENING. The lesson I thought I learned is that one should never tempt fate. The very end of 2015 and the first three weeks of 2016 have seen our household lurching from one crises to another More » • (883 views)

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