Sticks and Stones

by Pat Tarzwell  •  Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones

2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

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2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA 2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

It Doesn’t Take a Saint

by Kung Fu Zu • Sometimes saints wear bowling shoes

It Doesn’t Take a Saint It Doesn’t Take a Saint

Trump Is The Only Candidate That Can Get The Black Vote

Trump2by Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
After reading the words that he spoke last weekend at a campaign stop in Hampton, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump yet again proved that he intends to win and is not afraid of a good fight. From all that I have heard from him so far More » • (1083 views)

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Corrupt to the Core

CommonCoreby Edward Davenport8/17/15
Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, 1960s, bomb-throwing, self-professed “small c communist” and college professor who founded an education-reform group in Chicago, which he co-chaired with Barack Obama, has long ties to terrorism and education. More » • (1000 views)

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Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton

Straight-Outta-Comptonby Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
When I first heard the movie Straight Outta Compton being advertised, I knew that I wanted to see it in order to fill in some historical blanks from the early 1990s. From late 1991 to January 1993, I was on an overseas assignment with the military. My overseas assignment was deep in the desert of Sinai Egypt. More » • (711 views)

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Tokyo Days

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/17/15
It has been said that Tokyo is simply a conglomeration of villages which grew together, helter-skelter, over the years. From my observations, I certainly believe this to be the case. More » • (516 views)

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The Track of State

ChooChooTrainby Brad Nelson8/15/15
I argue the train-track theory of politics. You might like a more modern-looking engine or an old-style caboose. You might want the train to run faster or slower. You might want a diesel-electric train or a coal-powered one. But one thing is for sure: that train isn’t moving off of the track. More » • (742 views)

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In Praise of Late Bloomers

BloomingFlowerby Anniel8/15/15
Come, see real flowers Of this painful world. — Basho  •  Our family has been discussing much about pain and its purposes lately. No one would deliberately seek out pain for themselves or their children, and yet it comes. More » • (964 views)

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Back to School—Really?

BackToSchoolby Deana Chadwell8/14/15
It’s that time again — back-to-school ads fill the TV screen. Football teams sweat through summer practice. Teachers return to their classrooms, hoping against hope to get totally prepared for the year to come. And yet we all know that something is rotten in America’s schools. More » • (932 views)

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The Yin and Yang of Woody Allen

woody-allen2by Tim Jones8/14/15
Being a long-time fan of Woody Allen, I went to see his most recent film Irrational Man starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. It is definitely a classic Woody Allen movie that explores themes that makes his films unique. More » • (612 views)

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The Republican Establishment has Abandoned Conservatives

GOP-Establishmentby FJ Rocca8/14/15
More than a dozen years ago, just after the attack of 9/11 2001, George W. Bush stood on a pile of rubble at Ground Zero with New York firefighters and promised that NEVER AGAIN would America’s enemies be attacked as we had that day. More » • (1204 views)

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That “Vision-Thing”

Trumpby Brad Nelson8/13/15
If Trump continues to do well in the polls, it will be interesting to see if he works the Obama phenomenon. And that’s not a put-down of Trump. Establishment Republicans are useless. If I put down Trump, it is not to defend those boobs. More » • (749 views)

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Why We Watch the Movies

TheMoviesby Jon N. Hall    8/11/15
If you’re like most people, you’ve had a strong opinion about something that was not shared by those whom you respect. What’s wrong with them, you wonder; why can’t they see what I see; why do they hate what I love? More » • (661 views)

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Movie Review: Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions)

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/11/15
This weekend, I sat through a sort of “Lord Of The Rings” movie marathon. On each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I watched one installment of the trilogy. A glutton for punishment, I viewed the extended versions. More » • (2757 views)

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You Probably Wish I Was Never Born

Abortion3by Anniel8/11/15
Do you remember a time when you were a child and you absolutely knew your parents hated you and secretly wished you had never been born? Chances are that you thought just that when you were being “picked on,” or chastised for wrongdoing. More » • (1838 views)

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The Truth About White Flight

WhiteFlightby Dana R. Casey8/10/15
I watched it happen. It started when I was seven years old. Then I watched it happen again, 47 years later. I saw Baltimore burn from my bedroom window in 1968. As a child, I lived in a Baltimore row-house neighborhood made up of working- and middle-class families. More » • (960 views)

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Coming Out of the Conservative Closet

OutOfClosetby Dana R. Casey8/10/15
In the late 1970s, I went to an experimental high school. Most of the students were some form of nature-loving hippie. Not the raw, shocking, and rude kind of the true hippie era, more of the granola-eating, yogurt-making, calico-and-work-boot-wearing kind, but still dabbling in some risky sex and drugs. More » • (718 views)

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