TV Series Review: Cadfael

Abbey Normal? Not in the Middle Ages. But Cadfael can find the villain.

TV Series Review: Cadfael TV Series Review: Cadfael

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An Open Letter to the NFL

Kick the habit of whiny millionaires and ESPN PC weenies

An Open Letter to the NFL An Open Letter to the NFL

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Great reading ideas from our library of reviews Great reading ideas from our library of reviews

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Movie Review: Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

PirateRadioThumbby Brad Nelson
There were two opposing forces in this movie: British quirky and cultural stupid. In the end, it was British quirky (with the help of a boat load of great music) that won out. But this film starts off trying way too hard to show “Gee, aren’t we all the coolest people who are just so darn fun-loving and hip?” More » • (1860 views)

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Book Review: Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life

Francisby Brad Nelson
This is the second of four extensive biographies that I’ve read on the life of Francis of Assisi. And this one is a gem. Adrian House weaves in interesting aspects of medieval history, and its customs and practices, into this biography of this quite extraordinary man. More » • (7523 views)

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Will You Still Respect Me in the Morning?

The Joker facebook timeline cover 849 X 312 Movies/Batman,movies,black and white,Batman,the joker,jack nicholson,the,Jokerby Brad Nelson
A friend recently remarked to me that he thought that it was very urgent that people wake up and realize that politicians are usually cheap and easy when it comes to making promises. More » • (845 views)

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Yutes and Truths

CousinVinnyThumbby Brad Nelson
I think I’ve been using the colloquialism “yutes” ever since I heard Joe Pesci use it in “My Cousin Vinny,” which is a very funny movie, by the way. Herman Munster (that is, Judge Chamberlain Haller, played by Fred Gwynne) looks at Vinny, who is in his courtroom, and says “Yutes?” He didn’t understand what Vinny (Joe Pesci) was trying to say until it’s finally made clear to the judge that he means “youths.” More » • (923 views)

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Homo Westerner and the Quest for Novelty

GreekColumnsby Brad Nelson
How would one define the species Homo Sapiens? Wise? Well, smart, maybe. But certainly Homo Westerner, as a sub-species, is defined by his quest for novelty and distraction. This quest for “change for change’s sake” has led us away from our founding principles and to a type of socialism that will prove disastrous. More » • (716 views)

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Flower Children and the Illiberalism of the Left

Sky-BG2by Brad Nelson
“In a nutshell, our love-in generation, in chasing some utopia imagined during an orgasm at a smoke-shrouded rock concert, created a world where the strong are punished for being strong, the weak are rewarded for not being strong, the failings of many are the fault of others More » • (668 views)

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The Two-Class System and the Naive Call for “Unity”

RepublicratsThumbby Brad Nelson
One way to view our society is to see it as the political class against the rest of us. I think this lies at the bottom of the idea often heard that the Republicans and Democrats “are all the same.” To the extent that they both believe in owning the reins of government and enjoying the privileges of an elite station in life, I think they are correct. More » • (649 views)

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Book Review: Savage Girls and Wild Boys.

FeralChildThumbby Brad Nelson
No, we have not suddenly delved into reviews of porno movies. Savage Girls and Wild Boys is not the latest “Girls Gone Wild” video. It’s a riveting and poignant non-fiction book that describes some of the history of feral children. More » • (1121 views)

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Movie Review: Equilibrium

EqillibriumThumbby Brad Nelson
Please don’t read further if you are politically sensitive and don’t like wise-asses such as me. I’m quite passionate about freedom, and this is certainly one reason I love these kinds of movies. I love stories and movies about dystopia, including “1984,” “Fahrenheit 451” (not to be confused with Michael Moore’s propaganda film), “Animal Farm,” “Brazil,” (Robert DeNiro is wonderful in that) and, last but not least, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” More » • (1983 views)

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Thoughts on Multiculturalism

MulticulturalismThumbby Brad Nelson
Here’s a good article about some of the changing attitudes in Europe regarding the dogma of multiculturalism: Cameron’s Multicultural Wake-Up Call.

“What’s not to like about multiculturalism?” asks the typical person. “Isn’t it good to have respect for all cultures? Isn’t the reverse racism and cultural imperialism?” More » • (862 views)

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Shrugging Thoughts

ShruggedThumbby Brad Nelson
I think we’re at the point in time where you just have to let events unfold. We’re witnessing some of the times that try men’s souls. The world is trying to realign itself into a thugocracy based upon power, not principle. “Rights” are whatever the powerful say they are. More » • (1371 views)

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Movie Review: The Man in the White Suit

ManInWhiteSuitThumbby Brad Nelson
The other day I watched a film that could have been made only in Britain, and even then probably only in the 1950’s: “The Man in the White Suit.” And it’s a refreshing change from the typical fare offered up these days. Even if you are a reguarl fan of old black-and-white movies, you’ll find this to be a somewhat unusual and pleasing type of quirky. More » • (542 views)

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