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An Open Letter to the NFL

Kick the habit of whiny millionaires and ESPN PC weenies

An Open Letter to the NFL An Open Letter to the NFL

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This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Check out our movie review archives Check out our movie review archives

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Great reading ideas from our library of reviews Great reading ideas from our library of reviews

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Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching

Habemus Papam

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audienceby Geoph2
We have a pope. Four words that shape a world.

The last time they were proclaimed, they announced Pope Francis. And as with any change, it marked not an end, but a beginning. More » • (2513 views)

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On Avatars

GeorgeWashingtonArtby RobL
When people ponder ‘patriotic’ cities, I’d wager New York City doesn’t make their list. After all, there is Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC to contend with. And while there’s a lot one can say about the Big Apple, it’s likely not in a conversation about our nation’s founding. That’s a mistake, for a visit to New York can be quite patriotically inspiring. More » • (846 views)

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Reconquering the Discourse—Part 2: Disarming Atheistic Smugness

VoltaireThumbby Monsieur Voltaire
If there’s one thing that I find more annoying than dreaming it’s Friday and waking up on Monday, is a proselytizing atheist. You know who I’m talking about: the frump with the footed Darwin fish on her Prius (as if somehow the mechanism of evolution and a God setting it in motion were logically incompatible), the mouth-breathing idiot sharing “I f**king love science” nonsense on Facebook More » • (2526 views)

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Movie Review: The Dish

The Dish Thumbby Brad Nelson
Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where George Constanza is trying for the trifecta? He’s trying to combine sex, food, and TV, his three favorite things. That’s what this movie is for me. It combines three of my favorite things: movies, the Apollo program, and  quirky rural foreign-set movies. More » • (735 views)

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A Hint of Hemlock Added to the Elixir of Education

HemlockThumbby RobL
Today I was most intrigued and frankly encouraged by an article/video on of all places: More » • (958 views)

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Light, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hemlock

HemlockThumbby RobL
I’d like to dedicate my first article to briefly explaining the reasoning behind my column’s title: Light, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hemlock. It represents a personal ode to the pillars of Western Civilization and its greatest political tradition currently represented as modern conservatism.* The pillars being the ancient Hebrews, ancient Greek Civilization, and the accumulated wisdom, writings and works of our Founders.

More » • (637 views)

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Some Truth About Amnesty

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu
In my previous piece, I laid out why amnesty would be suicide for the Republican Party. With this and future pieces, I will rebut the claims that “immigration reform,” aka “amnesty,” would be good for the country as well as the lie that Americans demand to have the problem solved now. More » • (1408 views)

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Movie Review: The Great Debaters

TheGreatDebaters2by Brad Nelson
“His (Lynch’s) methods were very simple, but they were diabolical. Keep the slave physically strong but psychologically weak and dependent on the slave master. Keep the body. Take the mind.” More » • (1772 views)

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Three Kids’ Movies (That Adults Might Like Too)

SkyHighThumbby Brad Nelson
The Spiderwick Chronicles
This movie, without seemingly trying, becomes a mystical, magical, fairy tale. It gets a nice assist from music by James Horner. Although this movie’s humor is often in the form of a couple of rambunctious goblins who aren’t particularly clever, that doesn’t harm this movie which is otherwise smart and never predictable, although a few of the elements are basic movie clichés. More » • (928 views)

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Is the Left’s Tea-Party Demonization Strategy Changing?

HarryReidThumbby CCWriter
It’s been reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently said two things on Nevada Public Radio: “And I hope, I hope that it’s — and I say this seriously — hope that their – [opposition is] based on substance, not the fact that he’s African-American.” More » • (1232 views)

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The Western and the West

JohnWayneThumbby Brad Nelson
America was built upon the idea of living your life within the confines that you build for yourself. Puritans. Quakers. The Amish. Mennonites. Frontiersmen (and women). The entire smorgasbord. America was a magnet for those looking for the freedom to live out their lives without undue interference. More » • (742 views)

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PragerUVerticleThumbIs the Free Market Morally Superior?
Dr. Walter E. Williams discusses
Free Market Morality with Dennis Prager.
Discuss this video =>

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